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A few moments later and they had the results. She was pregnant. It was pretty nerve wracking as the Goth sat down on the bed between the brothers. Danny just wrapped his arms around her, knowing there was nothing he could say that would change what had just happened. Sam was pregnant with the monster's baby. Dean, on the other hand knew that it wouldn't change anything for the Goth and that eventually it would all work out for the best. If anything he felt there was going to be a twist to the whole thing.

"Sam, Danny," he said suddenly standing up. "I'm going to head out, but send me the invite." Before either could ask he was gone, his bike revving up outside moments later. The pair looked at each other as Sam just smiled softly.

"He, um, does that sometimes." The halfa nodded. He didn't know the other male all that well and yet he felt that Dean had done this so the pair of them could have some alone time before everything changed, but the invite was what he was confused about. "As for the invite, I assume he meant the baby shower or the birth." Danny heard those words and knew what he had known from the moment that her pregnancy had crossed his mind. Sam wasn't going to terminate the life that was growing in her because even though it had come from something so debilitating she was going to love that child, that child that didn't ask to be conceived.

"Sam, would you take that step with me?" She raised a brow at him. "Would you be my girlfriend, no, more than that because after all that we have been through I feel that we are more than just a couple trying it out." She could see that he was frustrated with the words he was trying to relay. Then it was so perfect and so crazy as the next moment he was kneeling before her, his hands working to construct a perfect ice crystal, similar to the one after she had been freed from Undergrowth. She had kept it in the freezer for so long until that last year her mother had used it to make her father a drink. "Will you marry me?"

"Danny," she said, a smile twitching on her lips as she felt tears on her lashes. She loved the man before her and knew without a doubt that he loved her, but... There was always a but...

"Sam, I have loved you as a friend and I will love you as a man should love and cherish a woman." Sam almost lost it then because her friend had never been this deep with his words. She had to wonder where he had pulled this from, but at the moment all she could think of was that the man she loved more than life, the one she had followed and continued to protect was on bended knee proposing a future with her.

"Yes, yes Danny I will take that step with you." That was all it was, the pair embraced, both so full of joy, fear, uncertainty and yet certainty that the future was bright for them. Pulling her closer he smiled as he had finally gotten her back and there was nothing that could stand in the way.

Several Months Later...

"Mother fucking shit!" came a female's scream, her cries heard down the hallway as she sweated, her face flushed in anger as she clutched the counter. "Danny!" The halfa came running, his shoes sliding as he rushed to the kitchen where his wife of less than six months stood with a look of horror on her face. "I think my water just broke." Danny's eyes grew wide. He had read millions of books since the moment he and Sam had found out about her pregnancy, but none of them had prepared him for the real thing.

"Sam, you're sure?!" he cried out, his body shaking as he looked at her, her pregnant body so small compared to her bulging stomach. She had been told that her baby would be due at a certain time, but that time had come and gone without a baby in sight. The doctors had been so confused, but when the Goth claimed that she didn't want a forced labor, that her child would come when it was right they had allowed it. No one said no to the raven haired woman. Danny winced when she hollered again, her whole body shaking with the force of the contraptions.

"Yeah, I am sure. I think the puddle under me would be proof enou-" Another contraction came and the halfa rushed to her aide. He could see that there was no time for him to grab her bags, no time to call his parents as his wife needed to be at the hospital... NOW! Pulling her into his arm, careful of her pain he took to the skies, going intangible to go through the roof. "Danny, don't worry about me. Please get us there."

It didn't take them very long to get there and as soon as she was put in a large suite the doctor came in, the last time having ignored her for too long and finding out quickly that Sam pregnant was far worse than any nightmare. She wasn't happy about her pregnancy. It had been relatively uneventful, but for her the worse part was in her mind. She was so worried, and it was a fear that she had never voiced. She dreaded this day while at the same time anticipated it. It was the day of their child's birth and the day that she would see said baby for the first time. As the doctor looked things over, a part that never ceased to embarrass her every time.

"When did you feel the first contractions?"

"After my water broke," the Goth spat. The doctor looked concerned for a moment and ushering a few nurses over began to prep her for delivery. "What's wrong?" Sam hated being in the dark, but even though she wasn't sure what was going on she had a feeling that it was unusual.

"Well, it's not important right now. What's important is getting your child born safely." Sam wanted to argue with the doctor, but Danny was so concerned about her already that she could see it in his eyes. Sighing she closed her eyes. The medical staff around her began to prep her, the nurse closest to her informing her that she wouldn't be able to have the shot since she was about to give birth. Sam wasn't worried. She hadn't planned to have it anyway. As the nurse walked away Danny took her hand, his eyes drilling into her to the point that she opened them.

"Sam, I know that it's been bothering you, but I wanted to know that even if our child looks like him, that it will never change how you feel and how I feel. That is our child." The raven haired woman's eyes grew wide. He had known? "I know you've been holding that in, but I didn't want to bring it up because it only brings it to life. It doesn't matter to me what our child looks like as long as you both know how much I love you." His hand came to rest on her stomach, their child kicking his hand to let them know their child was there.

"Dan-" she was cut off as another contraction came and the nurse instructed her to push. The amazing thing was that their child was born quickly, the small boy born with a full head of black hair, but what made it shocking for the pair of ghost fighters was his eyes. He opened them and they looked into the pair of most interesting eyes. They were blue and green.

"How?" he wondered, his eyes falling on hers. "How did that happen?" Sam smiled. It was a miracle. The baby held the eyes of the man holding him, his small mouth moving as he reached for the long locks that fell over Danny's eyes. His hair may have been jet black, but there was one small white patch on the sides of his head. Sam didn't care because as she looked into his riveting blue and green eyes she knew that Danny had managed to father a child from one try. Now she knew that the night of horror was officially gone, it was over with the birth of Danny's child.

"He's so beautiful," she gushed leaning on his shoulder. "Just like his father." The halfa smiled at what Fate had given him. He was looking down at his wife, and down at the child they had conceived in a place that had been anything but good.

"No, he gets it from his mother." As they looked down at their child the skies outside were filled with ghosts looking down at the hospital where the newest member of their race to join the rest of the living.