Author's Note: This is post ME3 and for background: My femshep is the default Jane Shepard, she is from Mindoir, a sole survivor, and romanced Kaidan through all three games. Bioware owns all, and mistakes are purely my own, no Beta. I hope you love reading the story and as always review and offer any insight you might have!

Jane gasped in pain as she took here final steps of physical therapy. She had been living in the hospital for about a month getting multiple surgeries on every part of her body. Modern medicine may be almost like magic, but nothing could fix the large piece of thigh muscle now missing from her thigh.

"You still with me Jane?" the enthusiastic nurse asked her. Jane couldn't stand the nurse. The nurse was always saying how there is only 'one more step' that Jane needed to take or how fast Jane was progressing.

"Yeah, we're finally done with this therapy now? I was told that it would take two months of rigorous physical therapy and I would be released from the hospital." Jane said as she rubbed her still recovering leg. The exhaustion from the therapy was visible as hair plastered her face from sweat, and that Jane leaned heavily on her non-injured leg.

"Oh! Yes! I guess this is your last day!" the nurse said clapping her hands excitedly as if talking to a little kid. Jane fisted her hands and prodded the nurse further.

"Is there anything I need to sign or anyone I need to see about getting released…" Jane prompted for the nurse to fill her in on the information.

"Well just sign the form at the front desk, you can gather your things from your room, make an appointment for a check up in about a month or so, and… Oh! You will need someone to bring you home and watch you for a day as you will be off some of the medications the hospital was giving you and we want to make sure there will be no side effects that are life threatening…" the nurse continued to prattle on. Jane started to worry about where she would go. She didn't prepare a place to live after the hospital; she was just caught up with the physical therapy, and trying to coordinate things to help the war clean up, and Kaidan… Jane's mind came to a halt at the thought of him. Kaidan's been there through her whole recovery process, leaving only when Alliance HQ absolutely needed him. They never talked about what they were, or where they stood after Jane pushed him into the Normandy before the final push to the beam.

She ran with Kaidan's arm slung behind her shoulders towards the Normandy. The hatch to the shuttle bay opened and she shifted to allow James to move Kaidan onto the ship.

"Shepard…" Kaidan weakly called to her.

"You got to get out of here." She replied back as she started to back away.

"Yeah, that's not going to happen." Kaidan said as he moved to try and stand on his own.

"Don't argue with my Kaidan," she said with pain in her eyes.

"Don't leave me behind," he pleaded with her, searching her eyes, hoping for her to take him with her. She froze and stared at Kaidan before stepping forward towards him.

"No matter what happens…I will love you…always…" She said, as she caressed his face and memorized it, knowing it would most likely be the last time she saw him.

"I love you too… be careful." He said, reaching out an arm to grasp for her. She stepped out of his reach and barked out her last order to her crew:

"GO!" she screamed as the reapers beam screeched behind her.

Jane relived the memory of the final push in her mind as the nurse rolled her in a wheelchair into her room. Once the nurse left, Jane took a shower and began packing the few items she had accumulated during her hospital stay. As soon as everything was collected, she headed out of the room without looking back and remembering the pain of the last month. Walking unaided was near damn impossible when muscle about the size of a fist was missing from your leg, but Jane refused to walk out of this place looking weak. She was Commander Shepard for crying out loud! Jane made it over to the front desk, signed the release papers and was about to be free of the hospital when the front desk manager asked her a question.

"And will a family member be picking you up and monitoring you for a day?" the young girl asked with a bored tone. Jane's head snapped up and fire shined in her eyes.

"My family was slaughtered on Mindoir and millions of other families were just killed in this war we happened to just have. So smarten up and don't ask such idiotic questions." Jane said with venom packed in each word. The girl stared up at her with fear and shock written on her face. Before the girl could utter out an apology, Jane turned and limped away to the front door of the hospital. Taking two steps out the door and Jane was already falling after hitting a solid object.

"Whoa there." Kaidan said as he reached out a hand and caught Jane from falling. He smiled at her with her favorite lopsided smile.

"I swear to Go—Kaidan? What are you doing here?" Jane asked confused. She was even more confused as she saw fury pass across Kaidan's face.

"Why are you walking with out an aid or your cane?" Kaidan demanded, not answering Jane's first question. Kaidan's tone caused Jane's adrenaline to spike and caused her 'commander mask' to come on.

"Because I don't need to look weak when the world is practically still in ruins. I refuse to let the war ruin me." Jane said as she attempted to walk past Kaidan. With a frustrated growl Kaidan grabbed Jane's arm, spun her around, and picked her up bridal style. Kaidan marched towards a waiting skycar despite Jane's persistent objections and hitting. Kaidan put her in the passenger seat, closed the door, and walked around the other side. Once Kaidan was driving the car, Jane couldn't help her rash self.

"Once again, where the hell are we going?!" Jane said.

"Our house." Kaidan said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Jane instantly fell silent, and her heart started to race. Our house? Did he mean to say that? No, he probably just wants to be nice to the scarred up war veteran, Jane thought to herself. She didn't even notice when the skycar landed in Vancouver and Kaidan opened her door, revealing a country home in front of the English Bay. The view of the house was the final reminder she needed that the war was over, and she had survived. The words that echoed through Jane's mind as she took in her new home was Anderson's words: You did good child. Emotions came rushing through her at the thought of Anderson, but she grasped Kaidan's hand and said,

"What? No white picket fence?"

Future Chapters to Come