Bella sat nervously listening to Rosalie and Alice praised her as they dressed her up like a Barbie doll for her big day. Charlie walked in and observed the view of his daughter. He looked at her so happily and smiled at her. "You look so grown up, honey, I can't believe you're getting married. My little girl" he said his hand resting on her shoulder. Bella smiled awkwardly back at her father when her mother came rushing back into the room, excitement vibrated off of her.

"You look gorgeous, babe." Renee said as she stood behind Bella's chair. Her hands ran down Bella's arms feeling the material of her dress. It was silky underneath her rough fingers. "Your sister's going to arrive during the reception, she didn't want to disturb the ceremony" Renee said. "Don't worry, it's your big day –your dad's going to spend most of the night looking after her and when he's busy dancing with you his friend, Billy –was it?" Renee asked Charlie glancing at him for a second before continuing with her chatter. "So don't worry, no one will pay any attention to her. Aunt Matilda can't come though, she's really sorry. She's sent a gift with Grace though –that's nice, isn't it?" Renee continued with an air of nervousness about her. Thankfully to everyone who had to endure her chatter, Jasper walked past the door and sent a tsunami of calmness over the occupants in the room.

Bella sent a weary smile to her mother and father. It was her special day –her wedding day and her younger sister was coming over. They reassured her how no one would notice Grace but how could they not notice the British accent that she was bound to have. Having not seen her sister in years she couldn't wait to see her, the curious part of her was bubbling with excitement but then there was the part of the deep engrained emotions that humans feel –sibling rivalry.

From what Bella knew of Grace she was just as intelligent as Bella, maybe even more so. She didn't know how pretty her little sister was but apparently they looked alike. The only think Bella knew she had that Grace didn't was the ability to drive and two guys who loved her unconditionally. Grace had the money of their aunt who'd made a name for herself in a world Bella could not be a part of; a world where Grace fit in perfectly; a world of witchcraft. Of course Bella was jealous of her little sister but she doesn't know her anymore. She'd have to play nice. She promised Charlie she would.

Besides she owed Grace, she'd look after Charlie after she 'dies.'