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Chapter 13 - Is This Goodbye?

Clove POV

Today's the day. I pack the rest of my clothes into a purple suitcase. I zipped it shut and pulled it to the door. I looked back into my room. It was exactly how it was before I moved in and unpacked all my stuff. I pulled my suitcase out and shut the door. Both Isabelle and Desiree have new places they are moving into and Cato and Marvel are taking the rooms Isabelle and I are moving out of. They both are paying rent with Jett. I couldn't stop my racing mind. Cato was standing at the top of the stairs. He took my suitcase and took it out front. There was a limo here to take me to my music college. Cato set the final suitcase in the trunk. I leaned against the door and took a deep breath. Is this really it? I guess I'm leaving. I feel my eyes watering up. I quickly wrap my arms around Foxface.

"I'm going to miss you Foxface," I whispered to her.

"I'll miss you too. Just please don't cry. You're going to make me cry," she sighed.

I pulled away. Desiree's eyes looked moister than usual. She looked ready to cry.

"And you better not cry until I'm gone. I don't want to start crying until I'm gone," I smiled.

I looked at Marvel. I hugged him too.

"Mr. Crazy, stay insane but just remember one thing. I can still come here and kill you if you break Desiree's heart. Treat her right but don't stop being you. Just be warned Marvel. I'll miss you crazy," I said lightly smacking the back of his head while I pulled away.

I turned at Isabelle. I ran at her and we embraced tighter than we ever have.

"Belle. Let's talk. Being separated from you for school was really hard. But being with you has been amazing. Believe you being apart will such. I better hear from you everyday or at least every other day. I'll miss you, Belly Flop," I sighed

"Even though I don't want to have to explain the nickname, and I know everyone will ask about it after you leave, but I'll be too busy missing you to care. I better hear from you and you better not forget me when you're famous," she said pushing on the tip of my nose.

I slapped her hand away before looking at Cato. I ran at him and launched into him arms. He caught me and tipped me so her was holding me by my waist and my legs. I sat up and looked at him.

"You, my dear, are not breaking up with me. We should try a long distance relationship. I'm really going to miss you. I love you. Don't forget me and I won't forget you. Got it?" I said looking Cato in the eye.

"I won't forget you. I better hear from you. Love you and I'll miss you," he said kissing me.

He set me down. I looked at my brother I could feel myself already crying before I got into my brother's arms.

"Jett, Jett, Jettison. You are almost literally half of me. I will miss you most of all. You better text me and call me. I love you and I'm really going to miss you. You're a big part of my world. Stay in touch," I said crying onto my brother's shoulder.

"Clover, stop crying, you're tougher than this. I am really going to miss you. Just remember not to forget any of us when you're famous," he said to me.

I smiled and slapped my brother. I looked at the limo. It was time to go. I hugged everyone one more time. I kissed Cato square on the lips. I walked to the limo. I looked at everyone one more time before I got in the limo. I sat inside and the driver shut the door. I played with my charm bracelet. I now had addition charms from everyone from my former crew. The bracelet was so full. I even had a sibling charm with my brother. I think everyone else had their charm on like a necklace or like a key chain. I stood up and looked out the sunroof. I wove and everyone wove back. I sat back down. I started humming to the song playing on the radio. I was making my dream come true. This was amazing. Yet it was sad. Everything will change.

Everything is different.

I couldn't smile bigger at my opportunity.

But I will miss everyone until Jett throws the big school reunion.

Everything is perfect even though I'll miss everyone.


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