Mistaken Identity: A Stargate SG1/Sanctuary Crossover

Ba'al had tried to find a way to get back at O'Neill for years but now that O'Neill didn't seem to go through the Stargate anymore, he had to draw him out - and he knew who to use to accomplish this. But a case of mistaken identity caused a few problems with his plans. Takes place after Season 10 of Stargate SG1 and during Season 4 of Sanctuary.

None of these characters are mine...just taking them out for a spin. Also I have no beta so all grammar and spelling mistakes are mine

Chapter 1

She awoke with a piercing pain shooting through her skull. She tried to remember what she could have done to cause such pain but her memory was a bit fuzzy. She tried to open her eyes but that only made the pain worse. She knew she had to stay calm and try to focus. She has been in similar situations - she could handle this. She worked through the pain and slowly was able to take in her surroundings. She felt a hard cold floor beneath her. She rolled over slowly, taking inventory of any other possible injuries. She didn't feel any other sources of pain which was good. It appears she was able to escape this latest incident with what appeared to be a bump on the head. Slowly she used her arms to get into a sitting position. She felt a wall next to her and propped herself against it. Getting into an upright position caused her to feel slightly nauseous, probably the result of a concussion. She kept her eyes closed for several minutes until she felt her stomach settled. Slowly she opened her eyes. It took a few minutes for her eyes to focus but what she saw surprised her. She was in a square room, decorated in black and gold d├ęcor. She hadn't seen anything so tacky since she gave a talk at a scientific convention at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas. Three walls of the room appeared to be covered in hieroglyphics. The fourth wall had a large doorway that appeared to be open. She was still quite light-headed and decided to crawl across the floor toward the door. As she came to the doorway she felt a surge of electricity course through her body and she was thrown backwards, hitting her head off the floor again as she fell. She groaned in pain as she gingerly felt the wound on her head. She pulled her hand away to see blood on her fingertips. What had she been thinking - she should have taken in her surrounding more closely before barreling forward into what now appeared to be the electrically charged force field. The head injury must be interfering with basic common sense she decided. She scolded herself as she retook her previous position against the wall.

It appeared she wasn't going anywhere. How had she got here anyway? Slowly her memories returned. She remembered was being on a boat trying to relax after her latest mission while her companion had been fishing. It had been a relaxing day, not something she had been able to indulge in recently. She had been enjoying herself, even if she was a bit anxious about her upcoming mission. She recalled a tingling sensation throughout her body and then a bright light blinding her. The next thing she knew she was in a gold room similar to the one she was in now except there as a Dias with a throne. She remembered a man in dark robes approach her. She was about to demand an explanation but felt a blow to the back of her head and fell to the floor. She tried to remain conscious as the figure on the throne approached her but she surrendered to the darkness. The last thing she remembered was the man laughing at her in a very deep, resonating voice. She didn't know if the odd sound to his voice was caused by her blow to the head or if it was real. That was all she could remember, which didn't explain much as to how she got here. None of this made any sense. She decided that she would have to wait for her captor to reveal himself. Waiting was not something Helen Magnus ever did well.