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Levi grew up fast, much faster than any child should ever have to. He lost his parents at a young age, and due to his short stature, was constantly made fun of in the orphanage he grew up in. He taught himself to fight – how to be quick enough to strike and pull back before his opponent knew what hit them. Levi was raised a fighter, and you could bet your life that he knew a fair fight when he saw one.

What he was witnessing though, was hardly a fair fight. There were two boys fighting, though one was obviously winning. He had light brown hair and currently had bruises and cuts all over his face from the smaller boy he was kicking. The smaller boy was laying on the ground in fetal position, blood pooling around him. He was obviously defeated, though Levi was sure that he put up a good fight. Sadly, Jean Kirschtein was one of the best, most aggressive fighters the school had ever seen. Jean was a year younger than Levi. He seemed to look up to the distant man for the first few moments that they met. Levi had been busy glaring at some boy who had made a short joke about him. Jean came over and tried to make conversation, but Levi quickly shut it down. Jean had something against him ever since then.

Sadly, Levi shut down most conversations he had. He would talk to those who had an equal or greater level of intelligence and determination, but he never came across anyone like that. Due to the fact that no one ever knew anything about Levi, they also didn't know that he was the best fighter that he'd come across.

And Levi wouldn't just sit by and watch Jean beat this boy up.

Levi darted towards the fight. No one had seen him coming. That was one of the advantages of him being on the shorter side. When he was surrounded by those taller than him, they hardly ever noticed him. He was like a blur, dodging his way through the crowd. It didn't take long to get to the center. He ran directly up to Jean and socked the younger boy right in the jaw.

Jean was hit with such unexpected force, that he stumbled and fell over. Levi loomed over Jean, the sun creating a halo behind his head. It was rare that Levi ever loomed over anyone and it was not an experience that Jean wanted to relive.

"You are pathetic." Levi spat out at Jean. "I am disgusted at the fact that you would beat someone who is already knocked down." Levi turned around and looked at the bloody, battered boy. The grass had turned a dark red color with all of the blood that he had lost.

Jean sat up on the grass, cracking his jaw back into place. He stood up and brushed his pants off. Running his tongue over his teeth to make sure they were all intact, he lunged at Levi, punching him in the shoulder. It would've been directly in the back, if not for the fact that Levi had been turning around.

Unperturbed, Levi scanned the enraged boy. He took a step towards the boy, taking note of every muscle twitching. He knew exactly when Jean planned upon hitting, and ducked accordingly. Using one leg and one hand to hold him up, he swiped Jean's legs out from underneath him.

On his way down, Levi jabbed Jean's abdomen four times, before he had hit the ground. Levi straightened himself and turned back to the boy who was still bleeding on the ground. Levi bent down and checked for a pulse, thanking the powers above that this boy was still alive. It was one less mess for him to clean up.

Levi turned around just in time to duck another strike from Jean. Levi grabbed Jean's wrist, and pushing his chin back, used his leg to flip Jean forward onto the ground. Jean's head hit the ground with a sickening crack, and he relaxed and stayed still, forfeiting the fight. It was the first time in months that he had to use his fighting skills, and he was glad they weren't rust.

Levi, once more, bent down to the bloody boy, and picked him up bridal style. He would've fireman carried what he assumed to be a freshman, but he didn't know the extent of the damage to the boy's abdomen, and he didn't want to worsen the situation. He had no more classes for the day, so he decided to take the boy back to his apartment.

Since Levi was a senior, he was allowed to keep his car on campus. Levi nearly sighed in relief at the sight of his car, and if he had not trained himself to be so emotionless, he might've actually sighed. Levi managed to unlock the car and open the door to the backseat. He lay the younger boy down, and examined his face. He was clearly going to have a black eye, by the looks of it. He'd probably had his internal organs bruised too. Levi planned on examining the extent of the damage back at his apartment.

He shut the door and got into the driver's seat. He adjusted the mirror so he could see the boy in the back seat. The boy let out a low groan. Levi's face remained emotionless, but he was slightly startled to see the boy coming to so soon. Levi turned the car on, and sparing one last glance to the strange boy in the back, began the fifteen minute drive to his apartment.

The drive was mostly quiet, with a few soft groans interrupting the silence occasionally. Levi checked on the boy every so often to make sure that he was still alive, if he hadn't heard a groan in a long time.

Levi pulled into the parking garage, and swiftly parked his car. He walked over to the back door, opening it to view the boy inside. The boy was taller that Levi himself was, but Levi was strong, and carrying him upstairs wouldn't be that hard.

The boy was wearing a black sweatshirt and a dark grey t-shirt underneath, coupled with white jeans and converse sneakers. Levi would've thought the boy had style, if not for the fact that his clothing was blood soaked, and Levi was sure that it wasn't all his own. For the boy to survive that far, he had to be a fighter. Levi could admire that. Levi managed to get a grip on the boy. He was surprisingly light considering the amount of muscle the boy had.

Eren began to stir as he felt himself being carried. He peeked through one eye, wondering who would be carrying him. Armin definitely couldn't; Eren was too heavy for Armin to carry. He seemed to be in a plain, unfamiliar stairwell. Mikasa was hanging out with some friends she made then, so Eren ruled out Mikasa as carrying him too. Either way, the grasp felt too masculine – despite the fact that he didn't feel any breasts on the one carrying him. Well, at least he could narrow down the gender.

Eren didn't really know anyone at the university. He had made a few friends, but it was only a week into the first semester. He genuinely had no idea who was carrying him. Eren tried to move subtly, testing out his muscles to ascertain the amount of damage he had taken. He knew that fighting Jean was a horrible idea, but Jean was being a total asshole, and he really had it coming to him.

Eren attempted to open his other eye more than a crack, to no avail. He felt a wave of exhaustion wash over him, and once more, succumbed to the pleasant darkness.

Levi felt the boy shifting in his arms, and he glanced down briefly to see the boy's face tighten in anguish. He was obviously in a lot of pain. Levi quickened his pace. His apartment was just down the hall, and then he could clean the boy up. Levi cringed at the thought of the boy dirtying up his apartment, but he couldn't exactly just leave the boy outside.

He wondered why he didn't just leave this boy at the scene of the fight. Sure, Jean was a tough fighter, but this boy seemed to be fairly tough himself.

Levi mentally scolded himself. It went against who he was to leave a defenseless boy bleeding on the ground, with no one else around to help him. No one would dare cross Jean like this boy did, not if their life depended on it. This boy had made a very strong enemy, and Levi did not want to be caught up in their debacle.

Levi, who was still holding his keychain in his hand, swiftly unlocked his apartment door and crossed the foyer. He kicked the door closed behind him, and began to make his way to the living room couch. Levi paused for a moment, taking in the appearance of his pristine apartment, knowing full well that it would not be clean in mere moments.

Levi continued moving, gently placing the boy down on his couch. If the boy weren't covered in blood, Levi might've considered him to be fairly attractive, but as the situation was, that was not the case. Levi placed his favorite pillow behind the boy's neck, cringing all the while, and left to go get some rags and clean the boy up.

Levi returned to find the boy hadn't moved. He brought a bowl of warm water and several rags so that he could start cleaning the boy up. He certainly wasn't going to have a living source of filth walking around his apartment.

Levi dipped a corner of the towel into the warm water, watching as the towel slowly absorbed the water. He leaned in closer to the boy's face, where the bleeding was the worst. It looked as if Jean had rings on his fingers, based off of the cuts. Levi dabbed away at the boy's face, careful not to aggravate any of the cuts. He didn't need any cuts reopened and getting all over.

He managed to get most of the blood off of the boy's face before he got up and grabbed an ice pack to put on the boy's swollen eye. It had already bruised thoroughly, and had a few cuts where Jean's rings must've hit the boy's eye.

Levi cleaned up as much of the blood as he could from the boy's clothing, albeit not much. He sighed, giving up, and took the bowl of now red-tinged water and dumped it in the sink, planning to clean it later. He sat down on the end of his other couch, stretching one arm out over the back of the couch, and crossing his leg over the other. He switched the television on, keeping it at a low volume so as not to disturb the resting boy. The boy was going to need as much sleep as possible to heal.

Levi would allow the boy to sleep over at the most, understanding that he was in no condition to leave at that point, but no longer. He did not want the boy to form any sort of attachment to him. Levi wanted to keep his distance from the boy.

Levi mindlessly watched the discovery channel for a few hours, stopping once to make himself dinner. He got up, stretching his leg, and walked into the kitchen. He put some water on the stove to boil and got out a box of pasta. He knew he'd have to wake the boy eventually, so he sauntered back into the living room and over to the boy.

Levi crouched down, gently pushing the boy's shoulder. He repeated this motion several times, and the boy did not stir. Levi stopped abruptly to check that the boy was still breathing, which thank God, he still was. He realized that the gentle approach was simply not working and he did not have the patience to baby this boy.

"Oi! Shitty brat, wake up!" Levi yelled, shaking the boy's shoulder once more. The boy's eye that was not covered in an ice pack peeked open. He seemed to be taking in the situation because a moment later, he was trying to sit upright.

The boy groaned and lay back down. Levi took note of this. Abdominal damage. Extent unknown. Levi got up and headed back to the kitchen. He figured he'd give the boy a moment to collect his thoughts. Levi poured the spaghetti into the boiling water, and he turned and leaned against the kitchen counter. He looked into the living room, watching as the boy eased himself into a sitting position.

The boy looked at Levi with wide eyes, confusion, pain, and fear flashing through his eyes. He stood up carefully, leaning on the arm of the couch for assistance. He straightened himself, slowly making his way to Levi's kitchen. When he entered it, he pulled out a chair at the small table and sat down.

"You're Levi, right?" Eren asked, cautiously. If this really were the renowned Levi, then he was way in over his head. Levi was a dangerous character known for his short temper. He had heard rumors that he was the strongest fighter that anyone had ever seen, but no one that Eren had met had ever seen Levi fight. He was also known for his aggression. Eren would be screwed if this really were Levi.

"Who are you?" Levi shot back, uninterested. He would've found out eventually, but this would simply be the easier way to find out the name of who would probably try to get close to Levi again. He really hated when people tried to get close to him. The only reason they ever did it was to become more popular in their group of friends. Levi wouldn't let himself be used like that. After all, he did have some self-respect.

"Eren Jaeger. I'm a freshman at Shiganshina University." Eren was slightly taken aback at the disinterest of the man he was conversing with. How had he even gotten there anyway? Was this actually Levi? The man didn't seem inclined to tell Eren if he was or not. Eren had no way of knowing, after all, he was still new to the school and was unfamiliar with its inhabitants.

"Ah." Was the reply that Levi gave to Eren. He had no intention of telling the boy who he was. If he didn't know him yet, he wouldn't be able to go around and brag about how Levi had cared for him. Levi worked hard to maintain his uncaring attitude, and he didn't need a shitty brat to mess it up. Eren was mildly puzzled by the man who was leaning against the pristine counter, with his arms crossed and looking at the floor. He seemed to be focused on his thoughts.

Eren heard his stomach rumble loudly. Levi looked up at him disinterestedly. He checked the pasta which appeared to be done. In moments, Levi had a plate of pasta for himself and for Eren. He gave Eren his plate and utensils, and sat down in the seat opposite.

About halfway through the meal, Levi spoke up. "Since you are in no condition to go home yet, you have permission to stay over tonight and you may use the shower if you so desire. In fact, I highly recommend the shower. I have only one bedroom," Levi nodded in the opposite direction of the kitchen. "And you may stay there for the night. I can drive you home or to school tomorrow, according to your schedule." With that, Levi fell silent again. Eren was surprised at how easily this man could simply talk and stop so abruptly. Eren genuinely did not want to stay at this man's apartment overnight, because who would ever stay in a stranger's apartment? But he seemed to have no other choice, with his situation being what it was, he could hardly walk, and the man didn't seem to want to drive Eren back then. Eren nodded towards the man.

"Thank you very much." Eren's eyes lit up with sincerity. Since Eren himself lived on his own in an apartment just off campus, he had no one to take care of him. He was more than happy to accept whatever help he could get. He figured that soon enough he would learn the older male's name, or at least something about him. Well, other than the fact that he was clearly a neat-freak. Everything in his apartment seemed to have its place, and everything was as pristine as a hospital scalpel. "But where will you sleep?" Eren inquired, concerned for the older man's comfort.

"I do have two couches in the living room." Levi's felt his composure soften at the genuine concern in Eren's voice. He quickly masked his emotions, but Eren had noticed. Eren made no move to comment about it, but he found it adorable that the older man actually did have feelings.

Levi stood up, taking his now empty plate and placing it on top of the bowl in the sink. He put his fork on one side of the bowl. He walked back over to Eren, who was trying his hardest to stand up. Levi hooked his arms under the taller boy's shoulders and hauled him up. The younger boy blushed, having believed that he did not need help. Levi knew that as a proper host, he should make his guest as comfortable as possible, hence the assistance. His mother had drilled that idea into his skull. Levi would never be a poor host, though he'd be a rude person overall. Levi sighed, collecting Eren's plate, and placing it on top of his own in the sink. He simply did not have the resolve to clean the dishes that night. He would do house chores the next day like he did every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Eren slowly made his way to Levi's room. Levi picked out a spare pair of pajamas that were too big for him to wear and tossed them at Eren. He didn't want the boy's filth in his bed. Levi grabbed one of the spare pillows from the bed, and one of his extra blankets and left the room. Eren bid the older man a good night, telling him that he was going to shower, but Levi left the room with no response.

Levi went over to the couch and lay down. He was tired, and his shoulder sustained a light ache from where Jean had hit him. Jean was strong, but nowhere near as strong as Levi.

Levi removed his shirt, and curled up into a ball on the clean couch, slowly drifting off. He felt the ebb and flow of unconsciousness slowly pull him out to the sea of darkness and dreams. Before he knew it, he was asleep and dreaming of his family, who were now long gone.

His dreams always began the same way. The sun was setting in the distance as he sat in his family's sunroom where he played his mother's favorite song on the piano. He had it memorized by heart and every Friday night, no matter what was going on, they would all sit in the sunroom, and Rivaille would play all of his family's favorite pieces on the piano. He was a natural. He'd been playing the piano for years and it was like speaking a second language to him

He'd be a peace, smiling at the sunset and his wonderful family, until all of a sudden the sky grew darker and darker and darker. It grew to be pitch black and the rain would begin. The rain would bombard the windows, but Rivaille would not stop playing. He'd look at his family, comforting them with his music, but as soon as he took his eyes off of them, they would be gone.



But Rivaille would never stop playing.

Not for a moment. In hopes that maybe, just maybe his music could bring his loved ones back. He'd play for the duration of the dream, yet his family had never come back. Because deep down inside, Rivaille had learned that everything you love will eventually go away.

So he learned not to love.

Eren woke gradually, feeling a dull throb in his head. He opened his good eye ever-so-slightly, and soon jolted directly upward, not recognizing the room he was in. It took a moment for him to gather his bearings and remember the occurrences of the day before. All he could remember was passing out during the fight, and waking up and eating with some stranger. Eren yawned and stretched, only to become aware of the pain in his abdomen. He lifted up his shirt to see bruises varying from purple to yellow. His stomach looked camouflaged in a purple environment.

Eren spared a quick glance to the clock, seeing that it was 5:30 in the morning. Normally he would not have woken up, but he couldn't sleep anymore with the pain he felt. It was physically impossible for his body to remain relaxed any longer.

Eren got up out of the man's bed, and shuffled into the kitchen. He glanced over to the couch to see the rising sun shedding its light onto the man. The man was not wearing a shirt, and he looked young and absolutely at peace in his sleep. Eren attempted to burn the image into his mind, so he could recall it whenever he got to feeling that the world was an ugly place. He had a few of these images in his mind, most of which were moments when he was with his friends or family. Eren smiled, reflecting on these images as he opened the fridge and got out the milk.

It took him a few moments to make some coffee, and he poured a generous amount of milk into it. Eren couldn't find the sugar, so he had to make up for it through milk. He sipped away at the coffee, watching as the older man on the couch awakened. Eren sat down at the table and looked at the man.

The early morning light, flowing in from the window accented the shorter man's best features. He was well-built, with a lot of muscle mass, but not so much height. His feet didn't touch the opposite end of the couch from where his head lay. Eren sipped at his coffee, mulling over his thoughts on this mysterious man. This man knew absolutely nothing about Eren, yet he gave up his own bed for him. Eren wasn't quite sure what to make of him, considering how easy it would be for this man to beat Eren to a pulp. Eren wasn't the strongest fighter, and he would be the first to admit it. The only reason he ever won a fight was through his sheer determination to not give up.

Eren sighed as he reflected on his previous fights. He was always overly emotional which both drove him on and dragged him down. He had never had any real teacher for fighting. He used his opponents to teach himself. Eren learned quickly, but he could never quite execute moves the same way. He was always just a bit more wild and spastic in his fighting style.

Eren sipped at his coffee mindlessly, crying out as he found it too hot to drink. Levi's eyes snapped open as he lay on the couch, finding Eren sitting at his table drinking coffee. Levi would've snickered at the expression of pain on the boy's face if he hadn't just been woken up. Levi was exhausted. He never could get a good night's sleep on the couch, which is one of the reasons that he never had anyone over. Another reason was that he never let anyone close enough to stay over.

Levi stretched, hearing his joints cracking as he stretched them. He yawned and rose from the couch. Levi was only wearing boxer briefs, seeing as he hadn't remembered to grab his pajamas before he left his room. Not that he really cared. The boy still didn't know his identity, so he couldn't go around saying that he saw Levi in boxers.

Levi walked over to the kitchen and took the remaining amount of coffee from the pot. He sat down across from Eren, and watched the boy as he spastically fanned his tongue, trying to cool it down. Levi gave the vaguest of smiles, finding the entire situation comical.

Eren had tears in his eyes, as he continued making strange noises while trying to cool his tongue down. Levi just watched the boy continue his antics until he finally gave up and pouted with his tongue out. Levi sipped at his coffee cautiously. He was aware that he could burn his tongue on it, and he didn't want to make a fool of himself.

"So Eren," Levi began after swallowing. "I will take you home once you finish your coffee." Levi stated, matter-of-factly. Eren's eyes showed mild surprise at being kicked out so early in the morning, but to be entirely honest, he wasn't too surprised. This man was unpredictable, and it enticed Eren all the more.

"Okay." Eren mumbled, his burnt tongue numbly fumbling over the word. Eren swallowed thickly, and tried to start conversation again. "So, you never told me your name," Eren started, hoping that the man would take it somewhere, hopefully to where he would tell Eren his name.

The older man raised his eyebrow at Eren's statement. He looked mildly amused and disbelieving. Well, as amused and in disbelief as an entirely uninterested person could look. Eren felt frustrated at the lack of reciprocation of conversation, but he let it slide. The man obviously didn't like talking, or at least didn't want to communicate. Eren sighed.

Eren blew on his coffee before taking another sip, not that he could really taste considering the majority of his tongue was badly burnt. Levi finished his coffee a long time before Eren did. He simply sat and watched as the younger boy drank his coffee, staring into space and thinking. Levi watched the boy's every move. He wouldn't stand any more dirt in his house than he already had to deal with.

Eren finished his coffee and pushed out his chair, preparing to get up. Levi watched the boy determinedly walk over to the sink, in obvious pain, and place his mug neatly in the sink. Eren gripped the counter tightly, focusing on breathing. He felt a very restricting pain in his stomach, sharp and squeezing his insides.

Levi walked over to the boy's side in a matter of moments. Even though he didn't show it, he was concerned for the boy's health. He had been beaten up pretty badly. Levi felt bad sending the boy home so early in the morning. Eren would have to deal with the pain the entire day, most likely alone. If Levi's mother had taught him anything, it was that you can't let your guest go where they will not receive the right treatment.

"Eren," Levi began, pulling Eren out of his painful stupor. "If you need, you can stay here longer." Levi stated, seemingly emotionlessly. In reality, Levi was a bit annoyed to have to continue to let this kid share his space, but maybe it wouldn't be all that bad. The kid was, after all, in extreme pain. If he annoyed Levi too much, he could always just punch him or something and the kid would stop.

Eren's eyes met those of the shorter man's and nodded his thanks. He wasn't sure he'd be okay on his own. Levi wrapped one arm under Eren's arm and around his back, and helped him limp his way into the living room. Levi awkwardly helped Eren sit on the couch. It was still dirty in Levi's mind, but to Eren it seemed fine. There was a little mud and blood on the leather couch, but it wasn't anything that a little hydrogen peroxide couldn't get out.

Levi sat down next to Eren on the couch, resting his arm on the back of the couch, and crossing one leg onto the other. This was how he most comfortably sat on couches, and just because there was a shitty brat sitting next to him wasn't going to stop him from being comfortable in his own home.

Levi turned on the television, flipping through the channels. There was nothing of particular interest on, so he just settled on the history channel, where they were discussing the titan myth. Levi sat back, relaxed, and absent-mindedly watched the television. He wasn't too fond of myths, but the program talked about one specific hero that managed to kill hundreds of titans. He was one of the best titan killers. Levi had to admit, he thought that guy was pretty awesome to supposedly take down hundreds of these colossal monsters.

After the show ended, Levi looked over to Eren to find that he was growing significantly closer to him. Eren fell over onto Levi's lap, asleep like a log. Levi felt the knee-jerk reaction to kick him off, but just that once, he was willing to let the injured kid sleep. After all, let sleeping dogs lie, right?

Levi relaxed, soon following Eren into the world of sleep.

Eren wandered through a lone playground. The sky was growing dark and no one remained. The swings were still swinging, and he could still hear the laughter of children. He looked around, trying to find someone – anyone – to no avail. He walked along the perimeter of the park, his feet crushing the woodchips underfoot.

Eren wound a path through the park, finding each playground that he came across more and more eerily silent. The wind blew through the park, tousling the grass. Eren's hair soared in the breeze and he exhaled deeply. He saw a puff of his breath rise into the air. He was suddenly aware just of how cold he was. Freezing actually.

He shivered as he felt his world moving, falling. He felt himself falling sideways with the rest of the world. Falling, falling, falling. He felt like the drop was infinite. The fog that clouded his dreamy mind hazed out the details of his experience. All he knew was he was falling. It was an infinite, indefinite sensation.

He knew when he was about to hit the ground though. Any second the falling would stop. He would rest and be at peace.




He felt himself hit a plush ground. The pillow was hard, but he didn't mind. He was comfortable. He opened his eyes to see an overly decorated room, the red bed being the center of the room. He looked to the other half of the bed to see the man who was allowing him to stay at his apartment. He was confused, but he could swear that he saw the man resign himself and sigh, granting the boy access to rest.

And that was all Eren really needed at that moment.

When Eren woke up, the man had taken him home. Eren was grateful to the man, expressing his thanks multiple times over. Levi helped Eren into his apartment, but left after making sure that Eren was okay. He wasn't just going to let the kid walk himself in. He could fall down and not be able to get back up, and no one would really care to do anything about it. After all, they were in the city.

Eren got in his apartment and called Armin and Mikasa. They were both concerned after having not heard from Eren for over a day. He usually sent them at least one text a day. He reassured them. Mikasa invited herself over for later that day, and Eren was sure that Armin would drop by.

Sure enough, within the hour, Mikasa and Armin both showed up. Eren welcomed them in, and as soon as Eren said hello, Mikasa was all over him, checking to see what was wrong. That girl was way too in tune with Eren.

After Eren retold the occurrences of the past day, Mikasa calmed down.

"So, who is this mystery man that saved you?" Armin asked Eren, eyes wide. Eren knew that Armin was just as worried about him as Mikasa was. Armin just controlled his concern a bit more.

"I honestly don't know." Eren replied, feeling sheepish. He ran his hand through his hair, feeling the strain on his abdominal muscles. He quickly put his arm back at his side. Mikasa narrowed her eyes at Eren. Eren flinched away from Mikasa. He could nearly feel the waves of anger and frustration coming off of her.

"So you mean to tell me that you stayed over at the apartment of some stranger and didn't even bother to learn his name?" Mikasa shouted, her eyes nearly flaming. She couldn't believe Eren's stupidity sometimes. Who the hell sleeps at a stranger's house?

"Well, it's not like I didn't try!" Eren defended, holding his hands in front of his face, submitting. He hated being on the receiving end of Mikasa's anger. She could be the stuff of nightmares sometimes.

"Fine, what did he look like then?" Mikasa asked, waves of anger rolling off of her. Armin was smart to stay quiet, not wanting to get involved in a fight that was not his. Eren sighed, trying to think of how to describe the short man.

"Well, he's short for one. He's distant and cranky too," Eren trailed off, thinking of what else to say. "He has jet black hair with an undercut. His hair is cut fairly short too. He's actually a really good guy. I don't know why he wouldn't talk though." Mikasa's eyes widened as Eren described the man. She knew exactly who the stranger was, and she wasn't happy knowing. Armin must've known too, as his eyes grew wide in fear and admiration.

"Levi?" The two shouted simultaneously. Eren jolted backwards, startled. He stared at his two friends bewilderedly, unsure of how to continue.

"I don't know!" Eren cried, tugging at his hair in frustration. He had asked the man his name twice, and neither time was the man willing to give out his information.

"There's no one else who fits that description." Mikasa said, resting her finger on her chin and pursing her lips, deep in thought. Armin nodded. He knew mostly everyone by first name at least, and nodded once more, assuredly.

"My question is how did you get out alive? The rumors around him being a ruthless fighter and extremely short tempered and dangerous seemed to be true for the most part." Armin pondered out loud, meeting Eren's gaze. Eren's eyes were wild as he suddenly pieced it together. The rumors of Levi claimed that he shrouded himself in mystery and remained distant from everyone around him. It seemed to piece together perfectly with the man who saved him.

"If he hurt you I swear to God, I don't care how supposedly great of a fighter he is, I will destroy him." Mikasa said, pulling herself out of her musings. Her eyes were dead serious, narrowed at Eren to extract the truth. Eren pursed his lips.

"In essence, he was actually pleasurable to be around. Socially, not so much," Eren said, his sentence fading out as he thought. Levi was the best fighter around, which means that he must've scared Jean off or fought him off. Eren felt something stir deep inside of him at that.

He highly doubted that anyone else in the school would fight for him, other than his friends, and before he blacked out, he didn't see any of his friends in the general vicinity.

Suddenly, Eren got a brilliant idea.

If Levi was able to defeat the best boxer in the university, then maybe he could teach Eren to defend himself. Levi could teach Eren to fight back.

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