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Chapter Five: Assumed Sick

Severus Snape was hardly the type of man that went out often, only preferring to stay in the comfort of his beloved dungeons at Hogwarts doing things he wanted to do. Then again Dumbledore likes to kick him out on certain tasks.

It had been nearly a week since Potter had puzzled Severus with the music sheets, the boy asking him if he wanted the song played to him. Those green eyes somber, but intrigued with what he was holding, that something by his dead grand mother Roxanna Evans.

Snape snapped out of his thoughts by a loud beeping sound, sniggering at the sight before him, a muggle girl nearly getting herself run over by a beastly contraption the muggles call a car. He walked passed the shaking girl who was unplugging her ears with bright pink headphones. He rolled his eyes and carried on walking and entering the place Potter worked.

Like Potter truly knows how to work.

The Potions Master looked around, seeing no sign of the teenager. He walked to the counter, a man coming out of what he presumed to be a kitchen.

"Mr Snape! Nice to have you here again. What can I get you?" Jazz said, drying of his cup, placing it under the counter. Severus raised a eyebrow at young man in front of him, who is too cheerful for his liking.

"Where is Potter Mr...?" Severus asked, his tone low as he scanned the shop, the vampire he had that lovely encounter with days ago sleeping in the corner, the only customer in the shop.

"Knight, Jasper Knight. Harry rang in sick this afternoon Mr Snape, it must be something serious because he's never called in sick. Never missed a day off work that one. I was meant to ring him half an hour ago, but it was a bit busy and being short staffed and all I just couldn't do it. I might ring now seeing that this place has finally quieted down." Jasper explained, getting his mobile out of his pocket.

"There is no need to ring him Mr Knight, I will be on my way to see him. May I ask where Volkov is?" Severus asked, wanting to ask the woman something of importance before he goes to see what's wrong with Potter.

"The boss is at a Potions conference in Switzerland for the next couple of days. Want me to leave a message?"

"Yes, ask her what she swears upon. Volkov will understand what the message is all about. Also tell her I know she's a member." Severus smirked evilly, his trench coat billowing after him as he exited the shop.

He wasn't someone who said goodbyes.

Severus walked to the closest alley way, the smirk slowing coming off his face as he thought about Potter, only seeing the boy the other day very pale and weak as he walked to work.

Hopefully Potter only have's the wizarding flu and nothing else.

From the other side of the country, Lucius Malfoy watched from the shadows in Godric's Hollow, his task from the Dark Lord taking him to the beautiful sight of the dead. The poor man he was watching was one who polluted the air with his stink, with the pure curse of lycanthropes. He had known this man for a while, even though this werewolf was with the light. Lucius pointed his chin up, tapping his finger on it from the shadows, platinum blonde messy hair flowing in the wind.

'Pathetic, the man even moves like one, not even bothering to cover the fact up as he morns over his best friends grave.' Lucius thought, eyes narrowing at his wife's cousins grave.

Originally the Malfoy Family were known for their hunting skills as the originals came from polluted france, a known country for creature curses and his ancestors hunted pathetic creatures like this, and hung their yellow eyes on their Christmas tree's. Veelas were the creature to be, the blood was pure and the heart strong, until the line had to mix with plain wizarding blood.

Lucius shuddered, knowing he never wanted to be what his ancestors were, but this task was for the one he served, the one he has been in Azkaban for.

Lucius held tightly to the silver plated dog collar that was currently in his hand. His finger traced the cold metal, loving the feeling, a shiver running down his spine as juicy thoughts formed in his mind of all the experiments that were going to happen to this cursed ridden man.

He watched the man pull his robe tighter around him, walking down a darker alley way. Lucius started to walk, keeping to the darkest depths of the alley he had entered. He stopped in his tracks, the man talking to himself. Lucius whipped out the long silver dog chain, the collar suddenly clasping around the mans neck. He pulled the chain, yanking the boy back to him.

"Hello Lupin, a pleasure to have your stink in my presence." Lucius hissed in the mans ear, kicking him to the ground, the man landing on his knees. He yanked the chain back, looking into Lupin's eyes, snatching the glasses off and smashing them under his boot.

"Didn't know you wore glasses Lupin." Lucius laughed, looking into the mans eyes with a lust to kill Lupin on the spot.

"It's my age Malfoy." Remus rasped out, hands coming to the collar around his neck. He groaned in pain, hands snapping to in front of his face. They started to burn, traces of aconite lingering on his skin. He screamed at it started to sink within his fingers.

Lucius pulled the collar again, looking at the werewolf's face. "Don't worry Lupin, there isn't enough on the collar to kill you, but only to cause burning and pain. How your going to love your cell in my manor." Lucius sniggered, disappearing in whirls of smoke as he took Remus to the hands of the Dark Lord.

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