Neko Chaos

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Like I said in the summary this isn't just going to be a normal neko fanfic! You know like: One character gets cat ears and then they bang each other countless times (though there will
probably be lemons in later chapters). So please read about the first 2 or 3 chapters to know what's different about this story.

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Warning: This is a yaoi fanfiction (means boyxboy relationships) it will include two men having sex, kissing, hugging, saying deep emotional stuff, having sex again and all that. If you are not comfortable with this please go away now, forget you even were here (though I would wonder who would be looking for a sekaiichi fanfic and not expect yaoi) and please don't flame, thanks. Some characters may be OOC.

How does a good day start, after you just went through hell week and all you really wanted, was to stay in bed and sleep so you wouldn't look like you just rose from the dead?
With birds chirping and the light of the sun falling into your bedroom through the window? Or with the person you love, waking you up with a smile on their face and a gentle mumbled "good morning"? Well, it most certainly wasn't the way Takano Masamune, the chief editor of the shoujo manga department woke up, because right now he was sitting on the floor and held his head in pain.

Just a few moments ago he had woken up due to the sound of a sudden crash coming from the apartment just next to his and had from the shock fallen out of his bed and hit his head on the floor. He stood up and banged his fist against the wall (fuck the neighbours, if he was not allowed to sleep after hell week the neighbours sure as hell wouldn't be allowed to either!). "Oi, what the fuck are you doing over there you idiot?"
He didn't get an answer and that slightly worried him. If there was one thing Ritsu couldn't take it was Masamune calling him an idiot. "Maybe he hit his head and is unconscious? Or is the idiot just ignoring me?", asked Masamune himself. It woudln't be the first time that Ritsu would try to ignore him and just act like he wasn't even home, though he was terrible at it and always got mad after around 10 minutes and would yell at Takano.

Yesterday had been the first day after hell week and they had all arrived refreshed and in a good mood at work.

Takano scowled a little when he remebered what had happened yesterday and felt a sharp pain in his chest at the memories, but at the same time he was relieved because after all the sound coming from Ritsus apartment at least meant that it's owner had gotten home yesterday.


The emerald department was tidy again, plush toys, dolls and other decoration sparkling along with the handsome editors. The last few weeks had been hell and now that hell week was over (Thank god, Mino had begun to look scary with a cutter in his hand and a disturbingly bright smile on his face!), all editors were relieved and enjoyed working again after a night full of sleep.

When the shift was close to end Masamune looked up from his worked and called out to Ritsu: "Hey Onodera, I will take you back home with me. I brought my car, we're going to eat together anyway."
All the other editors knew what had happened when Onodera had collapsed and due to that weren't surprised when their boss talked about eating with Onodera. They all also knew that both of them lived in the same building, but weren't really interested in that. Or in how Kisa phrased it: "Didn't give a fuck as long as he himself didn't have his boss as a neighbour."

Ritus eyebrow started twitching at the command from his boss.
"I'm deeply sorry Takano-san, but I'm not going to eat with you today. I'm going somewhere else after work", Ritsu scowled while talking.
He hated it when Takano-san just decided everything by himself and told Ritsu what he had to do. Sure, Ritsu knew that Takano only wanted to help him, but couldn't he at least phrase it differently and not let it sound like a command?

"What the hell are you talking about? There's no way I will let you eat some of your junk food again, so I'm just going to come with you and afterwards we will eat at my place."

"Like I said I AM NOT going to eat with you today and I'm REALLY sorry, but I already made plans to meet up with someone and will probably eat something there so don't bother with me and just go home alone Takano-san, I will take a train back later, but thanks for the offer!"

The rest of the editors now watched them banter interested, it wasn't like they had anything better to do anyway.
"Ohhh~ you're having a date Ricchan? With who?", Kisa whistled while cocking an eyebrow, "is it someone we know?"

"I-I'm not having a date with anyone, it's just meeting up with an acquaintance and nothing more."

„Aww, but why are you blushing then Ricchan? C'mon tell me."
While Kisa continued to tease Onodera, Masamune just watched his former lover and scowled. Could it really be that Ritsu had a date? With his fiance maybe?

Though, no it was clear that Ritsu wouldn't agree to a date with her.
Then who else? Another woman, another MAN?!

Or maybe it wasn't a date at all like Ritsu said, but Masamune still couldn't help feeling jealous. If he would ask Ritsu to spend time with him, even if it was just eating somewhere the brunet would probably suspect something and would either decline or, if Masamune was lucky, agree grumpily after being convinced that Masamune only wanted to spend time with him.

The banter between Kisa and Onodera went on until their shift ended and all of them left. While Masamune got into his car he couldn't help, but still ask himself about the person Ritsu was meeting up with and why he had been so flustered when being asked of who the person was. The raven sighed and pulled out of the parking lot. This was going to be a long night!

*Flasback end*

With this thoughts in his head, Takano had driven back home alone and decided to wait for Ritsu to come home, but in the end he had fallen asleep on his sofa, just to wake up around six in the morning and walk into his bedroom to continue sleeping.

Sighing he put on a shirt and went out of his apartment, just to knock on the door of the apartment next to his.

"Onodera are you alright in there?"


"Come on, open the goddamn door I just want to check on you!"
He kicked the door and it opened by itself. He just stared at the door for a couple of minutes.

"That idiot!"
He strode into the apartment and went into the bedroom.

"Oi, don't forget to lock the goddamn door! Do you have an idea who could have just come in here and do who knows what to you?" Masamune yelled after he spotted Ritsu hiding underneath his blanket, as it seemed.
Still, no one answered him. He sighed and went over to the bed to grab the blanket and pull it away while talking. "Look I'm sorry I yelled, but do you know what could have happened to y- WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!"

Ok so this is just some sort of prologue and I wanted it to end at that exact point so forgive me . (Though I'm not really happy with this chapter, I like to write more direct speech and describe things more ,but then it would have been to long for my liking, because this is like I said some sort of prologue...). I first had to explain some stuff and could't really write about the story itself. The next chapter and maybe even the third will probaly have more explanations in them, but it's important stuff for me and won't be too much, I promise.
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