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Chapter 4 It was a fresh new morning the sun coming up, the dew on the grass made it wet, and the paperboy was riding around on his blue bike with purple flames on it. Irene and Isaac were both still laying down in Irene's bed after the amazing night that they both had that night. Irene was still snuggled up against Isaac's side her little head was laying on his chest. All of sudden they heard knocking on the door it had been Irene's mother. "Irene honey i'm doing laundry and I need a little more clothes for a full load." Irene pushed Isaac and told him to get dress, they both got dress as fast as they could. "Hold on mom just a second. Irene where do I go? Just go out and stay outside my window." Isaac then proceeded to climb out of Irene's window and was just standing there on Irene's roof. "Hey kid what are you doing on the roof Irene's neighbor shouted said to him. Isaac pulled out a piece of paper and wrote. "Had sex and the girls mom needed to come into her room so I needed a place to hide" he tossed the paper to the guy and the guy simply gave him two thumbs up. "So sweetie what did you do last night? Oh nothing I just watched some movie and went on the Internet. Well it certainly looks like you had fun" she said holding up Irene's panties that were still wet from her juices. Irene was speechless she just didn't know how to respond. "it's ok if you masturbate sweetie just as long as you have fun" she winked at her and left the room. Irene was shocked at what her mom had just said. Irene was glad that she had kind of a cool mom. She opened her window to let Isaac back inside she waited till her parents left to go to work to open her door and get ready to go to put on a new bra and a Asking Alexandria t-shirt and was off to school. Isaac had to run home to get some new clothes. At School Stiles asked Irene why she didn't answer any of his calls. "Stiles I told you I had Isaac come over. Oh ya so what did you two do last night? Each other." Irene simply responded, Stiles was confused till Allison hit him in the arm and said that they had sex. Stiles walked off not sure what to say. "Thank you Allison. No problem. So who did you do it with and how was it? Well he was amazing he was so big and he said it was his first time but he was so experienced. So who is Mr. Big? Isaac." Allison was shocked that Irene had fucked Isaac. "So how was it? How was what? The sex how was the sex? Oh you know. No I don't know so tell me." Irene was shocked that Scott had not fucked her."Well when he was inside me my whole body just felt like it was on fire. It felt like I was in a wonderland where all of my dreams could come true it was just so amazing. Wow that sounds so amazing. I wonder what it feels like. Why don't you just ask Kaleb if he wants to have sex he has a huge crush on you. He does? Ya. Well I might ask him." Allison and Irene then walked to class. After school Irene was walking home by herself. All of a sudden a black van appeared two guys came out in suits and mask on and threw Irene into the van.

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