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Chapter One

Final Days


Twenty Years Ago

The planet Krypton was one of the most technologically advanced races in the galaxy. It`s people for millennia has surged through their advancement in science, causing them to travel the stars. Most Kryptonians were impassive people, rarely showing their emotions, with each child of this world breed for a purpose in their lives.

When a young Kryptonian was born, they took the baby from their parents after a month and send the enfant through a facility that will tell evaluate what the child will become in the future later in life, and the studies the child must take to become successful in what he was chosen to become. When the child had reached an age of ten, he was returned to his parents for a few years before starting out in school to learn the basic cultures of its people.

The one thing that most Kryptonian respected was the object that will decide their fate.

The object that was responsible for this was known as the Codex.

An invention since the birth of the civilization, the Codex was reminiscent to the Kryptonian guiding light, one that will continue to lead them into the future for many generations to come.

While the Planet was at the peak of their growth, something else was happening…something that could decide the Planet`s fate…

"You expected us to believe such heresy Jor-El?" a Council member said, a frown upon his features, "This is the fourth time this month you`ve tried…"

An elderly man with stunning white hair looked up toward the room in front of him. He was dressed in formal blue robes which complimented his form quite well, and upon his chest was a blue stylized S shaped symbol seating within the shield. His hair was falling on either side of his face which was set in a grim mood.

"It is not heresy my fellow Councilmen," the man known as Jor-El spoke out, "The readings upon our last scan of the sun is not something that could be ignored. If we don't take precautionary measures our entire race could pay the price."

"Rao may be an old star, but there is no way that it could go supernova," the female member of the Council member spoke out.

"I am speaking the truth Council Iwev-Ar," Jor-El told her, "The Planet`s World Shield will be able to hold out long enough…"

"Are you out of your mind?" another Council man said, "Simply activating it will exhaust our power supplies and leave us without powers for months."

"The World Shield hasn`t been activated since the Warring days Jor," Iwev-Ar said shaking her head, "To do so will cause a panic on a world scale level."

"Then you will do nothing?" Jor-El said, not keeping the shock out of his voice, "You will do nothing in the face of extinction."

"They may not do anything," a new voice spoke out, "But I certainly will."

Jor-El knew that voice and he slowly turned around, facing the new arrival that had stepped inside the Council Chambers. He was the same height as him, his hair neatly cut and he had a small bear growing at the bottom of his chin. The man was dressed in a black armor which covered his entire body and a cape flowing behind him.

"Zod?" Jor-El said, surprised to see him.

The General reached the older man and put a hand upon Jor-El`s shoulder.

"It is good to see you old friend,"

"General Zod, this is a private Council meeting," the third member of the Council said, "This does not concern you."

Zod turned his attention toward them, a dangerous glint appearing in his eyes.

"A private Council meeting that concern the survival of Krypton," the General continued as he walked forward toward them, "I believe that it concern me quite well."

"How do you know of this…?" Jor-El asked him.

"I told him Father," a new voice spoke out.

A young woman in armor entered the room, holding an assault weapon in her arm along with a few other soldiers. Her dark hair was falling over her left eye, with the blue gray eyes shining with determination.

"Nia," he whispered.

"You should be proud of her Jor," Zod spoke without turning around, "She has done the right thing in telling me. Now Council members, I will activate the World`s Shield, and I will protect my people."

"Your decision will not be in favor with the Council," Iwev-Ar spoke out angrily.

Zod turned his gaze toward her.

"Then Krypton doesn`t need the Council anymore," he said pulling out a weapon which let out a low hum, aiming it straight toward her.

"Zod no…," Jor-El warned, reaching out.

But his words fell on deaf ears for Zod had pressed the trigger and then a white blast hit Iwev-Ar into the chest area before the woman let out a soft gasp, her eyes going wide at being shot at before crumbling forward landing on the ground dead.

A dead silence fell into the room as everyone stared at what just happened, unable to believe it. Zod stayed silent, his face a perfect mask of indifference as he observed the remaining members.

"Anyone else not in favor?" he said coldly, daring them to object.

When no one spoke, Zod give a light nod before turning around.

"Since everyone agrees that this is the best way to protect our race," he said, "WE will activate the World`s Shield."

"Why have you done this Zod?" Jor-El asked him, "Violence isn`t always the way to solve problems."

"You`ve heard them Jor," the General told him, as he walked past, "Those degenerating bloodlines will continue to talk until the end reaches us. They will rather hold on to their pride than face the reality of things…Krypton will not survive if those people continue to lead us toward our ruins."

"And you think your way is better?" Jor-El spoke out, his blue eyes shining with anger, "Murdering a Council member…revolting against our principles? Krypton will not survive another day under your rule."

Zod turned toward him.

"Then join our side," he said, raising a hand toward Jor-El, "We can rebuilt our race…and with your help we will make sure that none of the bloodlines who lead us to this state ever reached where they are now."

Jor-El looked at the extended hand for a few seconds before looking back toward him.

"As much as I want Krypton to survive, I will take no part in this."

Zod`s surprise showed upon his face as if he didn`t expect him to refuse. Nia, who had stayed silent the entire time, spoke out quickly walking forward.

"Father, listen to reason," she said, "If General Zod plan work, Krypton will survive."

Jor-El looked at his daughter. She looked a lot like his late wife, Lara. The second child after his first-born Kal, He loved her well and can see that she had taken some of his facial structures but.

"I am listening to reason Nia, but our General seems to have forgotten how to do so," he said.

Nia looked shocked at his answer and even Zod narrowed his eyes at him before turning his back upon him.

"If that`s what you wish Jor," he said simply, "You two, take him into custody."

The two extra soldiers who had come with Nia, aimed their weapons at Jor-El form and Nia turned toward Zod.


"If he isn`t with us, then is against us Nia," he said simply before walking out.

Nia looked conflicted as she watched where Zod just left before turning her attention toward her Father.

"Nia, you know that this is wrong," Jor-El spoke out.

Nia stayed quiet as her hand quivered and she closed her eyes turning away from him. She was breathing heavily as if she couldn`t breath before calming herself down.

"It may be wrong," she spoke out without turning around, "But it is the only way to save our race."

Jor-El looked down, feeling a prickle in his heart.

"Take him away."

The two soldiers took hold of Jor-El`s arms before dragging him out of the Council room leaving Nia to stand there listening to the footsteps retreating before silence took over once more. The young woman stayed still for some times before turning his attention toward the remaining soldiers.

"Secure this room," she said, "No one come in or out until General Zod says otherwise."

"Yes Commander," the soldiers said.

Then Nia walked out, reaching the General who was standing on a platform looking out toward the Planet`s surface in the distance.

"General," she said.

"I want you to secure the Codex," Zod told her, turning around.


"If what you told me is true and Krypton does meet`s its end here," he said, "I want the Codex to survive. It is the only link to rebuild our race…it may be our last hope."

Nia looked at him and found the General`s eyes staring at her.

"Can I trust you with that task Commander?"

"Yes you can General," Nia said snapping in attention.

"Good," he said.

Nia turned his attention away from him and made his way toward where the Codex was located and before she could get unto her craft, her radio crackled.

"Jor-El has escaped," a voice said, "He had defeated the guards that were with him."

She turned toward Zod who had heard the same thing as her.

"He is of no concern to us," he said, "Just do what I ask of you."

"Yes sir."

House of El

Jor-El had to move quickly.

They were little time left before Zod discover what he had done and he made his way toward where his home was, quickly entering inside finding Kal there, dressed in a white robe with a white cape upon his back. He even had the black version of the House of El emblazoned upon him.

"Father," the young man said, "What…What is going on?"

"We have to do it now Kal," he said to his son, "Zod had started a revolution and is planning to activate the World`s Shield. If it succeeds, we won't have enough power to make the launch."

Kal looked grim but he nodded.

"Of course Father,"

The young man contacted his wife, through a Drone and the two men quickly started to set off to work and Jor-El pressed a few crystals as a light started to form in front of him taking a shield form before turning into a crystallized one. The S symbol appeared briefly within it before disappearing entirely.

Then the sound of a cooing baby sound reached their ears and Lia entered inside the room with a small baby in her hand.

"Lia," Kal said walking forward kissing his wife intently and the woman returned it.

Then his attention was turned toward the small baby in her arms.

"Leia," he whispered.

Jor-El approached them at this time, looking at the small infant in Lia`s arms. It was a baby girl, with the signature raven black hair of any Kryptonian, but there wasn`t much hair on her head to begin with. Her blue eyes however, were sharp as they looked around in curiosity.

"She`s beautiful," Jor-El said looking down at the baby.

"Yes," Lia said looking down at the small child lovingly, before looking at the duo in front of her, "Does that mean…"

"Yes," Kal said, "What we feared the most had come true…"

"But why her?" Lia said, "Why does we have to part with her…It`s…It`s not fair."

"Lia," Kal said taking the woman in her arms, "We`ve talked about this. It`s…not something that I wish to do either. No parents should part way with their child like this but I would be worst of a parent if I let my child die without experiencing life first."

"She`ll be alone…," Lia said, her eyes watering, "She`ll be so alone out there. What if the Planet`s atmosphere killed her…what if she couldn't breathe properly…what if the Humans rejected her…?"

"Lia," Kal interrupted, drawing the woman`s attention toward him, "Believe in our daughter. That`s all that we can do for her now…that`s all that we, as her parents, can do. We have to believe that she will grow upon this world with people around her…who accept her as who is she was…"

Lia stayed quiet for a few seconds, looking at the child in her arms. The two blue eyes stared back at her with innocence that caused the woman to laugh a little even though her gray eyes were filled with tears.

"Leia…," she whispered, walking toward the large ship in the middle of the room, "Be a good girl you hear me. Be good to the world you`re going to...don`t take any unnecessary risks."

She reached it and placed the little girl into the small inside and the enfant let out a soft gurgle. Lia enveloped her with a cover with had the house of El symbol upon it. Then from beside her, Jor-El approached placing the shield shaped crystal into the ship beside the small girl who had instantly grabbed unto it and putting it into her mouth.

Kal put a hand upon Leia`s head.

"I love you, Leia," he whispered, "Be safe…and goodbye, daughter of El. Our hopes and dreams shall be with you."

They stayed like this for a few moments before Jor-El approached the controls and activated the ship which slowly started to close until it was covered entirely. The trio stood in a silent vigil watching the ship slowly taking off.

Then Jor-El turned his attention away from the ship walking away.

"Where are you going Father?" Kal asked.

"Zod is going to the World`s Shield," he said, "I will have to make sure that he doesn`t succeed with his plans. A Krypton under Zod`s rule is not one I wish to see."

"Where is Nia?" Kal asked him, "I would have thought she was with you."

"She has chosen Zod`s side," Jor-El said simply, turning toward him before leaving the House.

Lia looked toward the ship that was taking off toward the opened top of the House. She can feel her heart breaking seeing her only daughter go like that…but Kal was right. She couldn`t let her face death like this…not when she just started living.

"She will be the only one of our kind that isn't influenced by the Codex," she whispered, "I wonder…what kind of life will that be?"

In face of destruction...they send their only child into space...

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