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Chapter One: Coffee House Blues

Them Vs. You. Vs. Me, Harry Potter

Harry Potter looked out of the window into the dark muggy night from KofyeÄ­nya, the Russian coffee house on Trinity Street, at the other end of Little Whinging. This year had been one of the hardest of his life, losing the only father figure he had looked up to. The Dursley's had become worse since he had come back from Hogwarts. Dumbledore had told them about Sirius's death, which had amused them greatly. They didn't want him there, and they welcomed him with a beating he would never forget.

He shivered at the memory, more scars to add to his personal collection. He needed to get away every day, something to make him forget the danger, the loss and himself: that's why he was working here over the summer, just to get his mind off of things.

Harry wiped down the table with a sigh, pushing the seats under the table as he went over to the counter, throwing the cloth into the sink. He heard his boss sigh as she came down the stairs from her office, a CV in hand, probably of a squib for a waitressing job.

Alexa Volkov was described as a model in both worlds. To Harry's surprise, his boss was a relation to the Black legacy, a distant cousin to his godfather, twice removed. Her mother had married into one of the wealthy, political pureblood Russian families, which was against the family tradition to only marry into the 'British' pureblood family lines. Alexa is a mixture of cultures in one, she is blonde with the visible Russian features of a Russian super model, but with brains. She is ranked in the top ten of Potion Masters in Europe, no doubt giving Snape a run for his money. She had a lot of influence and power at the Ministry also, and Harry wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her, ever!

"You know Harry this girl is desperate, she is only 17, a year older than you, and she has already been rejected by her parents years ago, now her orphanage is kicking her out. What am I? A charity case?" Harry wrapped his arms around himself, watching his boss look at whoever's CV it was. She rubbed her temples, looking at the other members of staff she had saved. All of them were squibs, Harry knew that, but Alexa knew their families. Harry knew the history of the place, Alexa had bought this once abandoned shop and turned it into the best coffee house in the county. She had also promised the people he worked with a job two years ago.

Harry scooted around to the other side of the counter, Alexa handing the CV to the manager. "Ring Mr Rider tomorrow and tell him to start on Monday," Alexa said with a small smile to Chloe. "Oh, and can you work on Saturday Harry? Chloe here is seeing Nickelback, whatever that is." She shrugged her shoulders, Chloe's mouth dropping open.

"I think it's a," Harry looked around, noticing no one was in at the moment. "Muggle rock band and I can work Saturday." He said smiling, knowing that his boss only cared for classical music. She sneered, earning a chuckle from Chloe.

"I will get you to come with me to a Muggle concert one day boss!"

"In your dreams Chloe, I have let you get away with rock night twice a month, don't push your luck." Alexa winked at Harry, who in return shook his head at both of them.

"Will I have to be on stage then Alexa? Seeing as its Staff night?"

"I think you already know the answer to that Harry." Alexa raised an eyebrow. She could be just like Dumbledore at times and harry found that a bit weird.

He shook his head, looking around and noticing that the coffee house had become quieter in the past few hours, nearing quarter past eleven. It had been a crazy busy night for a Thursday, and they were closing at twelve in the morning, which Harry didn't mind. The front of the shop door opened, chiming a different sound to the normal one. Alexa gave a nod to Harry, smirking in the process. He watched as Alexa came around the counter, serving the man herself. Harry on the other hand went to the sink, cleaning some of the coffee cups in the soapy water. Harry turned his head slightly to look at the man who had entered, the chime from the door indicating he was a vampire.

"I see the ministry are at their dramatic ways again Volkov, and in your shop too?" The dark haired man said as he reached the counter, leaning against it.

"Nice to see you too Polzin, and to your enquiries about the door bell, you are very correct. Different bell charms for 'different' people, muggles don't even recognize the difference. Bloody Ministry saying this is a high risk area of 'mixed' population, my staff are trained to know who comes into this place. The Ministry also gets a report of what comes in."

"I think that's very personal, but I agree to their reasons. As the Daily Prophet says, dark times are ahead of us all. I want my regular coffee." Polzin said, tapping his fingers against the counter. Alexa nodded, the coffee station starting to buzz as Harry watched her push some of the buttons.

"Would you like a little something extra in your coffee?" Alexa asked, raising an eyebrow at the man.

"Go ahead, make my night. It's been a while since I have had something extra in my coffee Lexi." The man smirked, showing his sharp teeth. Harry mouthed the word jerk, drying the pots he had washed. Alexa rolled her eyes and summoned Harry, both making their way into the kitchen with a mug of coffee.

"You know what to do Harry." Alexa said, giving him the measuring cup.

"I assume we have a certain v with an itch?" a voice said from behind them. Jazz the chef of sorts was chopping some onions, while he peeped through the serving hole. Harry went to the charmed warming cupboard, grabbing the pitcher of dark red liquid, pouring it quickly into the measuring cup. He put it away, blanching at the smell as he poured it into the coffee.

"Trust me, I will never get used to it either." Jazz stuck his tongue out, Harry rolling his eyes as he finished pouring the warm blood into the steaming cup of coffee, giving it to Alexa. The shop door opened again, charming a different sound again.


"What's on the menu for lunch tomorrow Jazz?"

"Homemade Chili and Tacos." He pointed to the fresh chilis on the side counter near the fridge. Harry guessed that the man would be using all of them. He liked the hot stuff.

Harry smirked, going through to the shop. The vampire had made his way to the back where the stage was, a piano in the centre, more instruments in the mini backstage area. Alexa went to the Piano on the small stage that was lit to affect the mood of the place.

Harry got his note pad and pen out from his apron, going over to the wizard behind the long menu. He clicked his pen, surprise going across his face as the man placed the menu on the table. "Professor Snape," Harry spluttered out, tucking a piece of loose hair behind his ear and out of his face, a nervous action that he has suddenly started to do. "What can I get you sir?" Harry looked at the man weirdly, not expecting the git to be here, him and Voldemort being on the top of the list of people he didn't expect to be in this area...

"Well, well, well Potter," Snape sneered, snapping the menu shut. "Nice to find you working and not being pampered, although you have evidently decided that staying under the safety of blood wards doesn't apply to the boy wonder, correct?

"Actually sir," Harry said through gritted teeth, "I only have to be under the blood ward protection at least an hour a day in the summer for them not to fall. I'm surprised Dumbledore didn't tell you that little fact." Harry smirked, clicking the pen multiple times. He felt as though his body was generating waves of hatred and he wished Snape knew how much he truly hated him right now. Harry knows that Snape has hated him from the first encounter, a vulnerable eleven year old being hated for reasons unknown back then.

"Cheek Potter," Snape hissed, gripping the table. "It may be the summer holidays, but I'm still your Professor and its Professor Dumbledore to you Potter. Just like your father, breaking rules set for your safety, making people run around the place like headless chickens looking for you."

"What would you like to order Sir?"

"What would I like to order Potter? Never thought that one day I would be so graciously served by a Potter. Karma." Snape smirked, leaning back into his chair smugly. Harry breathed in deeply, closing his eyes trying to calm.

"You Better not be hassling Harry here Snape, or I will kick your skinny pale arse out of here before you can say coffee." Alexa said angrily, putting a hand on Harry's shoulder for support. Harry didn't even notice the music from the piano had stopped. He looked at Alexa nodding, her face not pleased to see Snape.

She knew what Snape was like, her potions mastery with him was one of the worst experience she had ever had.

"Volkov... So this is where your Potions Mastery got you in the end." Snape sniggered, earning a low hiss from Alexa.

"You know where that got me very well Snape. I own 5 Apothecaries, the best in the world, five of my own ex apprentices working in them. I work in the ministry, deputy head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority, Snape. I write the Owl and Newt exams and I am one of the three Potions Masters to write the Mastery written exam, not to mention discovering some very famous potions. Where have you come? Let's see... let me tell Harry here some of the sins you have done with your Mastery Snape..." Alexa was glowing with power; Harry felt it in her hand on his shoulder. Snape shot up like the over grown bat he was, leaning towards her.

"You dare..."Snape hissed like the slimy snake he was. A sudden breeze blew on them, the vampire Alexa was talking to suddenly next to her.

"Is this git here causing trouble?" Red eyes looked Snape up and down like he was scum.

"Is this any of your business?" The vampire was going to go for him, until Alexa placed her hand on his chest.

"Leave it Polzin, go back to your coffee, I will refill it for you." Alexa nodded anger in her eyes as she watched the vampire go back to his seat. Harry watched in anger, how dare Snape just come in here liked he owned the place, he says he is like his father... Snape must have picked up that habit then.

"Serve him Harry, not doubt he's here on Dumbledore's pet business. Oh, and before I leave you, as the deputy head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority, you Harry Potter received an outstanding on your Potions Owl. Well done." Alexa smirked as she started to walk away, earning a smirk from Harry who returned it to Snape, who wore a blank emotionless face as he sat down, his forehead crinkled as if he was in pain.

"What would you like to order."

"Russian twist Coffee black, large and a Danish pastry with your latest edition of the Daily Prophet." Snape grunted out, running a hand through his greasy hair.

Harry turned on the spot quickly, getting out of the man's presence immediately. He went behind the counter, grabbing the large coffee mug, bringing it to stand under the coffee station. He pressed a couple of buttons and went to the pastry stand, grabbing a signature plate and putting the pastry on said plate. He placed it on the red circled tray and went back to the coffee, adding a measure of pure Russian vodka. He stirred the coffee, placing the mug on the tray and going around the counter to pick the tray up with one hand, laying it on his palm while picking up the newspaper from the hidden front section of the counter.

He walked over, placing the tray in front of his Professor. Snape looked up, Harry staring blankly at him. Snape looked him up and down, Harry suddenly becoming a potions ingredient that was being inspected. Severus Snape knew the boy had changed in the nearly two months that he hadn't seen him. He had gotten rid of those ridiculous glasses and got some muggle designer ones which were rectangular. The boys hair was now chin length and wavy, and his features more sharp and defined, not childlike anymore. He looked him up and down once more, noticing his height had changed dramatically; he met those green eyes of Lily, noticing how daunting they were, the inner soul old and tired, not like hers at all.

Snape blinked, watching the boy grab the tray as his coffee and food, along with his paper were already in front of him. "Potter, what time do you finish?" Snape enquired, making Harry stop in his tracks. He turned his head to look over his shoulder.

"That's none of your business Professor." Harry remarked, eyes narrowing on the man.

"Actually it is Dumbledore's request to see you home safely."

"Home," Harry muttered sarcastically, walking again. "Oh and sir, its Professor Dumbledore to you too, and I finish in half an hour." Harry shot back over his shoulder, quickly entering the kitchen for peace.

"So that's Snape then?" Jazz asked, sipping a cup of espresso.

"The one and only." Harry muttered, a cup of espresso waiting for him like always at eleven thirty. He looked through the serving hole at Snape, glaring at the man's greasy hair, simply wishing him to be gone.

But Harry had to admit that life without the man would be different.

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