(AN) Hello this is my first fanfic so i hope you like it

Irene Rodriguez had just been transferred to a new school. Irene had hair that was long enough to go over her shoulders, she had brown eyes but
she sometimes wore color contacts."Everyone this is our new student Irene Rodriguez. I want you all to make her feel welcome." Irene had seen an open seat right next to a guy who she thought was cute, so she took it. "Hi i'm Isaac." Just hearing him talk sent shivers through Irene's body. "Hi Isaac" Irene said slightly blushing.

"Okay class we'll continue tomorrow." "Hey Irene I was thinking maybe if your not doing anything maybe we could hangout, Sure Isaac I would love that." Just then Scott and Stiles caught up to Isaac. "Isaac, Derek wants us to see him right now." "God dammit! I'm sorry Irene, but i'm going to have to reschedule, it's okay Isaac i'm sure it's probably important." Just as Scott, Isaac, and Stiles ran off Isaac gave Irene a quick kiss on the cheek. Irene felt her cheek and smiled in happiness, maybe Isaac was the one for her

Well some of my chapters are a little short but im working on making them longer