Hi everyone!

Chibineptune here and no, SORRY, I'm not here with a new story – actually I am but not here on fanfiction but on Wattpad because it is an ORIGINAL story that I have written.

I hope you will read, review and love this one because these are my original characters, original story and everything is originally here.

It would mean so much if you would read it and leave a review.

The address is : www. wattpad 22933889-forbidden-love#.UgbeXawzX3E

So please read and review. It will be several chapters long and filled with drama, you know me :)

The drama queen but there will be romance and sexu, yup it's me :)

I hope you will love it.

Now to a more important part.

I want to thank EVERYONE who has left a review for my stories. When I see reviews, a smile appears on my face and I feel so happy :)

Your reviews make me so happy. I get mostly great ones but sometimes I get a few bad ones and most of them are mad that I made the characters gay, like the koopalings or they get mad because I made Bowser gay and an incestious father but really people, IT'S FICTION.

That's what's GREAT with this, you can write anything and it's OK. It's my fantasy and my story, I have written a warning, if you don't like it, don't read, simple as that.

One girl wrote to me, upset, she had read a Bowser/Ludwig story. She said *What if a child like me read it? You shouldn't post it here!" Umm, I gave you a warning and it's M-rated, don't like it, don't read – SIMPLE.

But but but, you who review so nicely THANK YOU AND LOT AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE LOVE!

Chibineptune love you guys with all her heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for reading my original story (At least I hope you will) and thank you for leaving reviews (PLEASE :P )

Thank you and good bye loves.

Chibineptune xxx.