It happened shortly after the trio turned eighteen and were on the verge of graduating high school. Danny had approached his best friend of several years with a proposition, one that he was sure she wouldn't mind helping him with. As they sat across from each other on the Goth's red and black web comforter the halfa got the nerve to ask his question, his voice soft since he was still rather nervous.

"Can you help me practice kissing?" The Goth that sat across from him, her attire a black pair of jeans with a plain green shirt, looked at him funny and let out a chuckle, her hand coming to cover her mouth. She didn't mean to laugh at him, but that idea was just too funny and the Goth couldn't help but wonder what had prompted him to ask that.

"What are you talking about Danny?" She looked around at that point, still laughing as she turned back to him. "Is this some kind of prank? Is there a camera hidden in my room?" The halfa across from her looked completely serious, his gaze unwavering, and that was when Sam realized he wasn't joking with her. Her smiled died and her eyes took in the male before her with suspicion. "Why would you ask me that?" She was completely baffled at this new venture. Danny had asked her to do a lot of strange things over the years, but this took the cake.

"Well, you're my closest girl friend and I figured that we can do something like this platonically enough." Her brow rose in question at his reasoning before shaking her head. This was stupid and she was feeling rather lost at his reasoning. It hurt that he reason behind using her was that they were just really good friends and could keep their feelings separate. What a load of bull when she was only human.

"Danny, first off, I am your only girl friend, Valerie dating Tucker takes her out of the running on that and second, I am a friend not a practice dummy." His assumption that she would do something such as kiss him as a woman kissing her man while being friends was disrespectful. "The fact that you would attempt to use me in th-"

"I just missed out on kissing with saving the world and all so I was hoping you could help me a b-" He was shot down quickly enough as she cut him off. Sam was growing more aggravated with the male before her, his cluelessness when it came to them baffling and so frustrating. She couldn't understand why he thought she would willingly put herself out there to help him kiss another girl!

"Why not Paulina or someone at the school?" she demanded, her tone one of frustration and her hand flew out before her. It was something he had never thought she would ever express over something that he saw as a favor. Friends helped friends out, not that he didn't have his own agenda and that had to do with the fact that during the whole possessed by Undergrowth Sam had kissed him and after that it had stuck with him. His mind used it in dreams that he had no right having about the woman before him besides the fact that now he was torn because he wasn't sure if he had liked it because she had been so evil or because he had a thing for his best friend.

"Because I want to be able to kiss them properly." She sighed, her eyes rolling at him. Danny hadn't thought that was the best response either and now that it was out there he felt ashamed. He wanted to smack himself and was surprised that Sam hadn't already slapped the shit out of him.

"Danny, I'm going to give you a day to rethink this idea because even though I had a crush on you at one poin-" She stopped when she noticed the look on his face. Fuck!

"You had a crush on me?" the halfa asked in confusion."When?" The female before him turned red, her eyes narrowing as she realized she had let her secret out of the bag. Throwing her hands up she tried to downplay her mistake.

"Damn it! Tucker told me that he told you already!" Now Danny was really confused because his other close friend had never told him of Sam's crush and then it hit him that Tucker had never told him! How had the other male known or even found out such a secret being that the Goth before him was super secretive about herself? He didn't know what was happening between the three of them! Tucker was behind him 100% when something was going down and yet the other male had failed to inform him that Sam, his other close friend, had a thing for him!

"Tucker knew?!" he yelled, the shock of it all making the halfa raise his voice. She nodded, though she appeared to have calmed down, her cheeks having returned to their normal pale coloring as she sat stiffly before him.

"It doesn't matter because I am over that." His brows raised now, as if questioning her statement. "Seriously, Danny, that was when we were like fifteen or so." It had been three years ago?!

"Then that wasn't that long ago, so how do you know that you are over me?" he questioned, his ice blue eyes watching her for signs that she was lying. He wanted her to be lying! He wanted her to admit that she still wanted him.

"Danny, just rethink this idea o-"

"But I want to pra-"

"I have a boyfriend," she spat out quickly, her face going red again as she turned from him. That seemed to shock the halfa into silence. "I didn't want to have to tell you that," she whispered. Danny wasn't sure what to say to that since he hadn't even been aware that the young woman before him had even been dating.

"Do I know him?" Danny questioned, his tone hard. He didn't want to sound jealous, but for some reason he couldn't help the emotion that swam in his bloodstream. It made him feel so hot and at the same time he felt like a bucket of ice water had been thrown over his head. "How could you keep this a secret?" She looked at him, her eyes wide and he could see fear, but fear about what? Telling him?

"I didn't want to tell you because I'm dating... Elliot," she whispered, her voice so soft he hadn't been sure that he had heard her. He asked her to repeat herself because what he had remembered of the white haired male hadn't been good. "I know what you're thinking-" She was stopped as he growled low.

"If you know what I'm thinking then you know what I'm going to say!" he hissed, his anger reaching a point that he couldn't hold it in. Sam had dated a liar who had used her from the start, probably hoping to get in her pants at some point in the relationship. Another trophy is what she would have been and yet here she was telling him that she was dating the scumbag! "Dump him!"

"I can't do that!" she spat, anger lacing her tone, or was it frustration, but as Danny looked into her eyes he could see the fear still there, most of it hidden as she forced her emotions back. He knew that when she did this that there was more to the story, something she wasn't telling him.

"What's going on, Sam?" She didn't answer him at first as she slid off the bed, her ametyst gaze shuttered now, a complete shut down of feelings on her end. It was her defense mechanism. He moved to grab her by the arm, his own anger cooling for a moment at the thought that something bigger than he thought was happening could be going on between the former Goth and his Goth.

"Nothing is going on except I want you to leave," she said as she turned to him, her eyes narrowed. "I can't be around you right now." She didn't really want him to go, but if he didn't she knew she would fall apart, her body already feeling so tired from forcing herself to behave normal around the one guy she couldn't seem to get out of her mind or her heart. If it wasn't in real life it was in her dreams and now with this whole Elliot thing going on she was using too much emotional energy to keep it together. At first it didn't appear that he was going to leave and then he finally grabbed his books before heading out the door, but he did say one thing to her.

"This isn't over, Sam." She shuddered at those words, but Danny failed to notice as he planned on his next stop. As soon as he was down the hall she shut the door, her whole body shuddering at those last words, fear making her feel cold. Someone else had said that to her, not so long ago and they had met it. No one knew that on the day that Elliot had given up on her that he had approached her later, his words echoing as Danny's did now, the two voices coming out as one.

This isn't over, Sam.

Stepping back from the door she turned just as her phone rang. Walking over to her bedside table she looked down at the screen, the number glaring back at her one that she wished she had never answered that day, the one that would cause her more trouble and heartache as she was destroyed as was the people around her. She picked up the phone though because there would repercussions later.


While she was dealing with the person on the other end of the line Danny was in Tucker's room, the dark skinned techno-geek waiting to hear why his friend was visiting him when he had clearly stated that he would be at Sam's studying for their final test that was for the end of this week. This was the last week of school and everyone was cramming to ensure that they passed because no one wanted to be a super senior. When the halfa failed to say anything to him Tucker took the initiative because his girlfriend was coming over soon and he would hate to cut into their make out time.

"Dude, if you make me miss make out time I will be so pissed," the teen stated. He waited for a reaction and the one that he got wasn't the one he was expecting. The halfa that stood before him ripped into him verbally.

"Fuck you and your make out time," the dark haired male spat. Tucker's brow rose, a question on the tip of his tongue, but before he could even voice it the teen before him continued. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me that Sam had a crush on me?!" Tucker blinked, his eyes wide in disbelief. That was what this was about? He had truly never thought the Goth would spell out her feelings, but what in the hell was Danny screaming at him for?

"And you are pissed at me why?" Tucker inquired with narrowed eyes. "You and her have that issue, not me." The halfa growled low at the dark skinned male's response. "Listen, I knew she had a thing for you and at first I just assumed that was all it was, but after awhile I noticed it was more." It had been so obvious with how the pair looked at each other, how they had only truly kissed each other on the lips, but the pair had yet to connect the dots and the dark skinned male didn't want to push.

"More?" Danny questioned. "Sam said she had a crush and nothing else." Tucker chuckled, his eyes closing as he leaned back and laughed, the halfa looking at him like he was crazy. "What the fuck is so funny?"

"Dude, whatever she told you is so false that you might as well be looking at fool's gold. Sam loves you and it is so obvious, well, to the rest of the world." His eyes narrowed again as he noticed how stressed the teen before him looked. "What is up, dude? Sure, her having feelings for you is nothing new, but what started this issue up now?" Danny sat down on the bed, the mattress sagging under him. "What the fuck did you do?"

"I propositioned her," the halfa stated with a sigh. Tucker's brows rose in shock. Had the halfa just said those words?

"You what?" Danny repeated himself, explaining what he had done with the Goth that day and with every word that left his mouth the dark skinned male sitting across from him found his eyes growing wider. "Damn! What the fuck were you thinking?! I'm surprised she didn't knock you on your ass for even suggesting such a thing!"

"It's just that we did kiss while she was under Undergrowth's control and it wasn't like the other times," he stated, his eyes averted from his friend's interested gaze. "Sure, the others were fake outs, but still they did mean something. This one though was more..." he faded off wondering how to describe it.

"Passionate," came a response from the doorway, the pair of males turning toward the door where Valerie stood, a smirk on her painted lips. "So, the little halfa has a crush on Sam. You're a little late in the realization department, Danny." He nodded.

"A little late in fucking doing a lot of things because she told me she's dating Elliot," Danny stated point blank. "I just can't wrap my mind around the thought of those two dating." Tucker's brows narrowed again at the information that Danny had just spit out. He couldn't believe it either because he had seen the look in those amethyst eyes as she had basically told the fake Goth off.

"Say what? Sam hates the guy!" The halfa nodded.

"I thought so, but she told me that they were going out." Valerie walked further into the large bedroom, her steps silent on the carpet. "He lied to her, used her and then dissed you, so why would she even dream of going out with him?" The couple before the halfa could see that he was truly torn. Danny and Sam belonged together. They both had been so drawn to each other and yet so clueless as to the fact that when they were so close that the sparks just flew around them. Hell, they could start their own universe with as much sparks were flying around them.

"Did she tell you off the bat or was it forced?" Tucker questioned. There had to be something behind this because after Sam had told him off he had quickly turned his attention to other women. Why would he come back to the teen who had spurned him?

"I kinda forced it when I wouldn't leave her be, but why hide it?" Sure, the Goth had given him a reason, but he just wasn't buying it.

"Probably because she didn't want you to know," Valerie stated. "Would make sense with what you guys are saying with his being a loser from her past." The halfa's eyes narrowed. Valerie may be a female, but she had no idea what had happened that day, well, those days that Sam and Elliot had together.

"She told me the same thing, but something feels off about the whole ordeal." The girlfriend of his best friend shook her head.

"It's just because you love her and can't stand seeing her with someone else. Face it Danny, you lost your chance and now you have to sit back and watch her with another." Danny stood up, and with a flash of light he was gone. When she looked to her boyfriend he was shaking his head. "What?"

"Sam loves him so I have to agree with him when he says something is wrong." The techno-geek knew that in the end something horrible was in store for the lot of them and he needed to find out what was going on before then. "We need to find out more."