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The horn sounded and the Alphas crashed through the brush along the forest's edge, tearing new paths into the greenery.

A mile away, with his five-minute head start, Sherlock cocked an ear toward the noise. He heard at once in the uneven running how frenzied they were in their desire to hunt the Omega. Her scent lingered in the air and drew them westward. Despite the competition, they formed a pack as they sniffed out the trail; they would turn on each other without guilt and brawl as they neared the source of the mouth-watering aroma.

Sherlock climbed a tall oak and hovered on a branch, letting his preternatural gaze confirm what his ears told him. In the distance, the moon rose and showed him the others searching for the prize.

Molly. He pictured her in the forest- was she still running, her breasts heaving, or was she holed up hiding, half-hoping some Alpha would drag her out and claim her?

High on his perch, Sherlock smirked, his eyes glittering like ice in the moonlight.


The lush, wild scent of her sex might be leading the pack of Alpha vampires further west into the night, but the woman herself was nowhere near them.

In presenting him with the symbolic ring, Molly had unintentionally given Sherlock a much more useful gift: petals soaked with her rich scent, her Omega hormones saturating the flowers in the long hours she suffered weaving them into a wreath.

Your favor was more useful than you ever planned.

He envisioned the Omega aching as she lay in her chambers, small fingers intertwining roses and lilacs. Her body growing riper and more ready to be bred by him as the hours passed, laboring over the buds. The potency of her scent on the wreath was incredible, utterly intoxicating. Had she stroked herself, trying to ease the ache of her heat while she waited or had they forced her to abstain until the moon rose, in the manner of some northern clans' rituals?

He shook his head, clearing the vision of her writhing on her bed from his brain. He couldn't afford to lose focus before she was his. Moriarty was still out there, among the pack.

After Molly dove into the woods, Sherlock waited, inhaling her fragrance with a new plan taking shape in his mind. The dark-eyed man glowered at him, all pretense at civility cast aside.

"Well, that just won't do." His rival's eyes flared, the blackness glowing nearly red. "Still, it is a relief that my mate isn't a complete fool. Charming gambit, that wreath. But the stubborn streak…breeding and my bite will take care of it." Moriarty grinned cheerfully. Alpha power flowed from him, and the men around them stumbled back.

Sherlock shrugged and glanced around at the scenery as though the show of dominance had gone unnoticed.

Posturing displays. Will there be a comparison of genital size next?

He decided it was best to keep that thought to himself. He affected an expression of utter boredom, even as the nearness of the crucial moment drew.

The time seemed to crawl, and the crowd shifted around the Alphas restlessly. Betting took place, with Moriarty the clear favorite among the contenders. Sherlock had potential, they agreed, but he was young and not hungry enough, even with the advantage the woman had given him.

Twenty-five minutes after Molly ran, Marisa gestured to Sherlock. The Alphas crowded around him, but the leader waved them back.

Molly's mother met Sherlock's impatient stare straight on. Her honey-brown eyes were steely hard as they darted to Moriarty and back to Sherlock with urgency. The message was clear.

Win her. Help her save the clans.

Sherlock nodded.


Marisa nodded, and stepped back. "Now."

He stifled the urge to chase down his woman immediately knowing that Moriarty had a strong chance of catching up to Molly. A vampire who had been plotting as long as the other Alpha had been would've scouted out the forest paths and planned for the hunt; Sherlock had to be smarter. A direct path was foolishness; he needed a diversion.

And Molly, lovely subtle cunning Molly provided one.

He found her trail in the woods, her small feet leaving clear prints in the moist soil- and then he headed in the opposite direction.

Sherlock was a pale streak through the trees, yanking the petals from the wreath as he ran. He tossed them over his shoulder with a shred of regret. He would've enjoying returning the wreath to her, settling the flowers around her throat before he sank his cock and teeth into her. Compare the pink of the rose buds to the flush across her bouncing breasts when he fucked her until she sobbed for him.

Instead, he scattered the blossoms into the undergrowth along the trees so the deception wouldn't be obvious. Molly's scent permeated the air, and the Alphas' fangs elongated, their noses twitching as they caught the trail anew.

Sherlock's own fangs poked at his bottom lips and his cock thickened uncomfortably. The Omega scent covered his palms, his fingers soaked in it as the last flowers of the wreath fell from his hand. He led the trail west, dropped the last of the wreath by a muddy pond that would no doubt confuse the addle-brained Alphas- and with any luck, slow down Moriarty.

He scrubbed his hands in the pond (absently noting to return to the site after mating Molly since it was loaded with interesting wildlife) and doubled back, running toward the beginning to pick up Molly's true trail.

As he spotted the Alphas hunting in the wrong direction, he smiled and his chest puffed in pride. Before the Run, he would've said it didn't matter, but the thought of telling Molly just how he'd duped and dominated the other Alphas brought a wicked grin to his face.

Molly slowed as she neared the stream. A stitch in her side throbbed and her legs shook. She licked her lips in thirst. Blood would be better, but water would have to do. She bent to scoop a handful to her mouth, and splashed more across her hot cheeks for good measure. As she straightened up, a wave of dizziness hit her and she slid back to her knees. She smothered a shout of frustration.

The old trees grew thickly around the stream, the branches low. The winds blew, and above her the moon looked very cold to Molly.

I can't. This is it. I can't run anymore.

She fell onto her back in the grass, thankful for the cool soil beneath her. The thin nightdress pooled around her thighs, and Molly threw her head back as a surge of want rolled through her belly. The shock of it drove her thighs open, and the fabric of her gown soaked with the juices of her cunt. She arched and tried to fill herself with her fingers, but the drenching wetness made the folds of her sex too slick beneath her palms.

Molly swore in frustration, hauled up her dress uncaringly, and worked herself harder, knowing it was futile. Even if she climaxed, the heat wouldn't abate. Only time or an Alpha's full knot would help that.

Her fingers slid over her clit, teasing the oversensitive bud, before she switched to rocking against the heel of her palm. When she couldn't stand the tension anymore, she came moaning, fangs biting her own lips to keep from screaming. A trickle of blood ran down the corner of her mouth but Molly didn't care, too horrified by the knowledge that the heat hadn't even been touched by the rippling orgasm. Her entire body ached with it.

Where is he?!

"Sherlock," she said aloud, hoarsely. His name was still strange on her tongue. She thought of his ever-changing eyes and curious ways, the way he looked at her, and his scent. The heat that she sensed between them before her time ever came. "You'll find me."

But as the thought surfaced, so did the fear. What if I was wrong? What if the wreath wasn't enough and he doesn't find me first?

And then, over the sounds of the flowing stream, she heard it: thumping footsteps.

Her heart pounded in time with the running.

Molly cringed into the ground, knowing there was nowhere to hide if it was the evil one.

Closer and closer, the footfalls sounded, branches cracking and leaves slapping as a body flew past until-

Until a shadow leapt over the ridge by the stream and landed at her feet, panting and triumphant, reeking of Alpha musk.

Molly looked up, trembling, into the gleaming blue-green eyes of Sherlock Holmes.

"Oh," she said, weakly. And then she laughed. For a heartbeat, the heat mellowed something milder and more comfortable. Warmth. "You found me. You do want me."

The young man smiled. "Obviously. Outsmarting the others was-"

Molly tackled him to the grass.

Sherlock had believed, when he met Molly in the alcove and been wrapped up in her scent, that he would have taken her then and there if they'd been alone.

Now that they were alone, it seemed as though Molly was taking him.

Her small body was feverishly hot as she pressed into him, straddling his hips while he lay on his back in the grass. Sherlock gripped her waist, and kept his Alpha instincts under tight rein.

"Molly." She dragged her nails across his bare chest, her brown eyes glowing with appreciation for his lean muscles. He shuddered as she scraped his nipples and bent down to flick her tongue over the pebbled nubs. The scent of her arousal covered them both and it was all he could do to not roll over and push her to her knees without a word.

"Molly." Her fangs nicked his left nipple and he hissed. Blood trickled and her silky tongue lapped up the fluid. "Molly, we have to hurry."

Her head jerked up. Her honey-colored hair fell in tangled waves around her, with scattered bits of grass in it. His blood and the blood from her cut lip mingled on her face. "Oh, sorry! You taste good. And I'm hungry." She grinned, and she looked nothing like the quiet girl who had drawn his attention in the meeting hall. This woman was a hunter.

You're a mystery, Molly Hooper.

He sat up, pulled her close and kissed her marked mouth tentatively. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him. His cock throbbed inside his trousers, with Molly wiggling his lap as their tongues moved against each other's, deftly avoiding fangs. Sherlock kissed away the remnants of blood under her lips and along her jawline, licking away the wounds. His hands roamed under her dress, hiking it up to caress the small of her back before sliding around to stroke her belly. He cupped her breasts as they tasted and learned one another, and she nearly bit his tongue when he discovered just how exquisitely sensitive her dark pink nipples were.

"Now, it has to be now," Sherlock muttered. He set her off his lap, clumsily in his haste, and stood to push off his trousers. Rejoining Molly, he reached for the hem of her dress, intending to lift it over it her head.

"Rip it," she demanded.

"What?" Distracted, and listening for competitors, Sherlock thought he'd misheard.

"Rip it."

The sheer material came apart easily in his hands, torn hem to neckline, and then his woman was exposed entirely to him. Sherlock knelt over her, finally giving into the primal urge to revel in his dominance over the Omega. And he knew.

This isn't about beating Moriarty or giving into Mycroft's plan.

This is about us.

When she first regarded Sherlock in the alcove, Molly had believed him to be a slim youth whose strength was intellectual rather than physical. Now as he knelt over her, nude with muscles flexed, she saw he was very much the Alpha, power radiating with every movement.

His light eyes turned silver with moonlight reflecting in them. The cunning she associated with Sherlock was there in his gaze but something else too- something more ruthless and dark. A cool wind blew over her hot skin, and she shivered. He pushed her legs apart and stroked her cunt, sinking two fingers easily into her as she bucked. Her juices were flowing, scenting the air, and she watched in fascination the way the very scent of her made his cock larger.

He took himself in hand, thumbing the thicker ring at the base of his shaft where his knot would form.

"No time for slow- for gentle- this time." He squeezed her hips and rolled her over onto her stomach. "In the hut- after we're bonded, I'd like to try things…"

"I know. Do it." Molly rose on her knees and swayed. She shifted backward until she felt Sherlock's cock brushing against her. A wave of unreality rose- it was happening, what she had dreamed of for so long.

And then Sherlock's huge hands were pushing her legs apart to make room for his thighs to settle between, and the thick head of his cock was breeching her. A few tense seconds of Molly clenching around the intrusion and she relaxed, welcoming the sensation of him sliding deeper inside to fill her with one long thrust. He bottomed out, and she gasped loudly. He paused.

Her head swung around and she barked, "Don't stop, don't you dare stop."

Sherlock pulled out and sank back into her, and she moved with him. Molly matched the punishing pace he set, even as her knees slid in the grass and soil. She dug her palms into the ground to brace herself and he fucked her harder, their flesh slapping together. Molly lost herself in the mindless rhythm, following his lead, sucking his cock inside her to fill her need, the endless heat.

The only coherent thought she could put together as she rode his cock to orgasm was, she had chosen. I chose him.

With the hot silk of her sex shaking and locked around him, Sherlock never wanted out. His years of chaste scholarship would have seemed like a joke if they hadn't saved him for Molly.

He held her waist in a steely grasp with one hand, and scratched down her back and arse with the other, marking the Omega as his even more. He watched his cock slide in and out of her juicy cunt, and he knew the exact second his knot began to form. The scientist portion of his brain filed the information away for later examination; the Alpha then took over to finish claiming her.

He yanked her hips up higher, pulling her snug to him to push his cock deeper inside Molly as his knot reached full size. Molly's shoulders rested nearly on the ground and she breathed heavily, still wound up after her climax. She rotated her pelvis, stroking him with her inner muscles, and Sherlock shoved into Molly one last time, the knot massive and tightly secure inside her.

His peak made the world go white for a few seconds of mind-numbing pleasure, as the cum poured from his cock.

"Oh," she sighed beneath him. Molly rocked against him, and she turned her head to the side. He saw a smile on her lips, and an easing of tension.

He started to laugh- and then winced and came again, as her cunt milked more cum from him. Sherlock gasped, and rolled them onto their sides, trembling from pleasure and exhaustion. With their bodies tied together, he wrapped an arm around Molly, his hand curling under her breasts. He kissed her throat, sucking a dark kiss into the nape.

Molly moaned and brushed the hair off her neck. "Harder."

He sank fangs into the delicate skin of her throat, the points puncturing her flesh. He had had a sample of her drying blood around her lips, but getting a fresh taste from a flowing artery-

Sherlock groaned and his hips pumped into Molly as he drank her in. Her nipples hardened and she moved his hand up to her breast. Her sex tightened around his cock, squeezing more cum from his knot as they sealed their bond with the first part of the blood exchange.

He lifted his head in a daze a moment later. "I'm not certain how long the knot will last but you can't drink from my throat until then. If you have any methods to suggest speeding up the process, I'm open to them. Though I admit, I find myself liking the thought of the other Alphas finding us here like this." He frowned. "Generally I am more private, but…"

Molly laughed. He saw that the sweeter personality of the girl from the hall was returning now the frenzy of heat was temporarily dimming. "Alphas. So territorial. You want them to all know I'm yours." She flexed her pubic muscles around him. He groaned and stroked her nipple.

"It doesn't have to be from the throat. That's just the most popular mate-biting site. You should diversify your reading material." Molly cradled his wrist in her hands and licked at the tender skin.

"I read," Sherlock said defensively. "I delete what I do not need to retain. I had no need to retain bonding rituals."

"I retain a variety of information. Some of it useless. But sometimes it's not! We make a good pair, I suppose. May I?" She kissed his wrist and waited hopefully.

He gazed down at the woman who had captured him, and whom he had pledged his life to with his knot and his bite. Whether it was chemical-hormonal or metaphysical, Molly had slid into his life naturally and try as he might, he couldn't find any reason not to embrace the Omega to his Alpha.

"It's all yours," he said.

Molly was still lazily lapping at the blood from his wrist, with their bodies connected when Moriarty came upon them in the grass.

The Omega's scent was already changing and merging with that of her mate, their lifebond cemented with the sharing of blood and body. Her Alpha kissed the blood off her lips while his rival watched furiously from a dozen feet away, black eyes glowing reddish.

"Oh, you made it! Found the wreath trail, I see," Sherlock mentioned, spotting the blossom in Moriarty's fist. "Neat trick, huh? Be a good sport about it, and verify our bonding to the Coven, will you? I'm sure Molly's mother will want to know she's well."

Moriarty remained silent, taking in the tableau of their nudity and the alliance of Holmes and Hooper. The unspoken hostility of the moment stretched out, and Alpha energy flared between the men. Violence seemed inevitable.

Moriarty's head tilted to the side curiously, and then a sickly bright grin spread across his face. His hands flew together in brisk applause, the flower smashed between his fingers.

"All this time, messing about for control of the Coven. Borrrr-ing. I should have been playing with you, Sherlock. Oh, you're going to be a lot more fun than I thought." His eyes flickered over the Omega. "She might be in the way but who knows. Maybe she'll surprise me too. The wreath was unexpected. It's been an interesting evening. I'll be seeing you both." He eyed the newly mated pair. "As a parting gift, I'll even head off the other Alphas. They're still blundering around the western forest anyhow." He rolled his eyes and smirked.

With a salute, Moriarty bowed and disappeared into the woods.

After the knot reduced enough for them to separate, Molly led Sherlock to the hut deep in the woods prepared before the hunt. They stuffed their mouths full of meats left there, knowing the hunger for each other would return soon, sapping their strength again.

"I'm glad your kin thought to store extra clothing here," Sherlock mentioned, touching the gown hanging by the door. "What with telling me to rip off your dress. How long have you been harboring that particular fantasy?"

"Oh hush," she replied, suppressing a giggle. "What do you think Moriarty is going to do? He can't control the Coven. My mother is still strong and leading. There's us, and your family will support us, and the Lestrades have always been our allies. The Trevors, I'm not so sure about. The Moriarty upstarts may have supplanted the Donovans in the western lands, but they won't have our territory. You're smarter than he is, and I am strong. Together we'll lead, when we return together." Molly set down her food. "But for now, mate, I need you again."

She crossed the small hut and climbed onto Sherlock where he sat on the cot, reading and drinking. He set his book and the cup of blood on the floor and lay back. Her body was like a fire against his. His long fingers teased Molly's nipples as he spoke.

"According to this data, if we couple the average amount of times per day for a fertile Omega heat, and your heat last for three days, then there is a 97% chance you'll be pregnant by the time we go home."

Molly settled on his lap. "I know. I was ready for that when I agreed to the run. Are you?"

Sherlock imagined his mate swelling with his child, and then the youngling running around their keep. He felt a wave of fierceness and then that was pierced by sweetness. His chest ached.

He wanted the life he and Molly were creating together. And he would kill Moriarty if he tried to interfere. There were some things a species might never evolve beyond, he thought.

He nodded. "I'm ready."

Molly beamed and kissed him. "I knew I chose the right man."

He wrapped her in his arms and rolled her beneath him on the cot. His hard cock pressed into her belly. "I thought it was the Alpha who supposed to be doing the chasing," he remarked drily, "But then doing what's expected is terribly dull."

Her dimpled showed. She wrapped her legs around his waist and arched. Lining himself up to her wetness, Sherlock sank inside his Omega with a groan.

Molly whispered in his ear as they moved together.

"The hunt may been my idea but we both won."