Just to be frank and not to be misleading, this is just an idea I had that made me inspired to write. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I will writing it. (Still unsure if I will actually make this a true work like my other three. Without further ado, I give you: "Zero's Familiar: Eyes of Death")

"Zero" – Regular Speech

'Zero' – Thoughts

"Zero" – Unknown Speech

"Zero" – Spell/Technique

In the nation of Tristain, northwest in the continent of Halkeginia, the Tristain Academy's finest second year students start off their year of schooling. There is one such aristocrat among them that is known as Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. A rather handful to spell out, let alone say, but such a name should be well known as a famous and powerful magician… In this case however, it is exactly the opposite. Everyone inside of the Tristain Academy knows of Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, this is to be sure; however it is not in the way that you would think. Instead of her arduously long name that she should be addressed as, she is actually known throughout the school as "Louse the Zero". She is the epitome of failure. Every spell she casts, it ends in failure. Every potion she makes, it explodes upon creation. Every alteration she tries to morph it disassembles completely. She has zero skill, zero control and above all else, zero patience.

[Louise's Room]

"Mmm…" The pink-haired 'heroine' of our tale muttered with a stretch of her arms as she tried to wake herself up. "What time is it…?" She asked to someone as if she was expecting a reply.

Picking up her pocket watch, she looked at the time and her eyes widened at how late it had gotten. She wasn't late, sure, but she was sure running out of time.

"Oh no, I'm going to be late!" She screamed to herself as if it would help the situation.

Jumping out of bed and using a bit of bare basic telekinetic magic; which by frankly was astonishing that it didn't go haywire as it was still hard for her to do. She quickly got dressed, donned her robes, grabbed her wand and dashed out the door and down the spiraling stairway to her first class.

Alchemy was a rather simple form of magic. It was a nature-like magic base that went from the bare basics of transmutations to formulating concoctions of great properties through the use of herbs and tonics. It was the first class on Louise's schedule. Little did she know what was to happen that day… would change her life forever.

"Hello there everyone, my name is Chevreuse. I am an earth-type magician who will be teaching you alchemy this year." The woman introduced herself as he picked up three stones that were lying on the chalkboard bar behind her.

"Now before we begin, who can tell me the five different pillars of magic?" The teacher asked as she noticed a few hands raise.

"Ah yes, you in the back… miss uh…" The teacher selected the red-haired female in the back who, by all the male standards, was probably the most attractive one in the entire class.

"My name is Kirche… Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst." The red-haired voluptuous woman stated with her chest puffed out as if she were proud of her image… actually it wasn't that far off from the mark. "And the answer to your question is simple. The five different types of magic are as follows: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and the unknown yet widely accepted Void magic."

"Correct. Well done miss Zerbst." The teacher praised her student as she sat down. "Every magician has an elemental type. Some have two, and some rarely-talented individuals even have three. I personally have yet to meet a person who can use four elements but there are the very few who are able, to some degree, use those four types of magic in combination with one another. This is where our lesson will continue." The teacher explained as she placed the stones on the table before her.

"Alchemy is a very basic form of magic. It can be used in everyday practice as long as you have a medium. Now, you see that these are very simple, very basic stones. Correct?" The teacher asked, and in a slight wave, all of the students started to nod. "Now, watch as I transmute these ordinary stones to something extraordinary." The woman said before pointing her wand at the stones.

"Transmutare" The woman said before the stones shook themselves and morphed to a shining gold.

"W-What? Is that real gold?!" Kirche rose from her seat as she saw the three shining stones.

"Nothing of the sort miss Kirche… this is just a simple transmutation to change the outer appearance of these stones… hardly nothing as complex as changing the finite DNA that makes up the rock." The teacher explained as she reverted them back to their original form with another flick of her wand.

"Now then, would anyone want to try out what I just did?" The purple-robed teacher asked as she looked around the room. Her eyes pinpointed suddenly upon a student who didn't look to be paying attention and decided to pick her to teach her a lesson. She had pink hair which fell just short of her chest. She was short in demeanor and looked more of a child than a teenager like most of the other students. Regardless, she chose this student to make her an example of the class.

"Ah yes, you there… Miss…" The teacher looked down at her notes to see the student roster. "Miss Louise de La Vallière." The teacher address the young lady with her shorter, easier to pronounce, name.

"Yes ma'am?" The girl replied back, noting that she was paying attention the entire time.

"Would you please come up here and demonstrate?" The teacher asked, not knowing what cogs of disaster she had set in motion.

"U-Uh Um! Teacher!" Kirche immediately jolted up at the suggestion of Louise using magic. "I-I wouldn't suggest that if I were you." She said with a worried tone.

"Whatever do you mean by that?" The teacher said, confused as per what she meant by that horrid statement of a fellow classmate. "What's wrong with me selecting a student to use magic?"

"Oh no, it's nothing wrong on your part… I doubt you've heard the stories as of late." Kerche said with a sweat-drop protruding down the back of her neck as she tried to remedy the situation.

"No, she's right teach. You wouldn't know immediately since you haven't had a class with her… but that's 'Louise the Zero'. She's the most untalented person who can't use magic." A student explained as he stood up. "In fact… I don't think she can cast anything without blowing it to smithereens." He continued as the rest of the class sank into a depression, remembering the past experiences that they had with her.

Now, usually it wouldn't be that bad to mess up a spell once or twice. Sure, all the students screwed up on a spell or casted it too strong or completely changed the outcome of what a spell should have been. Louise on the other hand had completely blown things out of proportion by… well, by blowing up the place. It was a very chaotic, unrefined magic that she couldn't control and would go wild every time she tried to cast it. Whether it was a simple telekinesis spell to a simple fire spell, a water spell or a manipulation of color to dust, it didn't matter what she did. Everything winded up the same: A large explosion that erased everything that it was directed to be cast upon.

"No!" The pink-haired magician stood up in defiance as she was being ridiculed. Not that she had any real rebuttal to defend herself with. "I… I can do it. I'll cast the transmutation spell." She said as she made her way down to the podium.

"O-Oh no…" Kirche and a few of the students said in unison as they all started to cower and take cover behind whatever they could in order to defend themselves from the inevitable doom.

"Well then, miss Vallière." The teacher motioned her to the pedestal as she took her spot to do the transmutation spell. "Please show us your ability to do the transmutation spell." She said as she took a few steps back to give her some room.

"Yes... my ability..." The fiery-eyed aristocrat said, slightly wavering in her confidence as she looked at the three pebbles.

'I… I'm going to do it. I'm not going to be a zero anymore. I refuse to be called a zero again!' she screamed inside her head as she flicked her wand down in a dramatic fashion and declared the simple incantation to cast the spell.

"Transmutare!" She said in a confident voice as she casted the spell.

As the spell sparks flew from her wand and impacted against the three rocks like the teacher's did, everything seemed to be going as planned. It was then that the rocks started to shake violently. Reacting just like they anticipated, all the students reclined back into their respective covers and awaited their inevitable doom as the rocks exploded into a fiery blast of destruction.

"I KNEW IT!" Kirche yelled into the fray as she was consumed by the explosion.

As the dust settled and everyone recovered from the expected blast, the teacher looked upon the young mage with utter shock. She never knew of a transmutation spell, the simplest trick of the earth magic, could be manipulated and changed into an explosive spell of no origin.

"W-Well… there's always next time…" The teacher said before falling over in a daze at what had happened.

As soon as the teacher keeled over and fell, the bell for the period shift rang and every student dusted themselves off before heading to their next class. Louise, with her head held low and down to the ground, could do nothing but wait until everyone was out so she could recompose herself before going out to her next class.

[Tristain Academy Courtyard]

The next period was from her history teacher, Colbert. Colbert was known for his simple magics as well as his vast knowledge of historical artifacts and everything odd that was known throughout their history as mages. If you wanted to know something about an artifact or just something of the past, he was the one to go to. He was also going to be the instructor to initiate the students into true mages as a mage always had a familiar at their side. For this ritual, they would need to be out in the garden so as to give an appropriate setting for any manner of beast that would show up.

"Now then, as many of you know from last year, my name is Colbert. I am your history teacher and will be your moderator in today's Familiar Summoning. Make no mistake, this summoning ritual goes back as far as mages like you and I have ever been known to exist. It is a holy ceremony which binds a contract between two souls. Your Familiar is like your other half. It is the part which you lack; it is the part of you that shall be with you for as long as you both live. May you cherish this bond and focus your resolve to the pacts you will be entering today." He explained in a dramatic tone as he lifted his staff and magically engraved a large summoning seal into the ground for the first student to initiate their Familiar summon.

"First, Kirche Zerbst." The instructor announced before the red-haired woman stepped up and commenced her summoning.

As the words of her summoning finished and her wand flicked at her command, the seal shined a bright light before a fiery inferno erupted from the center. It was a vast pillar of flame that echoed into the air before dispersing to reveal her familiar. As to be expected, it was a fire element familiar: A Salamander.

"Oh? Would you look at that? A Salamander… very befitting for a mage of your caliber, miss Zerbst." The instructor said before moving on to the next student.

This was just one of the many summons that impressed the entire class. As the students went one by one, commanding their familiar to answer their will and present themselves to them; a summon, each befitting each caliber of mage that summoned them, appeared before everyone's eyes. Some were big, some were small. Some had wings, other had none. Some lived in water while others dug in the ground, each befitting a certain attribute of the four main elements.

As all the students started to finish their summons, all of them were pleased with which they were given. Granted, some were a little shaken at what they had been granted but others were thrilled to death with what had appeared. One of them even happened to be a blue drake.

"Wow… way to go Tabitha, you summoned up a drake… as expected of someone from Gallia…" She praised the small mage as she mounted the large dragon-like creature. 'Now all that's left is Louise…' the fire mage dreaded to herself as she noticed that her little nuisance hadn't summoned yet.

"So? Is everyone finished?" The bald instructor asked as he looked amongst the crowd.

"No sir. Miss Vallière has yet to do her summoning." Kirche announced as all the students shook with fear as they heard the name.

"Oh no… you've got to be kidding me." One of the students murmured to their friend as they noticed the girl. "We're gonna get blown to smithereens man…" He added as he took a few steps back.

"Ah. Miss Vallière." Mr. Colbert said before redoing the summoning circle, awaiting the young girl to commence her summoning. "I wish you luck Miss Vallière." He noted at the end before taking a few steps back himself.

"I, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, command thee. Pillars of the Five Elemental Magics, heed my call and grant me the most powerful and majestic of all Familiars in all the land. Let it forever be known that I call forth the mightiest being to have ever walked this earth! Now, heed my call and show yourself to me!" The young pink-haired mage said to the summoning circle as a large surge of energy was sent forth from her wand and into the circle.

It all seemed that everything was going according to plan but as usual, Louise never ceased to amaze anyone. As the expected result once again occurred, a large explosion of fire and dust erupted into the area. It was soon dispersed however as Colbert was able to quickly react and disperse the dust and fire with a bit of wind magic so as none of the students would be damaged too badly. It was there in the middle of the summoning circle that the most unlikely of things had shown. It was a boy. A human boy had appeared where the Familiar should have been. He was roughly 5' 11" with a blue school uniform that covered his entire being. His shoes were regular black sneakers and in his right hand was a small rectangular object with an engraving at the bottom right of it. He was standing straight, eyes closed with his head sunken down slightly as if he was knocked out.

"I-Is that… A Plebian?" One of the students asked as he couldn't believe his eyes. "Haha! Wow I didn't think it could be done but Louise was able to actually do something that even we didn't expect!" He added as he started to bawl over laughing.

"Th-This has to be a mistake! There's no way this can be my Familiar!" Louise complained as she looked at the boy she had summoned up. "T-Teacher please let me resummon. This can't count, can it?!" Louise tried to appeal her case to the instructor as she knew this had to be some sort of joke.

"Oh no Miss Vallière. I know this may sound a little unfair but the rules are sacred. There is no way that this can be revoked. It's been known since long before you and I were born. Once you summon up a Familiar, no matter what the outcome, that is the one you are stuck with. He will be your Familiar as long as you and he are alive." He said as he crossed his arms. "Now, make the contract." He said, motioning her over to the boy who seemed to had woken up from all the commotion.

"W-What… what's going on…?" The boy asked as he looked around at the unfamiliar predicament he was in. "Gah!" He flinched as he noticed his glasses weren't on in place in front of his eyes. The lines of death pierced his skull as if he were getting hit repeatedly in the face with a small object. It wasn't something he could control rather; it was something he had to deal with for the rest of his life.

"B-But professor!" Louise protested.

"No buts… now, quit holding up the lesson and make the contract Miss Vallière." Colbert said, getting angry at her for her annoyance. Then again, he couldn't blame her. This was probably going to be her first kiss so it was to be expected that she wanted to keep it special for as long as possible. Regardless though, rules were rules.

"Wh-What the hell is going on?" he asked the nearest person to him. He didn't get a response though. Apparently wherever he was, they didn't speak Japanese. He wasn't sure if it was English they were speaking either since the dialect was different.

"Go on Louise. Be sure to give him a big one!" One of the students egged her on as she reluctantly yet surely kept stepping forward.

As she got closer and closer to the boy, her heart kept beating faster and faster. She felt her breath start to get sharper and shallower with each step and before she was only a few inches away from the boy, she couldn't help but notice that he was no older than her by a year maybe less.

"Y-Y-Y-You best be grateful for this… I, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière hereby enter this contract with you." She said before placing her lips upon his, thoroughly confusing him as to what exactly just happened.

"W-what the fuck are you doing?!" He retracted away from her as she laid a big one on him. It wasn't long though until the contract effects took place and their engravings started to pierce into his skin. His heart was racing, his eyes were shaky and before he knew it, he was on the ground with one knee.

With an excruciatingly painful amount of energy coursing through him, the glowing sensation started to show itself on both of his hands. His strength in his legs finally gave out and he fell backwards into an unconscious state, clutching the object in his hand as if his life depended on it.