Sorry for not updating for awhile I am going to try to update more often.

I am sitting in social studies with the warm sun hitting my back. I bang my head against the Desk.

"I. Hate. School."I tell myself out loud .

I heard laughing from the back corner of the room. I look and around , I see the teacher staring at me along with the of the class.

'' Sorry, just really hate school."

The teacher turns around and continues talking about the French Revolution. After Ten minutes of staring at the cute guy in the back of the class room and looking at the clock. I decide ''I need to use the bathroom" So Spend another 5 minutes trying to wait for The teacher to stop talking. When he doesn't stop talking; I do what anyone would do.

"Mr. whatever your name is I have to Leave now''

'' My name is Mr. Saltzman, And Why you do need to leave?"

" Because my head will exploded from boredom if I Don't."

Mr. Saltzman shakes his head and the class giggles

" My parents just got in to a car accident and fell of the bridge" I make up of the top of my head

I watch a boy get up in tear and leave. Mr. Saltzman walks to his desk write a hall pass. He hands it to me.

"Go to the office, Right away. Don't stop anywhere "

"Okay" I take the pass and leave.

I sit outside of the office for at least 30 minutes while the office people waste my time. Finally Damon walks in.

"Hey" I say as he walks by.

Damon walks in without saying anything to me. I sit back down on the beach. After a couple seconds of having a thumb war with myself someone sits next to me. I move away from them. Well it turns out i was sitting on the edge of the beach. The person next to me laughs, then helps me up.

"Hello, my name is Cole Mikaelson" The guy says.

"Adeline" I half smile.

I was staring at all class. Well this is A-W-K-W-A-R-D . He probably didn't notice. Of Crouse he did I could take my eyes off of him.

I continue Arguing with myself. When Cole babbles on about who know what. I look behind Cole and see Stefan.

"STEFAN'' I scream totally interrupting Cole.

Stefan waves to me. I motion to come here. He shakes his head no. Before I know what the h*ll is happening I am in a car. The thing is its not Stefan's or Damon's car; Its Cole's car. I really need to listen to People better.