As she walked down the aisle with her stomach churning and butterfly's exploding ferociously, she couldn't help but be captivated by the sight before her –the sight of her pale beauty. She'd never been so mesmerised by him, not even when they first met. She gripped Charlie's arm a bit tighter, willing herself not to run at Edward.

After an eternity of walking down the pathway, Bella finally came face to face with her fiancé; her soon-to-be-husband.

The ceremony went easily and Bella couldn't be happier that she had finally married her one true love. The newly-wed couple was then greeted with a sea of congratulations. Edward explained who every vampire that greeted them and once that was done the speeches began. Bella spent the whole time looking at the door waiting for her sister to arrive. Bella got through all her mandatory dances with all the family –old and new and sneakily questioned her father on her sister's whereabouts. He couldn't reassure her.

Edward approached Carlisle, talking about the honeymoon. Bella was left chatting to an enthusiastic Seth and a grumpy Leah. It was then Grace arrived. She slipped in unnoticed and scanned the room for her father, mother or sister. She caught sight of Bella first. She smoothed her stone v neck, short sleeved dress and grasped her black clutch bag containing all her stuff. She loved magic. In her other arm there was a small gift bag containing Bella's wedding presents.

She tapped her sister on the shoulder. "Hello Bella" Grace smiled, her voice thick with a heavy British accent. Bella inwardly groaned. Her sister's voice was nice –thick with a posh British accent and not the country one she'd hoped for her to have. She turned with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"Grace" she smiled lightly. They looked so much alike. "You look so grown up" she said with a tinkling laugh at the end.

"As do you! I can't believe you're getting married! I'm so sorry I couldn't make the ceremony" Grace said genuinely. Words sounded foreign on her tongue, to both Bella and the Clearwater children. "Here's your wedding present" Grace said holding the bag out for Bella. "Aunt Matilda says it's a tradition in her culture. I hope you like it, I think it's beautiful." She smiled. Bella caught the strain on the words 'her culture.' It meant for wizards. She'd censored it for Seth and Leah. They stood patiently waiting for Bella to introduce them. "I'm Grace, by the way" she said smiling to the two strangers. She held out her hand for Leah first, then Seth. Both shook it with an iron grip.

Edward came up behind Bella, placing a soothing hand on her shoulder. "Hello" he said politely, intrigued that she had the same ability to avoid his gift as Bella.

Grace smiled at him. "You must be Edward" she exclaimed with happiness. She walked up to him and kissed the air both sides of his cheeks. "Congratulations" she said as she backed away slightly. Edward was stunned momentarily by the shock of her accent. "I'm Grace."

"Nice to meet you Grace" Edward smiled again. "We're glad you could make it" he said again.

"Thank you" she smiled back. "If you wouldn't mind excuse me, I should probably go and say hello to my mother and father. I'm sorry I was late, honestly, you look beautiful Bella. I wish I hadn't have missed it" she smiled sadly again.

All four of those who'd just met the young girl stared after her as she left; Bella unsure of her sister's personality; Edward pondering on her talent; Leah not understanding how someone could smile more than Seth did and Seth stared after her, at her arse which swerved gently with every step she took on her black and tan heels.