DBZ and SNK crossover, My writing skills are atrocious so bear with me, Both Dragonball and Shingeki No Kyojin are properties of their respective owners.

Basic summary: Gohan and Future Trunks find themselves in a different world, their powers reduced to nearly nothing, in a desperate war for humanities survival.

Italics are thought.

Uh... my head, why does it hurt so much? Wait where am I? A second ago I was at, wait what Trunks said, the dragon balls? Ah crap ,Mother is going to kill me.

Gohan began to stand up slowly, clutching his head as he did, his mind still in a haze about what had just happened. Trying to get his bearings back, Gohan began to look around, trying to find out exactly where he was.

I've never seen a place like this before, Huge walls? A medieval town, what is this? It better not be another prank by those two, I swear when I get my hands on them... Wait their Ki! I can't sense it, I can't sense anybodies Ki, wait my own power, its GONE !? What the HELL is going on?

Although his power was gone, being a half Saiyan Gohan was more than strong enough to jump onto the nearest building to get a better view, from here Gohan could see the evidence that something was very wrong in this town, something terrible had happened.

Blood, Body parts, and not a single live person that I can see from here. I have to focus! Using the little Ki that I have, I need to see if I can sense anybody!

One of the earth's greatest heroes Son Gohan, was dumbfounded, no idea where he was and what was going on, and worse still, his powers had been reduced to a tiny fraction of what he possessed only moments ago.

Wait there, what the hell is that? A person? But since when did people become 10 metres tall? And why does it look so strange, and naked? It's closing in, I need to see if It can talk, maybe I can ask where I am.

Without warning, the 10m class titan slammed it's palm into the spot where Gohan once stood, his Saiyan reflexes making him move at the last second, the building he was standing on was torn in half, brick and wood flying everywhere as the debris struck Gohan and the area around him.

That blow could have done some serious damage to a normal person, Hell, even to me in this weakened state, this thing isn't up for negotiation, it's trying to kill me!

"So you want to play rough do you? Well get a taste of this!"Gohan cupped his hands to his right and spread his feet out to give him balance, a sudden look of realisation shot over Gohans face, quickly followed by frustration

No Ki, no Kamehameha. How am I going to get out of this one? Well I know that I at least have my natural Saiyan strength, I just have to hope that its enough.

Using Inhuman speed, Gohan struck at the Titans knee with everything he had, The blow Landed with a sickening crunch, and the Titans knee bent backwards, clearly maimed, the top of the Titans tibia jutted out from its wound, the knee clearly shattered from the devastating blow the Demi Saiyan had landed.

Its working, I can win!

Gohan watched as the strange Giant, as he had named it , fell to the ground, demolishing the house it fell into. Gohan watched as steam began to to rise from the Giants injured knee, and then he watched with horror that the knee he struck began to heal itself, forming back into shape, the bone that was jutting out from beneath the skin formed back into place, and the Giant stood up again, ready to face him.

This isn't good at all, I can't fight this thing forever, not if it can heal itself that fast

The battle then became one sided, The titan swinging and flailing, and Gohan dodging and weaving, escaping the Titans grasp for now.

However, somebody else was watching the battle take place from a nearby clock tower

Just how is he managing to out manoeuvre a titan without 3DMG?even with the use of the 3D movement gear, not many people could dance around a 10m class like that!


I am terrible at POV and trying to show what is happening, so bear with me whilst I struggle to get the hang of it.

Gohans strength level without being able to utilise his Ki was hard to get what I felt was right, but seeing as the planet Vegeta had 10x the gravity of earth, I believe that Saiyans are naturally considerably faster and stronger than humans, even without the use of Ki, such as Goku being bulletproof in the first scene of the Dragon ball anime, before it is known if he uses Ki or not.