Takes place between Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago

It was another normal day on the Thousand Sunny Go. Franky and Usopp were fine-tuning the new cannon, Brook was composing a new song, Nami was sunbathing in a bikini, Zoro was sleeping against the railing, Sanji was preparing snacks in the kitchen for the girls, Robin was reading a book, Chopper was watching the fish jump out of the sea, and Luffy—

Luffy was starting to poke Usopp in the side, and then flick his nose. Just another normal day…

"Oi, Luffy, cut it out!" snapped Usopp, batting his friend's hand away. "I'm trying to work with Franky here!"

Luffy giggled and poked him harder.

"Ouch! Cut it out!"

Yes, just another normal day…

Luffy gave up and ran over to Franky, climbing up on his shoulders and playing with his hair. Franky shook him off. "Strawhat, quit it! It takes me forever to get my hair up that way!"

Luffy shook his head, looked around, and ran to the top of the deck, but not before dipping his finger in some gunpowder and drawing mustaches all over Usopp and Franky's faces.

Just another normal day, right?

Nami sat up, lifting up her sunglasses to see Luffy running across the deck towards her. "Luffy, what is it?" she asked. "Do you need something?"

In answer, he grabbed her sunglasses and put them on, looking around at the darker world. He giggled, took them off, dropped them, and grabbed the sunscreen bottle, squirting some on Nami's stomach and bikini. She shrieked.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

He had already run off with the sunscreen bottle towards Chopper, who turned around. "Hi, Luffy! Have you seen these fish? They're doing acrobatics!"

Luffy squirted sunscreen on Chopper's chest, drawing a smiley face. Chopper looked down and laughed. "That's pretty funny, Luffy—"

Luffy pushed Chopper, who changed into his Heavy Point just in time to grab the railing. "What are you doing!?" he exclaimed.

Luffy just laughed and ran off with the sunscreen bottle.

Just another… normal day…

Zoro woke up when he sensed someone approaching quickly. He saw Luffy coming towards him and muttered "What are you doing now?"

In answer, Luffy dumped most of the rest of the sunscreen on Zoro's head. Zoro leapt up and yelled "You wanna fight, you jerk!?"

Luffy giggled and ran off to where Robin was sitting. She looked up and said "Good morning, Luffy. Are you playing a new game?"

Luffy squirted the rest of the sunscreen all over Robin's clothes; at least, he tried to, but she blocked it with her power, letting it fall onto the many hands that she made appear.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't squirt sunscreen on me, Luffy," she said coolly. He looked interestedly at the hands, grabbed one, let it go, and ran off, dropping the empty bottle on Robin's lap.

Brook was considering which notes to add next when Luffy ran up to him. "Ah," he said, tipping his hat to the captain, "good morning, Luffy-san. Is there something that requires my assistance?"

Luffy grabbed the half-finished sheet and started ripping it up.

"L-Luffy-san! I must protest—"

Luffy dropped the pieces at Brook's feet and ran off.

"Finally," said Sanji, finishing the light chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting, "it's done! Nami-swan and Robin-chwan will be so happy when they see this—Luffy, go away, this isn't for you."

Luffy had just come barging into the kitchen, sniffing. His eyes, seeming brighter and more curious than usual, widened with delight when he saw the cake. He ran up and stuck a hand in it, grabbing a handful of the cake and promptly shoving it in his mouth. Sanji kicked him, yelling something about his darlings being so upset.

Just… another normal… day… right?

"Did any of you see where Luffy ran off to?" growled Zoro. "He squirted sunscreen on my head and ran off."

"He destroyed the cake I baked for my Nami-swan and Robin-chwan! By the way, that's a good look for you, moss-head."

Nami wailed in frustration. "He got sunscreen all over my bikini!"

"He attempted to do the same to me," said Robin calmly.

"He tried to push me overboard!" cried Chopper.

Franky and Usopp met up with the group with the gunpowder mustaches on their faces. The others stared.


"Yeah," grumbled Franky.

"He hurt my treasure…" mumbled Usopp, holding his nose protectively.

"Luffy-san tore up my sheet music," said Brook quietly. "But I am a gentleman, and a gentleman never gets angry…"

"Really?" asked Chopper.

Brook drew out his sword.

"…except in certain cases," he finished. "I believe that Luffy-san went up into the crow's nest."

"He better not touch any of my weights," growled Zoro as the Strawhats (minus one) went up to where Luffy was.

They found Luffy in the crow's nest, coming towards the hatch.

"Luffy!" they yelled in unison (Brook yelling "Luffy-san!")

"Huh?" he said. "Hi, guys!" he noticed how they were all squeezed in the hatchway. "Why are you like that? Are you trying to be funny?"

They started yelling, hurling accusations at him. He backed up a step. "Wh-What? What's happening?"

Finally squeezing through, they cornered Luffy in the circular room. He pointed to Zoro. "Hey, Zoro, what happened to your hair? Is that sunscreen?"

"You should know," growled Zoro.

"Whoa, Franky, Usopp! You guys look hilarious!" he started cracking up.

They growled at him. He stopped laughing.

"What have you got to say for yourself, Luffy-san?" asked Brook, aiming his sword at him. Luffy leaned away from it.

"Wait! What do you mean? I didn't do anything!"

"Oh, no!?" Nami ranted about all the things he'd done to the crew. "…and finally," she finished, "you ruined my outfit!"

"Let me get this straight…" said Luffy, apparently thinking hard. He pointed to Sanji. "Sanji…"


"You had cake and you didn't tell me!?"


"Luffy?" said Robin calmly. "You truly have no idea what we're talking about? You truly didn't do these things?"

Luffy shook his head.

"He must be lying!" said Usopp.

"Fine thing for you to say," muttered Zoro.

"No, he's telling the truth," said Sanji unexpectedly. "I've interrogated him before about missing food, and every time… here, watch this. Luffy, have you ever stolen food from the kitchen before?"

Luffy started sweating. His eyes drifted to the side and he tightened his lips, pursing them towards the side. "N-No…" he muttered. He started whistling.

"See?" said Sanji. "This guy couldn't lie to save his life."

"So…" Zoro lowered his swords. "If it wasn't Luffy… who the hell was it?"