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Chapter 7: September 18th

"Hey Jazz, can you babysit tonight?" Danny quietly asked as he popped his head inside Jazz's room. It's been a week since the whole mind control ordeal had blown over and he was eager to take Sam on their first real date, but since he was now a dad and since Dani was actually only a toddler in a twelve year old's body, he needed to see if Jazz would be able to watch her while they were out. His parents were busy trying to fix the Fenton Ghost Shield, and Tucker and Val were already out on their date, so Jazz was his last chance.

"I don't need a babysitter!" Dani yelled from behind him. Danny winced, but Jazz merely giggled and said, "Of course baby brother."

"Thanks Jazz," Danny said as he opened her door wider to let Dani walk in.

"Hey Daddy? Before you leave, can you tell us why you wanted my birthday to be September 18th?" Dani asked as she hopped onto Jazz's bed.

"Ya, what's so special about that day?" Jazz asked growing curious.

Danny chuckled and shrugged his shoulders before he said, "That was the first day I realized that I loved your mom and wanted her to be the mother of my kids. Sure, I'd only been, like, 11 at the time, but still."

"Wow," Dani said in disbelief as Jazz asked, "And you remembered the date?"

"Yup. One day I'm going to propose to her and that's going to be the date I do it on," Danny explained, cheeks tinting pink. Before anyone could comment on anything else, Danny's phone rang. When he picked it up, he said, "Hello? Hey Sam…Ya, I'm on my way…Bye." He then turned to Jazz and Dani and said, "See you ladies later!" He transformed into Phantom and flew through the ceiling, off to meet his Sam.

When he arrived at Sam's mansion he changed back and rang her doorbell. Not even five seconds later, the door opened and Sam welcomed Danny with a hug. They intertwined their fingers and walked down the steps and started heading to the park. It was around noon, so the sun was up and there was nary a cloud in sight. Sam and Danny had planned a picnic and she'd been looking forward to it the entire week. In the eyes of Sam Manson, life couldn't get any better.

Well, maybe if her last name was Fenton, but that's a whole other story.

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