Summary: Matsumoto kept crying and apologising, saying it was an accident. But to Gin, it was the most beautiful miracle in the world.

Hi. I got this idea when my friend knocked all my recently borrowed Bleach books of my desk and kept saying "Sorry, sorry, it was an accident" I kept saying "no its fine. It's ok" and bam! This idea hit me. Maybe cause Gin was on the cover.

I'm not neglecting And it was all Matsumoto's fault though no one really cares do the?

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Rangiku wasn't in the shack when he came home. Nor was she out the back in the old cherry blossom (or sakura) tree. She didn't turn up that night and she wasn't there in the morning when he woke. Needless to say, Gin was very worried. Very worried indeed.

He considered finding some shinigami and asking them to search for Ran's spiritual pressure but they wouldn't know what it felt like. He couldn't search for the pressure either. All Gin could do was sense spiritual pressure and only if it were very near. Rangiku's pressure was no where in his senses.

So Gin waited for her

He waited for a month

He waited for 3 months

He waited for 5 months

He waited for 9 months

And the she was there

Gin ran up to hug her, to tell her how much he'd missed her when he noticed the tears running down her cheeks freezing in the December air. She held a bundle very carefully but also like she wasn't really aware that she was holding it.

"What's that Ran?" Gin asked.

Matsumoto just stared. Gin bet that if she wasn't holding the bundle, her hands would have been hanging lifelessly at her sides.

And then the bundle moved and started to cry? It was crying. The bundle was crying. It was a baby! Matsumoto was holding a baby.

"Who's" Gin whispered.

"Mine" Rangiku whispered back. "Ours"


They sat in the shack, Gin cradling the baby whilst Matsumoto kept crying and apologizing, saying it was an accident. But to Gin, it was the most beautiful miracle in the world.

Said miracle already had a flop of spiky, yet soft white hair. It had beautiful turquoise eyes that blinked back at Gin, understanding already visile there. It had unnaturally pale skin that seemed to suit it. It was a miracle right there in Gin's hands. And it was his. His and Ran's.

"I don't want to keep him" Rangiku suddenly spoke up.

Gin snapped his head around to face her, the baby protesting as he did so.

"What do you mean?" he asked, yet he new what she meant. He just didn't wan it to register. He didn't want it to happen.

"I can't keep it. I can't handle it. I won't handle it"

And then Rangiku was crying and the baby was crying and Gin was just sitting there, hoping that she was lying.

Please be lying…

"Ran don't" Gin whispered 'Don't give up on our son. Don't give him up"

"I never wanted him" Matsumoto spat, her sobs stopping for a moment before starting up again.

Gin flinched as though the harsh words had made contact with his skin, buried themselves into him and travelled to his heart.

"I want him" Gin whispered, his voice oddly humour free. "He's a miracle. Our miracle"

"Then make him your miracle" Matsumoto whispered.

Gin got up. He would leave Matsumoto everything. He would go t his mum. He would leave all for the sake of the miracle in his hands.

"I hope one day Ran, that you can see him as the miracle he is" Gin whispered. 'I hope you can smile at him and love him no mater how he sees you"

"Gin what?" Rangiku looked up. 'Why does it sound like your saying goodbye?"

"I can't leave him alone wit no parent to care for him. I won't"

I was breaking Gin's heart t lave the woman he loved but he wouldn't let his son suffer. He couldn't let his son suffer.

"Gin no" Matsumoto whispered. They were doing a lot of that today. "Please Gin NO!"

"Sorry Ran" Gin left and the pair of shoes that sat at the door became one.


Gin knew he couldn't stay with his other for long. Aizen was becoming impatient, wanting to know where he spent his spare time curious to know his outside life. But one look at his little miracle toddling around, white hair sticking up, turquoise eyes sparkling was enough to destroy Gin's built up walls.

"I can care for him if you have to leave" His mum had said with a sly look as if she had known what was going on.

"Yeah I know" Gin had muttered, looking over at his son who was playing with a wooden sword. Gin had made it. He didn't want his miracle playing with Shinso.

It hurt to look over at his precious son and realise that soon he would have to g. It hurt more then leaving Ran, then having to kill people. It hurt like death was holding onto him, reluctant t let go.

"Dada" His son came running over. Already 2, already running, no sign of stumbling. Where was time going? How soon would the time come to go?

"Yeah?" Gin asked, not having the force a smile despite his thoughts. His miracle always brought a smile to his face.

"Look dada" Hi son held up his hands. "Red flame canon"

Gin just smiled. His son was a prodigy, no doubt and as a small flame appeared in his hands Gin knew. He knew it was time to go. Aizen would not touch his son. He had to make sure of it.

"Hey my little miracle" Gin called. His son looked up, a smile lighting his face that Gin would not see for a long time.

"Yeah dada?" His son asked.

"I'm gonna be gone for a while. Will you look after Granny for me?"

"Gone?" His son echoed, face twisting into a frown as he tried to work out what that word meant, what his father was saying.

By the time he worked it out, Gin was at the gate, nearly gone.

"Wait dada wait!" His miracle yelled as Gin opened the gate. "Don't go!"

Gin held back his tears. His son knew he wouldn't be coming back.

I'm not Gin Hitsugaya anymore, I'm Gin Ichimaru

"Wait dadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

"Bye Toshiro…


"But I rather like seeing ice at this time of year" Aizen finished.

Gin ignored him. His son, his precious son was on the ground dying.


"But I wonder Gin, why are you looking at him like that?"

His blood, it's everywhere, why?

"Is that fear on your face?"

No, no, no, no, no

"Gin are you listening?"


"I thought I might find you here Captain Aizen"

Unohana! She can save him. Save my son please

Gin looked over at his son who was unable to move and the his face moved


His precious son, his miracle smiled and whispered soft words

"I forgive you"

Toshiro you can't, you shouldn't, YOU CAN'T

Toshiro's eyes closed and his face went slack


The were going, he was being torn from Toshiro

"I must do all I can to save the lives…..

Thank you, thank you

"Gin are you listening?"

My son, my miracle, will he live?


"Kill her Gin" Aizen held up Rukia's body and for a second it swam, transformed into a white haired, bad tempered prodigy who was also a miracle. His miracle.


"Shoot to kill Shinso" Gin couldn't believe he was saying these words. Why was he saying them?

And then they were surrounded, Matsumoto behind him, sword at neck.

"Where is Toshiro, what happened?"

"Unohana is there. She's going to save him"

"Gin you baka. You complete and utter teme"


"Do you still think he's an accident?"

A pause, why did she pause?


"I'm Sorry"


Bye Toshiro….

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