4 Days in the Present

Piper's POV

"Polly omg she is gorgeous", I said on the phone to my bestfriend. I was gushing to her about Alex and how we met. "Well have you told her when you want to go out for coffee?", I frowned realizing I hadn't even gotten a text from her. Maybe she was busy with some other girls. She was too...sophisticated to not have a handful of girls to choose from. "Piper? Hello?", I heard Polly say almost worried. "Yeah I'm here, sorry", I said trying to not sound worried about my thoughts. "I can hear you thick with worry. Just call the girl and tell me how it goes". I sighed and said she was right and told her I'd stick to my word.

I figured I could use a run and did just that. I wanted to clear my head. I mean I'd only known this girl for at least 45 mins and she had this electricity about her.

I was running now. Down the block like I normally did. Didn't she say she lived a couple blocks down? She walked home. I mean it wouldn't hurt to run a little farther than I usually did. That wouldn't be considered stalking right?

Alex's POV

She set this fire in me. I mean I know it's been a couple of days and I haven't texted her. I should. I will definitely. Use my Vause charm. She probably thinks I'm a total loser. I got up and headed out the door. I definitely need some coffee to relax my nerves. I called Nicky while I was walking down the street to Starbucks.

"Hey Vause, talk to blondie? Got a little lip action going?", I laughed at her joke. "No, I haven't even talked to her since we met", she gasped jokingly as I crossed the street. "The incredibly gay superhero hasn't gotten any tongue action? Are you losing your touch?", I shook my head laughing at my friend. "No, man she's not like that. I don't think she is anyways. The way she talked to me. She didn't seem to want...ya know just sex. Like she has a persona-", I was cut off by the sound of a girls voice in the background on the phone. "Uhh kid I got 'business' to attend to", I got what she meant and let her go. Looking down to hang up, someone bumped into me. I dropped my phone as I hit the ground hard. Fuck me.

Piper's POV

Lost in my thoughts and my music as I ran, I closed my eyes for just a second and I ran into someone. I knocked her down. "Ouch watch where the fu-", getting up she looked at me. It was Alex. I felt my face get red. "I'm so sorry. I gotta stop running into you like this...literally", I smiled hoping she wasn't hurt too bad. "Luckily my phone isn't broken into pieces...Or I'm broken either. Running away from someone?", she said this raising her eyebrow. It was a small thing but it was really attractive. It made me feel even more hot as she looked at me up and down.

Snapping out of my daze was her snapping her fingers. "Oh uhm sorry, got distracted. But are you okay?", she nodded and shrugged. She touched her head and flinched. "I'm gonna need some ice for that", she said clearly hurting. "Here let me call 9-", she cut me off smiling and it made me want to try her lips. "No, no need. I just need to get back to my place", she said casually as she began to walk but then stumbled and I walked up quickly behind her holding her by the waist. "Whoa there. Do you need some help getting back?", I said putting her arm over my shoulder. "Yeah I guess that would be nice. Thanks Pipes", she smiled and told me where to go.

Her place was just about maybe a mile from mine. It's funny knowing I'd been passing it everyday. "It's just right up here", she said as we got off the elevator. We both agreed that the stairs may not have been the best for her right now. She unlocked the door and I guided her to the couch.

Her place was nice. Kind of vintage and dark. Soothing and sensual. "There should be a bag of peas in the freezer and a couple of water bottles in the fridge if you want one", she said laying down.

I went into the fridge and freezer getting the water for both of us and the peas for her. I came back to the couch and gently laid the peas over her head and she sighed in relief. "Thank you Piper really", she paused. "Though this is your fault", I blushed. "I really am sorry. But hey, you can get that coffee whenever you want", she smiled which caused me to smile as well.

She hopped up and I looked at her confused "Uhh Alex you okay?", she turned around and looked mischievous. "Well, I was never hurt. Kind of just my excuse to get you here and show off my nice place", she smiled apologetically. I gotta admit, it was kind of cute. But I wanted to see how she'd act to me being mad. I got up and did my best surprised and upset face. "Alex why would you play that kind of game with me? I really thought you we-", before I could finish my sentence she stepped close to me and got close to my lips. "I've been thinking about you lately. And there's something about you. I don't know what it is, but I want it", before I could even say anything in response, she kissed me. Softly.

My head was spinning and it felt like it was over in just seconds. When she broke the kiss I was glad to see that she was effected by it as well. I wasn't so bad of a kisser either. I had kissed a couple of girls back in college. But nothing like this. No guy had kissed me like that. Too much tongue or too aggressive. This, it was so soft but more than anything I'd experienced. Like her lips were tugging at something in me. I felt something. I needed to know more about Alex. She felt important.

Hey guys! So I decided to put up another chapter. I've got some things that will be in store for these too. Expect some drama. And most likely some sex. It's just like tv, without a little frisky stuff, it's not good tv. But I hope you guys are liking it so far!