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Chapter 1: Undergrowth

It was your average day in Amity Park. The sky was blue, there were few clouds in sight, the grass was green, and the town's very own Danny Phantom was out on patrol. In the eyes of Sam Manson, life couldn't get any better.

Well, maybe if her parents finally accepted her for who she was, Danny wasn't so clueless, and Tucker would quit poking her in her arm, then life couldn't get any better.

"What Tucker!" Sam annoyingly snapped at her best friend Tucker Foley. Tucker was an African American techno geek, and he and Sam had met in pre-school. Tucker was the one to introduce Sam to Danny, and even though she'd never admit it out loud or to his face, she would forever be grateful for that.

"You didn't answer me when I asked if you, me, and Danny could watch a movie tonight at your house! You know, since your parents are gone and we'd have the whole mansion to ourselves," Tucker drawled on. He was trying to give Sam the puppy dog eyes, but they weren't doing much good since his red beret and glasses provided great distractions.

Even though his puppy dog eyes didn't work so well, Danny's did. Just as Sam was about to answer Tucker, and probably slap him upside his head, Danny flew over, upside down, and asked, "Please Sam? Please!" Blast those eyes. Granted, they didn't work as well when Danny was in ghost form, but they still worked a whole lot better than Tucker's.

Finally giving in to the pleading looks on her best friend's faces, Sam sighed and said, "Ya, of course. We can go over as soon as we're done with patrol." She rolled her eyes and set her hands on her hips while the boys high fived and whooped. She was almost sorry to say, "Now hurry along. We can't let anyone see Danny Phantom hanging around with Danny Fenton's friends. The town might be just as clueless as you, but we don't want to push our luck."

Tucker nodded his head in agreement, pulling out his PDA to do whatever it is techno geeks do with their PDA's, but Danny just continued to float, now right side up, as he asked, "How am I clueless?"

Sam's cheeks turned a slight pink, but Danny's eyes were wide with innocence as he waited for the answer to his question. When Danny had asked, Tucker immediately looked up from his beloved PDA and exclaimed, "Tell him!"

"Tucker, shut it!" Sam yelled as she kicked him in his shins. This wouldn't be the first time today that Sam's combat boots, which were a necessity to pull off her Goth styled life, had come in handy. Earlier she'd had to use them to kick Danny out of the way of an Ecto-blast. She was pretty proud of her boots.

"What was that for? And tell me what?" Danny asked as clueless as ever. Lucky for Sam, as soon as he'd asked those questions his ghost sense went off and he said, "Whoops, got to fly. I'll be over when I'm done!" With that, Danny flew away to look for the possible ghost threat.

After the two teens wished him luck, Tucker asked, "Can we stop by the Nasty Burger on the way to your house? I'm hungry and since you won't let me cook meat in your basement I think it's a good idea to do a quick stop."

"Fine, but I'm going to wait outside. Ever since last week's incident I refuse to go in until the legal documents are signed," Sam said as they began walking to the Nasty Burger, the usual hang out for the trio. Last week, Sam had ordered her usual veggie burger, but when she took a bite of her order, she didn't taste tofu. Nope. She tasted meat. Turns out the place accidentally switched her burger with Danny's, and Danny wasn't too happy about tasting tofu either.

Sam had been appalled because she had faithfully been an Ultra-Recyclable Vegetarian since middle school, and much to her dislike, she got her mother to sue the company. Suing things was what her mother did best, and Sam hadn't been too happy that she'd actually backed her mother on this. Unlike her mother, however, Sam wasn't suing for money. She was suing for two free meals for her, Danny, and Tucker. She didn't understand why it was taking so long for the papers to be signed, but they were. So until then, Sam wasn't taking one step inside the restaurant.

They arrived at the Nasty Burger in a little over five minutes, and Sam found a bench near the sidewalk to sit down while Tucker ordered his dinner. Little did the young Goth girl know, but it was this stubbornness that would lead to a very interesting next few weeks. As soon as Sam got comfy on the bench, a chill ran up her spine. She shivered and looked around, and when she looked behind her she saw a vine, staring face to face with her. Sam jumped in shock and turned to run, but before she could scream the vine latched onto her neck.

"Ah, daughter, I've missed you so," said Undergrowth as he grew in front of Sam. The vine that was attached to Sam was none other than one of his mind vines, but this one was newly improved. The vine part snapped off and fell to the ground, but the petals, which were formed on the end, were still attached to her neck. They could only slightly be seen from under her hair.

"Hello father," Sam said, completely brain washed by now. She blinked and her eyes changed back to normal, only instead of her normal violet orbs, they were green. If she had looked into the mirror, she would have seen a pair of eyes just like those that Danny had in Phantom form. Only, hers didn't glow.

Undergrowth gave out an evil chuckle before he turned to Sam and ordered, "Now, all I want from you is to bring me your prince. He must be controlled, and to do that all you must do is kiss him. Do you understand daughter?"

"Yes father. I understand," Sam's monotone voice said. She nodded and headed back to her bench, where she patiently waited for Tucker to rejoin her. Undergrowth disappeared through the cracks in the side walk. He would gladly wait and allow things to slowly happen if it meant his plan to rule Amity Park, followed by the rest of the world, would finally be fulfilled.

It had taken him much thought on how to go about doing this. Undergrowth knew that Danny Phantom could still easily take him down, so the natural thing to want would be for him to join him. He thought about using his mind vines on him, but he quickly forgot about that. The boy would just use his new ice powers and free himself. It had been while Undergrowth stalked the ghost child that he realized the girl would be his key.

As long as the girl stayed under his control, he could use her saliva to keep his mind under his control as well. There was no way to freeze and break saliva successfully, and unlike the boy, Undergrowth was not clueless; he saw that the two teens had feelings for one another. Too bad for them, it would be those same feelings that would lead to their defeat. Besides, the girl is still the perfect choice to take care of the garden and the children. The boy would be his army's leader. He would be unstoppable and it was for those reasons that Undergrowth was willing to patiently wait for his daughter to proceed with her orders.

A few minutes later, Tucker walked out of the Nasty Burger with not one, not two, but three bags of food. He walked over to Sam and told her he was ready to go. If he'd been paying attention to her, and not to his dinner, he would have seen that Sam's eyes were no longer violet, but green. And she wasn't scowling at him for his disgusting eating habits. He may have been able to alert Danny or at least question this, but instead he happily munched away on his burgers and fries.

The two teens arrived at Sam's mansion and quickly ran down the stairs to her basement. Not two seconds later, a certain ghost boy phased through the ceiling and let the white rings appear. He walked over to Tucker with a slightly disgusted look on his face before asking for one of the many burgers. Tucker gladly handed him one before walking over to the couch in front of the massive movie screen.

When Danny finished his burger, he turned to Sam and asked, "So, what movie are we watching?" If Sam hadn't already turned the lights out, Danny would have seen that her beautiful violet eyes were now green, because he always looked Sam in the eyes. He was respectful that way, and he loved how he could lose himself in her eyes. Although he constantly fought with himself about having feelings for his best female friend, Tucker had convinced him that it was totally o.k. He'd tried to get him to ask her out too, but that's where Danny drew the line. Their friendship was way more important that his feelings and he wasn't ready to risk it. Not yet.

"O, I don't really care. I don't plan on watching the movie anyways," Sam said in a mildly flirtatious tone. But did Danny hear the flirting part? Nope. He just heard that she wasn't going to watch the movie.

"What? Why aren't you going to watch the movie?" Danny questioned. He didn't like the idea of Sam doing something completely different than Tucker and him while at her house. He was also a bit disappointed because during the movies were his only chances that he could put his arm around her shoulders and call it 'stretching'.

"Whoa! Did I just hear what I thought I heard?" Tucker excitedly asked while he looked at Sam with a huge grin plastered on his face. Tucker had heard the flirty tone and although he was slightly sick at the idea that his two best friends might make out during the whole movie, he was more than ready to leave to go to the game room. Plus, he'd been trying to get Danny to show Sam how he felt for the longest time. He already knew Sam felt the same way, but he'd promised to never tell Danny. And Tucker Foley was a man who kept his friends promises.

"Tucker, why are you all of a sudden so happy? Didn't you just hear what Sam said? She's not going to watch the movie with us!" Danny said in confusion. He was met with an eye roll from Tucker, so he turned to Sam and asked, "What are you going to do instead? Maybe Tucker and I can do it with you?"

"I'm not so sure Tucker would want to do it with us," Sam said as she moved a little closer to Danny. Of course, Danny had no idea what that meant, so he continued to stare on in confusion.

"Well, why not? What is it anyways?" Danny asked as Sam took his hand and moved even closer. Danny couldn't help but blush at the sudden contact. He had no idea what Sam was getting at, and he felt a little nervous.

"Why don't I just show you?" Sam asked. She began to lean closer to Danny, eyes slowly shutting. But Danny's confusion only heightened when he saw Sam's eyes. She was so close to him, and time felt like it was passing very slowly, so he saw that Sam's once unique violet eye color was now green.

Before Sam could kiss him, Danny's hand grabbed her chin and stopped her. This caught both Sam and Tucker, who was preparing to take the picture of the two lovebirds in their embrace, off guard. Sam was completely shocked and stunned. Tucker's mouth touched the floor. Undergrowth, who'd been watching his plan begin to form, froze.

"Why are your eyes green?" Danny asked, staring at Sam. He was completely oblivious to what had almost happened, and if it hadn't have been for Tucker, Undergrowth would have shot through the ground and forced the embrace.

"What the hell! Are you kidding me?" Tucker shouted with his hands raised high above his head. Before Danny could ask what he was talking about, Tucker continued his rant. "Please tell me this isn't happening! Sam was actually about to kiss you and you stopped her to ask about her eyes? Man, you are completely clueless! Who cares if her eyes aren't purple? Can't you kiss now and ask later? Haven't you ever heard of colored contacts?"

Tucker was having a complete meltdown. If he had had much hair under his red beret, he would have pulled it out. His rant continued for about a minute before Danny's eyes grew wide and he asked Sam, "You were about to kiss me?"

Silence. Tucker had finally shut up so he could hear what Sam had to say. If she didn't answer truthfully, Tucker's head would blow up and he'd die right there on the spot. Lucky for him, Sam grabbed Danny and captured his lips in hers. She closed her eyes and forced her way into Danny's mouth, inviting his tongue to dance with hers.

Danny was completely taken aback, but soon he returned the kiss. In what started in a gentle, soft dance with their tongues soon turned into a battle for dominance. Sam wrapped her legs around Danny's waist and he wrapped his arms around hers. If he hadn't have been leaning against the wall, they would have fallen to the ground.

The couple was so mesmerized in the kiss that they didn't hear Tucker whoop in happiness nor did they see the flash from his PDA's camera. Undergrowth chuckled to himself as he began to slowly rise to the surface and into Sam's theater. Moments before he broke through, Sam pulled away from the kiss. She was sensing that her father was coming, so she allowed her eyes to turn into nothing but green energy as she stood up. Danny, who was still caught up in the kiss, could do nothing to stop his own eyes from matching hers.

"Whoa, what the—" Tucker began, seeing that something was obviously not right. He was interrupted when Undergrowth came crashing through the floor. Tucker gasped as he realized what was happening, but before he could do anything, Undergrowth trapped him in his vines.

"The power is mine! No one can stop me now!" Undergrowth announced as he continued to grow upwards and broke through the ceiling to the outside world. He brought Tucker up along with him, who was still struggling against the vines. Danny and Sam were soon up in the air besides Tucker, but they were standing on a large leaf, hand in hand.

"What the hell is going on?" Tucker exclaimed. He was so confused and his mind refused to stop spinning. One second he was seeing his friends finally make out, the next they were being attacked. "Danny, Go Ghost and help me!"

"Why would I harm the father to my princess?" Danny asked in a monotone voice. He smiled at Sam, who returned it. Tucker could only stare at the two with his mouth wide open. Undergrowth continued to diabolically laugh as people began coming out of their homes to see what was going on. When they found what was happening, many gasped and stood frozen in shock.

"People of Amity Park, you are now under my control! Bow down to me!" Undergrowth demanded. When no one moved, he gave out a low growl and looked to Danny. "Future son, would you be kind enough to help these poor people out?" Danny stepped forward so all could him from below.

A loud gasp was heard as Maddie Fenton, Danny's mom, pointed at her son and yelled, "Jack! He has Danny!" Jack and Maddie were shocked to hear this evil ghost refer to their boy as 'future son'. They were even more shocked when Sam came up next to him and kissed him. Sure, everyone had known the two teens had liked each other, but what truly shocked them was that Sam wasn't wearing her normal dark attire. Sam was wearing a dress made from leaves and vines.

"What makes you think we'll listen to Fenturd?" Dash yelled at the monstrous ghost before adding, "Besides, Danny Phantom will come and save us!" It was then that Undergrowth let out the most evil laugh that any of the people of Amity Park had ever heard. He chuckled even harder as Danny allowed the white rings to course up and down his body, revealing that he was the very hero they thought would save them.

"Our son is the ghost boy?!" Maddie yelled. She was completely shocked. She had not been expecting this, and she didn't expect Jazz to then yell, "Ya, and he's being controlled by Undergrowth! We need to do something!"

Before either of the Fentons could comprehend what was happening, Jazz whipped out her phone and dialed. "Valerie? We have a problem!" after ten seconds of talking, Jazz hung up and dialed yet another number, this time exclaiming, "Dani? Danny's in trouble!" Again, she said the same ten second speech before hanging up. She whipped out her Specter Deflector and then covered her body in armor. It was the same armor she'd used to help her mom and Sam defeat Kitty, Spectra, and Ember during their girl's night out.

As soon as the armor was in place, she was joined by the Red Huntress, who hovered about a foot off the ground. Team Phantom had decided to let Valerie in on Danny's secret when Danny accidentally reverted back to his human form one night during a battle. Lucky for him, he and Valerie had been alone in the park and she'd been willing to listen to Sam, Tucker, and Jazz after she confronted them about it.

A few seconds after the Red Huntress appeared by Jazz's side, Dani in her Phantom form joined the duo and hovered on the other side of Jazz. Dani had been in town because she'd been missing Danny, and he had finally convinced her that she would stay with him and his family.

The three girls glared at Undergrowth, and Dani flew into action after the trio shared a look. She headed straight towards Danny and tried to distract him. She wanted all his attention and she wasn't going to stop until she had it. Jazz did the same thing with Sam. She used her moon boots to leap up to reach the leaf Sam was standing on. Val used her suits new camouflage sequence to fly up to Tucker. She would save him and then the four teens would vanish.

"Hey cuz, wanna play?" Dani said as she loaded her hand with Ecto-energy. Normally, Dani would have done anything to not fight Danny; he was way stronger than her and she hated fighting with him. However, because Danny was being controlled by an evil ghost, she locked her other feelings away and summoned her anger to even out the power balance. Danny would always tease her that an angry girl is the most powerful thing on the planet. Dani hoped he was right.

Danny gritted his teeth as he too powered up and the two Phantoms began to spar. It was a good thing Dani had come a week earlier, because Danny had started helping and training her almost immediately after she arrived. While the two Phantoms had at it, Undergrowth helped Sam take on Jazz. Since Sam didn't actually have powers, Undergrowth had to supply her with his and that meant he had to pay attention to her. When Val saw that Undergrowth had his complete attention elsewhere, she flew straight to Tucker and applied his very own Specter Deflector around his waist. Val already had one in her suit, so she didn't have to worry about wearing one for herself.

As soon as the belt was around Tucker, Val took her camouflage off and grabbed him before Undergrowth's vines could drop him. With Tucker safe on her board Val yelled, "Got him! Let's get outta here!" As soon as Val yelled, Dani turned invisible and Jazz hopped into the air. Once in the air, Dani grabbed her, thus transferring her invisibility to cover them both. Val re-camouflaged herself, this time with Tucker, and followed the invisible pair with her heat seeking device.

Undergrowth let out a large roar and manically sent his vines everywhere. He wanted them found, but soon realized that they were long gone.

"Shall we go after them father?" Sam asked as Danny joined her side.

"No, we have much work to do. They will have to wait," Undergrowth answered. The two teens nodded before turning back to the crowd below, who instead of running for their lives had foolishly stayed to watch the battle. Undergrowth let loose his mind vines on every person in Amity, but little did he realize that Maddie had grabbed Jack and headed inside Fenton Works.

Maddie threw her husband in the Specter Speeder and floored it. She sped out of town before anyone could be the wiser and pulled out her phone to call Jazz. When the rings had ceased and Jazz answered on the other line, Maddie asked, "Jasmine, where are you? Your father and I have a lot of questions for you kids!" Jazz gave her the coordinates and she and Jack soon arrived.

"Nothing followed you?" Val asked when the Fentons arrived at the given coordinates.

"No," Maddie irritably answered as she got out of the Speeder, Jack closely behind.

"Are you sure?" Dani asked, becoming visible again.

"Yes," Maddie answered. Once Val and Dani were sure they were alone, they called to Jazz and Tucker. Once together, Maddie crossed her arms in front of her chest and tapped her foot angrily on the soil. She then exclaimed, "What the hell is going on around here? You children have a lot of explaining to do!"

"Mrs. Fenton, you need to calm down. We don't want anyone to know we're here or Danny and Sam are doomed," Tucker sternly said to Maddie. Her foot immediately stopped tapping and she held her head with one hand. This day held a ton of surprises, and she was getting a headache.

"Mom, we'll tell you and Dad everything as long as you don't interrupt or make a fuss," Jazz replied. Maddie couldn't help but see how the teens in front of her weren't freaking out at all. Instead, they were calm and proceeded with rational actions. They weren't even the slightest bit afraid of the raging woman, herself, in front of them.

"C'mon Mads, let's see what they have to say," Jack said as he placed a hand on her shoulder. Once Maddie let out a sigh, Jack sat down, ready to listen. Maddie soon followed his lead and once everyone was comfy and silent Tucker said, "O.k., I might as well start from the beginning."

I hope you enjoyed the chaos! I can promise there is much more adventure and surprises in store! Until tomorrow...