The day after the Assault course

Commander Irvin stood in front of the new recruits, who all stood to attention. Gohan and Trunks stood either side of the commander, each holding a perfect salute, their right hands balled into a fist over their heats.

"Today is a special day in your training, for you are to be trained in the art of controlling your Ki." Irvin sternly addressed the recruits who all held somewhat confused faces.

"You have all seen Gohan and Trunks here in action yesterday" Irvin gestured to the saiyans behind him "You all witnessed their amazing abilities, and they are to teach you in their techniques to make you stronger warriors" Irvin then gestured for Gohan and Trunks to step forward and address the recruits.

"Some of you have already met me, but all of you have not met Trunks here" Gohan patted trunks on the back as he spoke "We will each be taking two pupils, both of who will be trained in the art of Ki control" Gohan looked at the recruits faces, they all seemed rather confused about the whole process, so he nodded to Trunks who moved forward to explain further.

"I will not lie to you, Controlling your Ki is not easy. Most of you are not suitable for us to teach, we already assessed your abilities yesterday, and we already have our eyes on a small number of you who showed extraordinary talent yesterday." Trunks looked at the group, but not at any of the trainees in particular. "To make our final decision on who we will be training, we will be holding trial fights"

All of the trainees gasped

"Trial Fights? What do they mean, are we going to have to fight each other?" Jean was the first to speak up

"I'm not fighting Mikasa" Connie spoke out, walking away from Mikasa slowly.

Eren's eyes glinted at the opportunity

If they teach me those techniques we saw yesterday, I can become stronger! Stronger than even you Mikasa! Eren's hard gaze looked over to the girl in his thoughts, who had her usual stoic expression on her face as she watched the man that called himself Gohan move forward once again.

"The trial fights will be one of you against me or Trunks, we will be assessing you, but you will be fighting with everything thing you have. You will be split into two groups, half and half. One half will get to show me their skills, whilst the other half will be facing off against Trunks, am I clear?"

A chorus of Yes could be heard from the recruits

"I hope I don't have to fight the purple haired one, he looks meaner." Sasha pointed out, noticing the scowl on Trunks face.

"I'm just glad I don't have to fight Miksasa" Connie smiled as he looked forward to the challenge.

"You and me both" Reiner said as he put his hand on Connie's shoulder.

"Up first to show me what they are made of is Eren Yeager!" Trunks called out, as everyone looked up in shock, Eren was first?

The night before

"Based on what the Commander and Captain have told me, Eren Yeagers titan abilities are not to be overlooked, they represent a unique possibility for humanity here." Gohan looked over at Trunks who was deep in thought

"His titan ability is impressive, but if he doesn't have the potential to harness his Ki, we can't train him" Trunks looked over at Gohan, whose eyes scrunched and then lit up as an idea hit him.

"The captain and me discussed his ability in more detail today, it appears that Eren retains his regenerative abilities even in his human form." Gohan smiled over toward Trunks, his idea now forming in the purpled haired saiyans mind too.

"So, we can push him much further than the others?" Trunks questioned Gohan, even though he knew he was correct

"Exactly." Gohan smiled. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.


"Come at me with everything you have." Trunks crossed his arms and stood in front of Eren, not bothering to make a fighting stance.

Eren charged at Trunks, his fists swinging in co-ordinated motions, using the techniques he had learnt in his training.

"Look at Eren go, he's so fast." Connie pointed out

"He hits hard too, I should know" Reiner commented as he watched Eren attempt to hit Trunks.

Trunks danced around Eren's strikes, catching an overhand right and pulling Eren closer to him, smirking in his face

"What are you waiting for? hit me"

Eren's face formed into a snarl as he attacked with increased ferocity

I have to prove myself! I have to be stronger, I won't let anybody else die because of my weakness, not any more, I will show him and everyone else, I will KILL ALL OF THE TITANS!

Gohan watched as Eren tried in vain to land a punch or kick on Trunk's moving form, which appeared almost blurred to the trainees watching.

His technique and speed are impressive, Trunks is even having to focus a little to avoid his attacks, and his motivation is incredible, he should be exhausted by now. Gohan took notes down on the notepad in front of him.

Pant...pant...pant... Eren moved backwards a little to catch his breath, and looked upwards to his opponent, who stood over him like a mountain, like a titan. I can't give up, I have to keep going, I have to learn to be stronger, I WILL FIGHT, I HAVE TOO!

"Raaaagghhhhhrrrrr" Eren screamed as he attacked again

Gohan's eyes shot open as he looked up Yes, he is doing it, he is pulling from his Ki to keep him going... it was activated by rage... Just like me.

Eren's attacks were incredibly fast to a normal person, but Trunks was anything but normal, and so he continued to dodge the multitude of strikes that were aimed at him, narrowly dodging a cross that had vicious intent.

"Wow... Eren sure has improved since the last time we saw him fight, huh" Armin looked on with surprise as his best friends fists moved faster than he thought possible

"He hasn't landed a single punch." Everyone turned to Mikasa, who was carefully watching as Eren flailed about, Trunks dancing around all of his attacks. "Eren can't keep this up" worry was evident in her voice as she looked on at Eren, who as slowing down again.

"Slowing down already Yeager? I would have thought you would have at least tried, but it seems that you lack the strength to face me" Trunks turned his back to Eren, who had fallen to his hands and knees.

I lack the strength? "The reason why you couldn't save your mother is because you lacked the strength" .NO, that was years ago, I am stronger now, I am faster, I WON'T LET ANYBODY ELSE DOWN EVER AGAIN!

Eren charged towards Trunk's back, and flew forwards, aiming to kick hard with his right, Trunks turned and was surprised at the speed of the attack, having to block instead of dodge.

Gohan looked up once again from his notes His Ki is weak, but his desire and his will, it is incredible, he even forced Trunks to block that attack instead of dodging it, amazing.


Time seemed to stop as Trunks landed a crushing blow into Eren's stomach.


Trunks followed up his first attack with a left hook to Eren's face, sending the smaller boy flying into the ground with a crash. Eren shakily got up, blood pouring from out of his nose, as he regained his balance, he broke out into a coughing fit, blood coming up from in his throat. Eren stumbled towards Trunks, getting himself into a shaky fighting stance.

Trunks moved forward and struck at Eren with faster less forceful strikes. Eren tried to block or avoid the attacks, but they were too fast, and his body became Trunk's punching bag.

"Eren!" Mikasa moved forward, only to be stopped by an iron grip on her right wrist.

"Let his show us what he can do." Gohan looked down at Mikasa, who struggled fruitlessly against his impossibly strong grip.

"No, he's hurting Eren!" Mikasa became desperate as she realised his grip was not weakening. She looked up to see Eren get hit with a knee to his face, bending his nose at a awkward angle.

"Ahhhhh" Eren screamed in agony as he fell backwards clutching his face.

"EREN!" Mikasa cried after seeing Eren fall to the ground, blood flowing from his nose, his mouth and a large cut under his left eye.

She was surprisingly strong, Gohan noted. Even he had to concentrate on holding her back from the ongoing beat down

I'm sorry I know how you feel. I felt the same way after seeing Videl get attacked at the world tournament I wanted to intervene too. But you can't for his sake, he needs to do this, to prove he has what it takes, you can't protect him from the world forever.

"I expected more from you Yeager, I'm disappointed" Trunks looked down at Erens still form.

"I'm... not... I'm... not .. finished yet." Eren shakily got up, his body weak, but his eyes held a fire that Trunks couldn't help but admire.

"Come at me then" Trunks dropped into a fighting stance, which shocked the trainees.

"Why has he dropped into a fighting stance now, he didn't just now when he was beating the hell out of Eren!" Jean shouted out whilst pointing at Trunks

"I hope Eren is ok." Krista said as she looked as Eren shakily moved towards Trunks

"If you ask me, he needed a good ass kicking." Ymir commented dryly whilst watching Eren advanced slowly.

"It's a sign of respect." Everyone turned to face Gohan, who was watching as Eren threw some sloppy punches at Trunks, who blocked and parried the strikes. "Trunks respects Erens will to fight, to not give up, he has shown incredible mental and physical strength to not only keep going, but to try and attack again."

Trunks dodged a slow hook from Eren, who then fell onto Trunks, finally slipping out of consciousness.

"He's done" Trunks stated towards Gohan, who released Mikasa from his grip.

Mikasa charged forward towards Eren, Armin following closely. Trunks placed Erens still form into Mikasa's arms, noting the look of hatred she gave him as he did so.

Gohan and Trunks walked away from the shocked group of trainees, as they discussed what had just happened.

"Eren Yeager has the ability to harness his Ki"Trunks said to Gohan when they were out of hearing range from everybody else.

"I noticed, what impressed me was his fighting spirit, he wouldn't give up even though the situation was hopeless."Gohan showed Trunks the notes he had taken down, and circled where he wrote about Erens ferocious attacking abilities.

"He was faster than I thought he would be, I was nearly caught off guard at first" Trunks smiled as he read through Gohan's detailed notes.

"When you were beating the hell out of Yeager, Ackerman tried to intervene" Gohan said as Trunks turned to look at him, his face contorted into a small smile "She was stronger than I would have thought too, and she was very upset with you." Gohan patted his friend on the back remembering the murderous look in Mikasa's eyes as she watched Eren get beaten relentlessly by Trunks.

"I suppose it is a good thing, when it is her turn to face me, she isn't going to hold back." Trunks smiled as he looked forward to seeing what she could do.

Mikasa carefully placed Eren into his bed as she grabbed the cloth that was on the table nearby, using it to clean his wounds. To her surprise they had already began to heal, probably because of his titan powers.

Mikasa ran her hands through his thick brown locks of her, she wouldn't dare do it if he was awake, he would probably get angry at her and ask her to stop treating him like a baby. It hurt her when Eren got angry with her, but she would rather have him angry than hurt or even worse, dead.

"Uggghhhhh" Eren murmured as he eyes fluttered open, the intesne pain rushes through him once again.

Mikasa quickly withdrew her hand from his head and leaned backwards in her chair as she studied Eren's face as he came to.


"Mikasa ..? ..what happened..?" Eren coughed as he struggled to speak.

"You lost consciousness, try not to speak Eren, you are hurt." Mikasa spoke, concern in her voice.

Eren's face filled with worry and despair

"I... lost... so I won't get the training... I failed?" Eren felt useless once again, he had failed yet again, he couldn't afford to fail. Tears began to fall down his face as he remembered those that had died due to his weakness, his failures.

"Are you crying Eren?" Mikasa was surprised to see Eren breakdown like this, she hadn't seen him crying for years, not since -

"I failed... I was too weak."Eren whispered, his voice full of defeat. It pained Mikasa to see him like this, it was so unlike him. Eren was always full of spirit and fire, and now he seemed like a husk of his usual self

"Fight Eren, you can't give up on yourself now, I haven't" Mikasa was unsure of her own words, they were in the Scouting Legion now, and their lives would forever be in danger, but she needed to say something, anything to get Eren back to his usual self.

"Really? But I couldn't even hit him..." Eren's face held confusion as he recounted the recent events.

" I saw those two fight at Trost, they were fighting titans using their fists." Mikasa's face remained blank as always, but inside she was still shocked as she remembered the events of that day, seeing somebody destroying a titan with nothing but their bare hands.

"For real? I had no idea what I was really up against then did I? I should have transformed" Eren let out a little laugh, then quickly winced in pain as his injuries caught up to him. "You should probably head outside again, you still need to complete your training, besides Captain Levi and special operations squad can keep and eye on me."

Mikasa's eyes darkened at the mentioning of Levi's name, she would get him and that Trunks back for what they did to Eren.

"But Eren I-"

"I will be fine Mikasa, besides Armin is going to need you out there anyway." Eren thought of his blonde haired friend who was probably worrying about him too. Mikasa got up and began to walk away, she didn't want to make Eren angry after seeing him in such as state

"See you later, Eren."