Tumblr Prompt: Chest Kiss

(in which Jet doesn't know Zuko aka Lee is a firebender)

How could the room be this hot? The sweat was expected, but even Jet had never broken this much sweat while having sex. It didn't make sense. It was as if steam had condensed onto every smooth surface and the warrior could've sworn he smelled smoke at one point - the kind of smoke that comes from burning damp wood. Unfortunately, he was too exhausted to question it any longer.

For the first time, it was Jet's head resting on Zuko's bare chest. The boy's tan fingers amused themselves by tracing abstract nothings along his lover's pale pectorals, which were slick with sweat. Of course, the teaboy didn't mind because he was sound asleep by then. Jet turned his head slightly until his lips made contact with Zuko's warm, familiar skin.