I walk out of the sector and look around. Where am I? How did I get here? I see binomes all around, dismayed and panicked. Two sprites were also there, just as scared. What were they so frightened about?

So they would not see me, I hid behind buildings, in shadow. Then, another question came to mind. Who am I? How in the code was I supposed to figure out where I was if I didn't know who I was? A bright flash caught my eye. A portal. Someone stepped out, but I didn't care to stay and see who. I continued to move behind the buildings.

As I walked, I came across a lone binome, a one. For some reason, I had a sudden urge to touch the icon on his chest. I kept forward, but he didn't see me. I highly doubt if he even heard me. By the time he noticed I was there, I was right in back of him. He turned and froze. I followed my instinct. I picked him up by his throat and touched the icon. It turned a different color.

I dropped him and he fell to the ground. For a nano, he didn't move. But then, he stood up. His eye was the same color as his icon. He spoke, rapidly, in a language I did not know. Soon, he started talking normally. 'Ack! I am forever your servant! What is the name of my Lord?' Hmm... 'Lord'. I could get used to that. But..... My name? What was my name? I started pondering for the answer to that question, mainly for myself.

Suddenly, it came to me. Everything became clear. I knew. I knew who I was, what I was, and most important, my function. An evil smile crossed my face as I looked up. I saw a huge foundation. Perfect, I thought. This is a perfect place to build my base and start my reign. Soon, they will all know me as their Lord. Just as the binome did. They will all fear my name and fall to my feet. I will soon rule over all. For I am a Virus.... I am.....