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Edward dumps Bella in the forest. Months later the Volturi turn up on her door step. They explain she is the mate to Caius Volturi. They ask her to leave with them. She said she will leave with them on two conditions. One they had to explain to her father about vampires and give him a choose to come with them. And two give her time to adjust before they change her. They agree to her terms. Now 310 years later a ball is being held at the Volturi Castle to announce the new royals and all the vampires in the world are invited. What will the Cullen's do when they see Isabella Queen of Volturi and her kids.

Author's Note: Didyme is not dead in this story.


King Caius Volturi – Queen Isabella Swan = 8 children

King Aro Volturi – Queen Sulpicia Volturi

King Marcus Volturi – Queen Didyme Volturi

King Charles Swan Volturi – Queen Alyssa Swan Volturi


Lord Peter Swan Whitlock and Charlotte Swan Whitlock (Charlie's and Isabella's great, great, great, great, grandfather and grandmother)

Main Guard



Chelsea – Afton

Demetri – Honour

Felix – Misty

Heidi – Santiago

Renata - Aram

Corin – Kye

A lot More Guards

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