You ever tell yourself that things happen for a reason? That somehow the stars and the god damn universe align in some matter or whatever. That mystical horoscope bullshit you read in emails and online. I see it all the time on Twitter honestly. But back to my original thought.

It's been just a couple of days since it happened. The incident. Well okay let me explain.

4 Days Ago...

"Why are we stopping for hot dogs in the first place? You are as gay as Ellen Nichols", I said to my friend as she was paying money for her coney dog. She got her hot dog and turned back to me smiling, mouth full of food."I need some nutrients to keep my gaydar going kid". Just as I turned in the direction to continue walking along the surprisingly not so busy New York Streets, someone bumped into me and made me spill the coffee I had been enjoying. "Hey fucking watch it!", I said as I wiped the coffee off of my shirt. She had dropped some papers in her hands and I looked angrily as she said "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I was in a rush and I didn't mean to bump into you".

That's when I looked at her eyes. My face went from mad to stunned and intrigued as I met the blondes face. I've met some pretty girls in my life. Drunk in the process but nonetheless, attractive girls. But there was something about her, fumbling about trying to get her papers. "Oh, no yeah it's fine", I said leaning down to help her. I picked up a couple of papers before turning to Nicky "Hey, I'll catch up with you later, alright?", she shrugged and went on her way.

"Thank you so much, I'm so sorry about your coffee. I real-", I cut her off and noticed how red her nose from the crisp fall weather and how she looked beautiful. "Where ya headed?", I said. She gave me a confused look. "Oh, I was just heading home", I raised my eyebrow and she smiled in embarrassment, cheeks getting a little pink. "Then why the rush?", she shook her head. "I was trying to get home to watch reruns of Mad Men" she said matter of factly. It was cute. "Well let me catch you a ride. Alex by the way", I said as I walked to the curb waving down a cab. It pulled up right as she began to speak. "Piper, thank you really", she moved her hair out of her face and behind her ear and slid in to the farthest side so I could slide in as well. She told the driver where to head to.

"I like that name. Sounds like someone who owes me coffee", I said seriously. She blushed and I smiled as she was about to apologize again. "I am only messing with you kid. Well, not really about the coffee. I'd like coffee, and to get to know you", I said cooly. Smooth Vause, smooth. "Uh, yeah that'd be nice", she said smiling softly. Wow, I wasn't expecting her to say yes. "Here let me see your phone", she grabbed my phone and our fingers brushed. Her hands must be soft.

Whoa there gaybear, you don't even know if she's gay or even bisexual. I thought to myself as she put her number in my phone and gave it back to me with a smile. Just then the cab pulled up to a apartment. "Well this is me", she said gathering her things. I got out with her and looked at me. "Oh, I'm totally not a murderer. I live a couple of blocks down from here. I'm definitely not stalking you Pi-", this time she was the one to cut me off. And she was laughing, "I understand. Plus I'm too boring to stalk", she winked at me as she waved bye.

I began walking down the street to my flat. My mind was swirling. Piper. It rang in my ears. Something about her smile told me she was going to be a new chapter. I just didn't know how that chapter would end. I was curious. Curious about the way her lips quivered when she was nervous about spilling my coffee, the way she smiled, the way she smelled in the cab. I wanted to know more about this girl that I literally bumped into.

When I got to my place it was only 7:32 so I kicked off my shoes and jacket. I decided to watch some tv and relax on the couch. I flipped through the channels and nothing seemed to be on. I picked up my phone and went through pictures of vacations. Pictures of Nicky that she, herself had taken without me noticing. And then I went through my contacts and saw what made me sure about my thoughts. "Homo Coffee Spiller ;P", was in my phone. It had to have been Piper. Just then, Mad Men came back on from commercial break. I couldn't quit smiling like an idiot.

Hey guys! So if you read this, that's awesome. I wanted to take a different route on the story. I tried to leave off where the first season ended but I got caught up and lost the idea. So I hope this is still good. Please review. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)