The End

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Bold= Zanpakuto speech

Italics= People thinking

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Toshiro walked briskly along the path, his hands holding bundles of paperwork and his haori blowing in the wind. It was cold day by standards but to Toshiro, it was fine, not hot but not cold.

Toshiro had one goal in mind; deliver the paperwork in time for a few hours off. Normally, he wouldn't have been in such a hurry but he had plans, plans that required a lot of free time. He had already confided with his third seat in leaving her in charge whilst he was gone and he had finished all his paperwork. He just needed to drop his work into the head Taicho.

"You're in a hurry Shiro-Chan." Ukitake passed the small Taicho and paused to comment on Toshiro's hasty stride.

"I have plans." Toshiro explained, choosing to ignore the name Ukitake had called him.

Does this mean you'll allow me to call you Shiro-Chan?

Don't even go there Hyourinmaru

Why not?

Why can't I call you Mr Fluffy Icicle?

Because there is no way in hell you'd allow yourself to be seen calling me that name

Fair point

Toshiro pulled himself away from the conversation to see that Ukitake had walked away. The boy merely shrugged, he didn't have time to chat after all.


Gin sighed as he waited by the giant gate he had first met the Ryoka at. Matsumoto paced back and forth, her long hair fanning out and pink scarf fluttering in the breeze.

"He's late isn't he?" She insisted.

"We didn't really set a time Ran Chan." Gin remarked.

"Well I would have thought he'd be here by now, this is important after all." Matsumoto said huffily, slowing her pacing and folding her arms.

"Well if ya were paying any attention, you'd have noticed that he's on his way now." Gin pointed out, his wide smile widening if that was possible.

I don't think it is

Shut it Shinso

Why should I?

Because I asked you to

I don't take orders from you

Actually you kinda do

Stop it

I mean, I am your master

Seriously, shut up

"Gin, Matsumoto," A young voice called. "Sorry I'm late."

"It's ok Toshiro," Matsumoto waved. "We didn't mind."

Gin coughed loudly and shot his eyes rapidly towards Rangiku. Toshiro rolled his eyes and adjusted Hyourinmaru on his back.

"Can we just get going already?"

"Hey don't talk to your parents like that." Matsumoto scolded.

Toshiro rolled his eyes again and strode towards the gate, ignoring what she said.

The relationship between the 3 had strengthened but things were still awkward. Toshiro was still Matsumoto's captain and the boy was reluctant to officially start calling the two, mum and dad. It was also awkward in captains meetings when Toshiro and Gin stood there, glaring at each other as they argued their cases and why they were right.

The 3 walked through the gate, Toshiro waving at Jibando. The walk was hard, their destination a long way away but for some reason, all 3 were reluctant to initiate shunpo. Toshiro kept glancing nervously at the adults walking stonily beside him, annoyed by the silence between his parents.

Finally the young Taicho couldn't take it anymore.

"Would one of you just say something?" He burst out, regretting the words that fell from his lips the moment he said them.

Both turned in on swift synchronised movement, the looks on their faces identical.

"Excuse me?" Matsumoto said indignantly.

"What do ya even mean Toshi?" Gin said curiously.

"The silence," Toshiro muttered, kicking a pebble awkwardly and looking away from his parents. "I don't like it."

Gin burst out laughing but was frozen by a glare from Matsumoto.

"I mean you guys hardly speak even though you both tell me that you love the other one whenever we're alone." Toshiro found that everything was just pouring out. "And I knew from the beginning that this relationship, this thing between the 3 of us was going to be hard but you could try to contribute you realise. I mean I organised this dinner and every other dinner we've been to. I try to find times where we can have family outings, I play messenger, and I listen to you when you pour out your problems. WILL YOU JUST THINK ABOUT ME FOR ONCE?!" Toshiro screamed the last sentence, his desperation to be noticed making him angry.

I'm right here…look at me

"Taicho," Matsumoto whispered. "Is that; is that how you really feel?"

"Yeah," Toshiro said bitterly. "It's been that way for a long time, ever since I've been out of the fourth division."

"Toshi," Gin began. "Why didn't ya tell us ya baka?"

Toshiro just stared, confusion swarming in his eyes.

"What?" He finally said.

"Well when ya first began ta fell this way, why didn't ya come right out and tell Ran Chan and me. I mean it was awkward between the two of us but for ya, we would have made it work."

"But that's just it," Toshiro cried. "I don't want to force the two of you into a relationship that you can't deal with just for my sake! I don't want to be that kind of, of kid!"

He had never stopped loving Rangiku Matsumoto

Gin stared at his child who was right now, looking thoroughly distraught and also annoyed. He had said that he loved Matsumoto and he did so why was it so awkward between the two?

Why can't we go back to the way it was before?

Because this is a new life, this isn't the life you used to have

Shinso for once you're actually making sense

I try

Well then is there a switch where you're permanently on 'try' because you're usually terrible at giving advice

Hey I resent you

I've heard that before, it's not going to make me cry today

I wasn't aiming to make you cry

Then what were you doing?

Shut up

"Listen Taicho," Matsumoto was saying. "I, I-"

"Wait Ran Chan," Gin broke in. "I am probably going ta sound out of context right now but I know why things are different, awkward now. It's because we're trying too hard to re-build a life long gone. We're trying to recreate something that we can never reach again and we're trying so hard that we can't even see what we're trying to achieve anymore. We're putting pressure on ourselves and even more importantly, we're putting pressure on Toshi. We need a new goal, this is a new life and we don't need to have our old life back to be happy. We can create something just as amazing if not more amazing with what's right in front of us."

"You're right," Matsumoto said. "That does sound out of context." But then she smiled. "But right now, I don't even care."

And Gin turned to Toshiro, his narrowed eyes hopeful behind the lids they hid behind.

"You're right," Was all Toshiro said.

But coming from the son he had betrayed on numerous occasions, it was an 'I love you' to Gin.

"Now come on," Toshiro muttered. "We're going to be late for dinner at Granny's. Mom will be there by now and the dinner will easily be ready."

And the boy reached his hands out to grasp at his parents side and the 3 walked off, for once just happy to be together, looking forward for a new life together.

Are you even going to tell them that your giant inspirational speech was my idea?


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"Hey Gin," Toshiro said as the family walked home from dinner. "That giant speech you made, it was Shinso's idea wasn't it."