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Summary: What if instead of John, Amy had twin boys, John and Jacob. Following the events of Amy deciding to head off to college in New York, Amy takes one of the boys with her, and leaves the other with Ricky.

Seven Years after the events following Secret Life.

A small group of girls were huddles around crying as Ms. Dove tried to separate them.

"Promise, you'll call me, at least five times a day" One of them promised. Next to them, a few other kids were saying goodbye, but less touchy feely.

It was not only a sad day for Camp Magner but also the last one. After today there would be no more campfires, no more s'mores, nature hikes, and Junior Counselor Freddie's famous horror stories.

Jacob Juergens shook his head, as he glanced down at the suitcase in front of him. "I'm not so sure. What happens if mom asks you to play something? I'm a musical prodigy, and you're, well, you."

John Underwood rolled his eyes.

"Eh, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Oh, you'll need this." He reached down into his bag and pulled out his baseball cap, and placed it on Jacob's head.

"Now remember you have practice three times a week, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, on the second field. First is for softball. You're number is 7, and you're favorite ice cream is strawberry"

"But I hate strawberry"

"You're not being you, you're being me, and I like strawberry ice cream" John said.

Ms. Dove checked her list, and turned over to face the boys. "John Underwood, I repeat, John Underwood"

John handed Jacob his back. "That's you're ride, I'll get in contact as soon as I can" Jacob nodded his head, as he headed over towards Ms. Dove.

*New York*

Amy Jeurgens glanced at her watch, as she was sitting in the airport. His plane was supposed to have landed an hour ago, what was taking so long? She began to fidget with her purse before the overhead announced that his flight had in fact landed.

She jumped up from her seat, and immediately started to search for him.

John Underwood took in a deep breath as he left the plane. This had to work. Of all the ridiculous schemes he had ever concocted it had to work.

He looked up and saw her from across the room. He had seen photos of her, but they were from her high school days, in most of them she looked worn out. She hadn't changed so drastically that he couldn't recognize her, but still, she had changed.

"Jake!" She exclaimed, running up to hug him. She ruffled up his chestnut hair. "How was camp? Did I send you enough bug spray? I hope the campfire stories didn't scare you too well."

John shook his head. "No, mom. It was fun. I had fun at camp."

Amy laughed, taking his backpack off of his shoulders. "That's great. Come on, Everyone's dying to see you."

"Everyone?" John tensed up. "Who's Everyone?"

Amy glanced down at him. "Everyone. You know Martha, Dylan, Chase, Tyler, Daniella, Mr. Dean. You know."

John laughed. "Right, I'm a bit jet lagged" He muttered. He had no idea what jet lagged even meant.

The taxi ride to the house wasn't long, in fact, John loved it. His first taxi cab ride ever! The ten year old laugh the whole way through. Once they got inside the house, Amy opened the door to reveal a dark room.

The lights quickly turned on and a bunch of people jumped out yelling "Welcome Home Jake"

John faked a smile, setting his backpack down next to the wall. "I don't know what to say" He looked over at the kids around his age in the room. They reminded him of nerds back at his school. "I really don't know what to say"

Amy laughed, leading him over into the kitchen. "We're just glad that you made it safe and sound." A large cake was on the table, making John's mouth water.

"Is it chocolate?" He asked. Amy raised an eye brow.

"No, Jake, its vanilla, like always." She answered, watching as her son looked a bit disappointed. "I thought you said you didn't like chocolate, Jake"

"Well" John said, suddenly finding his shoes a bit more interesting. "I like it now. They only had chocolate at camp, and I tried it." She seemed to have bought it. "But Vanilla's fine, mom. I love vanilla" He lied convincingly, heading over to get a slice.

On the other side of the country, Jake Jeurgens thought he was going to be sick. The kid was vegetarian, and walking through a butcher shop was like going through a haunted house. He did his best not to act squeamish in front of his dad.

Jake couldn't help but a feel a little bit giddy. His whole life he had been the kid who didn't have a dad or the kid whose mom took him to every scout meeting. It felt good to finally have a dad.

Ricky led them into the small apartment.

"So, John, how about after dinner, we head over to the batting cages." Ricky suggested as he brought his suitcase into the room. Jake said yes, even though every part of him wanted to scream no.

Jake glanced over at the photos on the wall. A boy, ten years of age, swinging a baseball bat in each photo. In each photo the kid looked like him, but it wasn't him.

He gulped. He had told John numerous times throughout camp that his idea was holed, ridiculous and for lack of better words, just plain stupid. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He headed off to John's room, and looked down at the text message.

How's it going so far?

Dad's making me go to the batting cages.

Sounds fun!

But I'm scared of bats.


That's even worse; you know I can't hit the ball.

I hear mom coming, I'll message you later, bye!

Jake placed the phone down on the desk in the room. This was definitely a bad idea.