Autumn Leaving

Q & A Session

Concerning Autumn Leaving

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for this story?

A: *chuckles* Well, I get inspiration from a lot of things. For this story it was from a jumbling of all the religion classes I had ever take. Originally, I was a Religion minor. It has since changed, but I still remember a lot from my classes. The idea for reincarnation and soul mates and life experiences came from those classes and my own beliefs. It was also inspired by "A Christmas Carol". The story where Scrooge is visited by three ghosts. (Quatre, Zechs, and Dorothy) Funny, isn't it?

Q: What does the title mean? How did you think of it?

A: The title is reference to a scene in the Chapter Six between Heero and Relena. The actual name came to me from an Enya song. I'm a sucker for New Age. ^_~

Concerning Chapter One

Q: Whoa, so confused. Why is this set so far in the future?

A: *ahem* This fic is set in 322 AD. Because of this fact, Heero and Relena and the gang are no longer alive. The world is a peaceful place, guarded by the Preventers. MS's are a thing of the long ago past and the story revolves around a character named "Adin" who is unhappy in his life but doesn't know why. He also has an obsession with the old Peacecraft Mansion.

Q: What does "soul weeping" mean?

A: Ah ha. That is just a term I made up for the condition of Adin's heart. He's lonely and wakes up with dried tears on his face. He is so completely unhappy and yet cannot find the reason for his unhappiness. His soul wishes for something else, a different life. That is soul weeping.

Q: Wait! What happened to Adin at the end? Is he dead?

A: *sweatdrop* No, he's not dead. He was involved in a terrible car accident that left him unconscious. After this moment, the rest of the story takes place inside his mind, except of course for the last chapter, when he awakens.

Concerning Chapter Two

Q: Okay, is Adin really Heero?

A: I might as well answer this question right here. Yes, Adin is Heero, but not completely. Adin was born with Heero's soul but he is not really Heero. He doesn't have all of Heero's mannerisms. For instance, he shows more of a temper. Of course, as the story goes on, we do see Adin become more Heero-like as he remembers things about his past.

Q: Is Relena dead?

A: Yes, very much so. After all, she be over 200 years old if she were still alive. Her soul was not reborn as Heero's was, so she is left in the realm between life and death, awaiting her next life for reason that will soon become clear.

Concerning Chapter Three

Q: What does Quatre mean when he says, "This isn't your time"?

A: Simply put, it isn't Adin's time. In this world, Adin show not be in the realm of ghosts unless he's dead, which he's not. He's only halfway there as he is unconscious. This is why he can't remember anything yet.

Q: "Quatre paused and pain flashed briefly across his face." What does this sentence refer to?

A: Nice catch. For future reference, there are lots of little hints that I drop in the story about things Adin notices but never resolves. This is one of them. The pain I was referring to is the pain of separation. Some souls are always meant to be reborn together. Not necessarily as soul mates, but simply as souls that are very close, like best friends. So, you could interpret this as Quatre's sorrow at being separated from everyone else, like Trowa, Duo, etc.

Q: When the whirlwind of petals begins and Adin can't hear what Quatre's saying, what did Quatre actually say?

A: That's for me to know and you to ponder. Hey, some things have to be left a mystery or it wouldn't be any fun!

Q: What does Zechs mean when he says, "You're only half here."

A: This is when Adin notices that Zechs can stand on the water and Adin can't. This is because Adin isn't dead yet. The water comes up to his knees because he's only half there.

Q: Why does Zechs want to fight Adin?

A: Zechs' hopes that it will bring out Heero. After all, Adin doesn't know how to sword fight, there was never any need for him to learn, but Heero does. Zechs wants Adin to regain his memories, for Relena's sake.

Q: Who is the "she" that Zechs mentions at the end of the chapter?

A: Yay, you caught another reference! Give yourself a cookie! The "she' Zechs was thinking of was, of course, Noin, who was reborn while he was not. This is another reason he wants Adin to remember since he knows what Relena is going through by being separated from her soul mate.

Concerning Chapter Four

Author's Commentary: Just so everyone knows, this chapter was my personal favorite. Probably because it has Zechs in it and I left everyone with a cliffhanger that rocked. *grin*

Q: What's with the sword?

A: *blushes* Okay, I have a confession. I have a thing about pretty men wielding cool swords. I honestly don't know what it is. Heero creating a sword out of thin air just seemed like something he would be able to do, especially in the realm of the dead. Come on, you know you liked it.

Q: Why does Zechs hit Heero on the both shoulders with the flat of his sword?

A: Zechs does this to keep Heero from slipping back into Adin. He wants him to focus and to remember.

Q: Why does Zechs stab Heero before he can choose to stay or to go back?

A: Because, in that moment, Adin was still a strong force. He would have chosen to go back while Heero would want to stay. Who knows what might have happened then so Zechs, thinking of Relena, stabbed him to keep him there. Way to go, Zechsy-poo!

Concerning Chapter Five

Q: How does Dorothy know what Heero's suppose to learn and he doesn't?

A: One of the things I try to portray Dorothy as is sly. She's catty and she keeps secrets. This just happened to be one of them.

Q: What's the significance of the glowing ring of mushrooms?

A: It's called a Fairy Ring. If you want to know more, go do some research. It's very interesting and it'll give you something to do. :D

Concerning Chapter Six

Q: Why does the world fall apart as Heero gets closer to Relena?

A: Heero isn't supposed to be with Relena, remember? He isn't dead and she is. That messes up the whole point of him being alive and learning something. I guess you can say, it defies fate.

Q: What's with the medical speech in italics? What does it all mean?

A: You have to remember that Adin is unconscious back in the real world, the result of an accident. While his mind is off frolicking in wonderland, a medical staff has been trying to bring him back to life. At the end of the chapter, he's starting to go back and that's why he can hear the doctor's voices.

Concerning Chapter Seven

Q: Is Dr. Crawford really Sally Po?

A: Yes! She was reborn the same as Heero. Isn't it lucky she saved him? Tee hee.

Q: Whoa! Lydia is Sylvia Noventa?

A: I know, killer isn't it? But actually, I tried to make that fairly obvious in the first chapter when it talks about her background. Go back and read and you'll see it.

Q: Who is the orderly? Is it Duo? Is that why he knows Heero?

A: Of course! And unlike the others, Duo was reborn with the memories of his past lives. That is why he recognized Adin for who he truly was. My reason for slipping him in was to make sure everyone knew that Adin really was going to be all right.

Q. Okay, Berry. I want to know what happens! How does it end?

A. Happily ever after, of course!

*Berry gets pelted by tomatoes*


Q: Now that you are done with this, what is your next GW project?

A: Well, my next Gundam Wing fic will probably be "Crescendo", a lemon/lime I'm working on for the fic contest over at Blissful Ignorance. ( After that, I'm working on a compilation fic that will be written by KMF, Iris Anthe, (go read their stuff!) and myself. We haven't decided what it's going to be about yet. We're leaning towards a rendition of a fairytale or legend but who knows what it might end up as. But, rest assured, it will be a 1xR. ^_^

Q: Will there be a sequel to this?

A: Dear Mother of Pearl, no! Sequels are highly overrated, at least my sequels are.

Thanks for reading guys! I love you all and I'll see you next time!

Many Happy Readings!