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Eren felt an immediate reaction to Levi's words. An idea popped into his head and he smirked. Just because it was Levi's territory didn't mean that Eren couldn't have a little fun with it either. He looked the older man in his steely grey eyes, which were darkened with lust.

"How exactly do you plan to make this a night to remember?" Eren asked, teasing. Levi glared at Eren, his mouth smirking playfully. Both boys launched forward, still inside Levi's car, and their lips collided. They grasped at the other, fingers in hair; hands clasped in shirts traveling lower and lower. Eren's hand rested over the hardened bulge growing in Levi's pants, and Levi pulled away.

"Upstairs." He said as they both scrambled to open the doors, stepping out into the parking garage. Eren met Levi around the front of the car, their lips slamming together. Levi reached down, grabbing Eren's hand, nearly dragging Eren up the stairs by the lips into his apartment. This was going to be a night he would remember, for sure.

After several heated moments, the two men broke apart, allowing room for Levi to unlock his door. Before Levi could even fully open the door, Eren had sprung back on him, his mouth massaging Levi's. Levi smirked into the kiss, moaning as Eren bit his bottom lip, nearly drawing blood. Eren sucked the older man's bottom lip, running his tongue over where he had bitten, receiving another low guttural noise from Levi. Levi kicked the door closed behind him, as they traveled further into the apartment.

Eren remembered how Levi had converted him into a whimpering mess when he sucked at his neck, and figured it was worth a shot. Pulling himself away from Levi, he looked into the grey eyes that were shining with curiosity. "I want to try something." Eren explained, and Levi relaxed. He had momentarily wondered if it was all too much for the younger boy. Levi gasped as Eren bit down on his neck, licking in a circular formation. Levi offered up more of his neck to the boy, moaning as Eren took advantage of it. Eren moved his mouth just under Levi's hairline, earning a drawn out moan. Hooking his fingers into Eren's back, Levi writhed in lust.

They had a silent agreement to make their way to the bedroom. Levi was pressed against the wall, extremely aroused in his lack of control. Eren however was ecstatic at the control he had. Levi was like putty in his hands. Eren pressed his lips to Levi's neck before trailing down to his collarbone, a new conquest beginning there. Levi's hands traveled under Eren's shirt, clinging to the muscles that lay hidden underneath. His thumbs brushed the younger man's hardened buds, and Eren gasped. He hadn't been aware that even his chest was sensitive.

Most of his bruises had nearly disappeared, fading to a faint yellow color. Even his black eye was nearly gone. Levi ran his hands down Eren's sides, earning a shudder and a moan from his younger counterpart. Levi took his chance and gained control, removing the brunet's shirt. He examined the vast expanse of muscle on the boy. While it wasn't as much as Levi himself had, it was still more than enough to admire. Eren felt self-conscious as Levi examined his body with a lustful glance. Seeing the embarrassed look on Eren's face, Levi connected their lips once again, but this time it was more sweet and tender.

Eren's gentle smile transformed into a smirk as he descended upon Levi and removed his shirt. Levi was enjoying the whole dominant thing that Eren had going on. He lifted his arms straight up to allow the brunet easier access to the removal of his shirt. Eren's eyes ran down the familiar expanse of toned muscle. Smirking, Levi separated from Eren, walking towards the bedroom tauntingly. Eyes widening, Eren followed. He was stunned momentarily from the look that Levi had given him before darting into the bedroom.

Levi began removing his pants as Eren emerged, leaning on the doorframe. He eyed the older man, seeing how every muscle seemed to flow into the man's body. The man wasn't just beautiful; he was a work of art. Eren felt the bulge in his pants rise further, as if it were even possible. As if sensing Eren's need, Levi walked over and knelt before Eren. Heat pooled in Eren's stomach as he realized what Levi was doing.

Pressing his mouth to Eren's clothed crotch, Levi bit down on the zipper, pulling it down. He unbuttoned the top of Eren's pants, inching them down agonizingly slow. Eren moaned at the sensation of the fabric moving. He needed friction of any sort or he was going to go mad with desire. Looking up at Eren's flushed face; Levi felt a pang of emotion. He couldn't quite name it, but he did know that he wanted Eren to feel amazing. He wanted to make Eren smile and laugh but he also wanted to see Eren laying on his back begging for Levi to come in him. The thought itself nearly drove Levi over the edge.

Eren nearly pounced on Levi once he was free of his jeans. Levi's eyes widened as he was pushed onto the bed, Eren pinning his wrists on either side of him. Eren began attacking Levi's collarbone once more, Levi moaning and writhing underneath him. Incredibly aroused, Eren trailed his way down to Levi's chest, beginning to nip and suck at his hardened buds. Levi's short nails dug into Eren's back, desperately thrusting against Eren. Pulling back, Eren looked at Levi's flushing form. Eyes snapping open, Levi quickly rolled over, pinning Eren's hands above his head.

He couldn't take anymore. He needed something to happen, anything. He couldn't take the teasing anymore. He needed Eren. He needed Eren all over him, in him, on him. Levi had to check first though; he didn't want to push Eren. He had already grown so attached to the cute freshman – he couldn't lose him over something stupid. Sitting back on his knees, Levi looked at Eren's peaceful face. "E-Eren." Levi stuttered, Eren looking into his eyes, detecting the seriousness in Levi's voice. "Are you sure you're okay doing this?" Eren cocked his head to the side, looking incredibly adorable. Levi felt his heart melt at the sight of him. He was just lying there, looking absolutely delici-

Eren pinned Levi on his back once more, eyes narrowing, as he leaned next to Levi's ear. "Does this look like I'm not okay?" Eren's tongue brushed Levi's ear as he spoke, causing Levi to shiver and whimper. Taking note, Eren traced Levi's ear with his tongue, traveling down to his neck. When he reached his collarbone, he returned his glistening eyes back to Levi's. "I'm really okay with this. But if either one of us want to stop, we have to promise to say so, alright?" Levi smiled at the boy the most sincere and heartfelt smile that he had ever smiled. He hadn't smiled like that in years, not since he still had his family. Levi nodded, and Eren immediately descended upon Levi's chest, swirling his tongue around his nipples, smirking as Levi moaned at the sudden feeling.

Eren traced kisses down Levi's abdomen to the top of his boxers. Levi's hands knotted into the sheets. He was nearly being tortured by Eren, he couldn't stand it. Everywhere that Eren touched left a trail of fire behind him. He was burning, and the source of the fire was the only thing that could make his suffering end.

Eren inched Levi's boxers down as Levi raised his ass to help Eren. Eren's eyes grew wide as he took in the size of Levi's weeping cock. For a short man, he certainly did have a large dick. Levi blushed at the removal of the last layer in between himself and Eren. Eren hadn't had any intentions of having traditional sex with Levi up until that point. He had an epiphany that he simply wanted to please Levi in whatever way he could, and he fully intended on making it pleasurable for Levi.

"You're absolutely beautiful." The brunet said, meeting the warm grey eyes of his partner. Levi's expression softened as he met the emerald eyes of the man he had come to adore.

"I wish to tell you the same." The shorter man said, smiling at the darkening blush on Eren's face. "Show me." He continued. Eren gulped as he pulled down his boxers, bowing his head so that he wouldn't have to meet Levi's glance. "You are more than beautiful. You are perfect." The shorter man smiled at the boy. He could feel the nervousness coming off of the boy in waves and he couldn't help but find it endearing. Eren pounced on the older man, their lips crashing together as their tongues battled for dominance. Levi broke apart for a moment, opening the bedside drawer and grabbing the lube and a condom.

Levi hesitated for a moment, before looking into Eren's eyes and seeing the pure confidence radiating from them. Levi took the tube of lube, squirting a generous amount onto his fingers. Eren felt a twinge of discomfort at the idea of bottoming, but he was sure that he would get Levi back for it. He wouldn't let him get away with it for too long. Levi bent Eren over.

"This position is going to put less strain on your back. It's going to make it hurt less tomorrow." Levi explained. Eren nodded, understanding that Levi was only doing it for his own good. Bending over, Levi pressed a kiss to Eren's back. He slowly inserted one lubed up finger up to the knuckle, waiting for Eren to get used to the new sensation. He was squirming around slightly. "Relax." Levi whispered to his younger counterpart. Eren focused on relaxing as Levi wrapped his hand around the front of Eren's body, grabbing his cock and slowly pumping. He wanted to wash out the pain with pleasure. Levi moved his finger in further, slowly and gently pumping it in and out.

When he felt that Eren was ready for a second finger, he once again kissed Eren's back as a warning, and pumped Eren's dick a little faster. He pressed the second finger in while the first finger was currently pressed all the way in. He stopped when it reached the knuckle, allowing for Eren to adjust that far. He focused on relaxing more that time around, and Levi teasingly stroked his dick. Eren let out a little whimper, whether from pain or pleasure, Levi didn't know. Levi hushed Eren, whispering in his ear that it would feel better soon, he promised.

With two fingers fully inserted, Levi began to pump them in and out. Eren had stopped tensing, and Levi deemed it was okay for the third finger to be inserted. He slowly inched the third finger into Eren's puckered hole as Eren squirmed in discomfort. He had been beginning to get used to the feel of it, only to get another surprise as Levi would add another finger. He felt the third finger enter him and he squirmed once again, telling himself to relax as Levi whispered to him. Eren forced himself to relax, as Levi kissed his back lovingly. He pumped all three fingers in and out, curling them as his fist hit Eren's entrance. Eren cried out in ecstasy.

"Levi! Do that again!" Eren cried as jolts of electricity traveled through his body. Levi smiled at Eren's reaction, knowing exactly what he had done to the boy. He hit the ball of nerves a few more times before pulling all three fingers out. He grabbed the condom packet, expertly opening it with two fingers. Eren felt oddly empty without Levi inside him anymore.

Sliding on the condom, Levi squirted an overly excessive amount of lube onto his dick. Levi pressed the head of his dick up to Eren's entrance. "Eren. Bite the pillow." He told Eren, knowing that it would hurt. He didn't want it to. He wanted Eren to feel the pleasure that he himself felt at seeing the man in this position.

Levi entered Eren, pushing past the ring of muscle, sliding in until he was fully buried in Eren. Eren felt tears prick his eyes as he bit down on the pillow. It hurt more than the fingers had and he was nearly ten times more uncomfortable. Levi reached down, grabbing Eren's dick and pumping it, once again using pleasure as a way to escape pain. Eren made a guttural noise at the sensation, slowly getting used to the feeling of intrusion. Levi bent down and kissed his back again, a soft apology. Levi felt tears pricking at his own eyes, knowing how badly it must hurt Eren. He focused on paying attention to Eren's dick though, rather than either of their emotional pain. He listened to the moans that Eren let loose, but was still holding back.

"Don't hold back Eren." Levi whispered to him. Levi kissed his back once more. "Are you alright?"

"Levi, as long as you're here I'll be alright." Eren admitted, no longer feeling the pain. Levi was still stroking and teasing his dick, running his finger over the slit. Eren knew he wouldn't last much longer unless Levi did something. "Would you move already?" He asked, fake agitation in his voice. Levi smiled at the eagerness of the younger male as he began to move. It took Eren a moment to adjust to, but in no time, he was writhing.

Levi pumped faster and harder, slamming his body into Eren's. The head of his cock slammed into Eren's sweet spot, and Eren cried out. "L-Levi!" He whimpered. "F-faster!" He moaned, the electricity igniting every single nerve in his body. Levi sped up, moaning as he felt Eren's tight ass wrapped around his cock. He groaned, slamming into Eren's sweet spot once again. With one hand anchored on Eren's hip and the other pumping Eren in rhythm with his own poundings, he felt a guttural noise rip out of the back of his throat as Eren screamed his name, announcing that he was going to come.

"Come for me, Eren, and I'll come for you." Levi enticed, growling every word with possessiveness. Eren shuddered as Levi hit the ball of nerves one last time, growling out Levi's name. Levi felt Eren's ass contract around his dick, and that was all it took for him to come. Levi cried out Eren's name in return, as they both collapsed. Levi pulled out of Eren, removing the condom and tossing it into the trashcan that was just past the night table.

Eren turned over, looking into Levi's eyes as he planted a kiss on his forehead, brushing his hair to the side of his forehead. Levi smiled as Eren pulled him into a hug. He turned over on his side as Eren held him, hoping that for once, his loved one didn't leave.

Levi had no nightmares that night.

Waking up to a cold bed, Levi flopped around, searching for the brunet he had grown so fond of. His eyes snapped open in fear at the lack of a lanky green-eyed, adorable Eren in Levi's bed. Levi bolted upright, looking around the room. He immediately slid off the bed, opening the bedroom door and darting to the kitchen to find the brunet.

Levi felt his stomach drop when he didn't find Eren in the kitchen or living room. He dropped onto the couch, the adrenaline coursing through his veins telling him to keep searching, but he needed a moment to gather his thoughts. He needed to track down his family's killers – the most likely suspect in the kidnapping of Eren. He had to find out how they got in and why there didn't seem to be any struggle.

Levi jolted upright when he saw a figure enter the livingroom.

"Levi?" Eren asked, wondering why the man was pale- well- paler than usual. Eren also wanted to know why he was sitting on the couch naked and not taking a shower or something. Eren had woken up that morning feeling the sweat covering his body and couldn't help but take advantage of the shower. "Are you alright? Why are you naked on the couch?"

"Eren." Levi's entire posture relaxed as he stood up, relief flooding his body. Eren was okay. Eren was safe and in his apartment and – clean? "You were showering." Levi stated as a fact, feeling immensely stupid. He slammed his palm into his face, walking to the bathroom himself to go shower, leaving a puzzled Eren behind.

Eren had woken up early because his back had been bothering him, so he hoped the hot water would help, which it did – immensely so. Realization dawned on Eren's face. Levi was concerned for him! He smiled privately to himself, thinking the man's actions absolutely adorable. He'd never say that to his face though. He was like a rabid puppy – cute, yet dangerous. Eren exited the living room and entered Levi's room, searching for a pair of boxers. He had lost his somewhere in the room the night before, and he was too lazy to find them.

He grabbed a pair of Levi's boxers. Their pants size wasn't too far off, and they fit him well enough, albeit a bit tight for his liking. He traveled into the kitchen; a bit bummed out that Levi didn't have a radio in it. Eren just hummed to a tune he knew and loved, pulling out all of the ingredients he needed for pancakes. He hadn't initially expected that Levi would have all the ingredients, but from the looks of it, Levi liked cooking.

Eren pulled out the pancake mix – thank god Levi had some – as he was too lazy to actually make pancakes from scratch. Just as he finished making the last pancake, Levi walked into the kitchen. He stood in the door, a horrified look on his face as he examined the mess that Eren had made all over the kitchen. Eren smiled sheepishly at him, holding out a plate with three pancakes on it. Levi took it, eyes wide, still staring at the mess.

"Your face is going to get stuck like that, you know." Eren teased, secretly concerned for Levi's kitchen. He seemed particularly mess-free in the kitchen, and Eren was pretty sure he just messed that up. He would clean after breakfast. It really wasn't as big of a deal as Levi was making it into.

Levi took a bite of the pancakes, frowning as he chewed. "What did you use to make these?" Levi asked while looking scandalized.

"I just used whatever the box told me to use." Eren rubbed the back of his head with his hand. He personally thought they tasted fine, but leave it to Levi to be picky about everything.

"These are awful!" Levi exclaimed, walking over to the pancake mix and throwing it into the garbage. "Don't ever use the mix. It's cheap and low quality. I only have it because I got it as a gift long ago and never had the heart to throw it away, though I should've." Levi admitted, retaking his seat. He was puzzled as to how Eren could eat such low quality food so comfortably. Eren shrugged, not really minding the taste. He continued to scarf down the remaining pancakes on his plate, but looked up disappointedly to see that Levi hadn't touched his. Eren sighed, resting his head on his hand. Levi looked up; feeling guilty immediately, but he simply wouldn't eat that food.

"Sorry for making a mess. I can clean it up." Eren said, standing. He felt the same sharp pain in his back that he felt earlier that morning. It was the same pain that had woken him up. Hadn't Levi said something about the pain? Eren grimaced, breathing in deeply to calm himself. Levi was immediately on his feet, his hands on Eren's shoulders.

"Don't. I can do it. You go lay down. I entirely forgot that it would hurt you today I am so sorry." Levi fussed. He nearly pushed Eren into the living room, forcing the remote on him. Eren's face conveyed his amusement. Levi, the man who pushed everyone away, was now babying Eren? He actually felt touched. He was special enough to be fussed over by Levi.

Levi returned to the kitchen attending to the mess. He put a rag over his face so that he wouldn't have to breathe in the cleaning chemicals. He had the kitchen sparkling again in no time. He walked into the living room when he finished, looking at Eren's sleeping form on the couch. Eren was lightly snoring and he was curled up into a ball on the couch. Levi had to repress the urge to walk over and snuggle him, simply for the fact that he needed to sleep.

Levi walked back out, taking the rag off of his mouth, and placing it in his laundry basket. He had to run down and do the wash soon. He figured it could wait another day though. Levi pushed the laundry basket to the side and wandered back to the living room, sitting on the opposite end of the couch as Eren. He grabbed one of Eren's feet and began massaging it. Eren let out a little sigh of content in his sleep. Smiling, Levi mindlessly watched the television while giving Eren's feet the royal treatment. Levi couldn't help but adore the younger man. He just seemed so adorable in his sleep. Of course, Levi would never tell him that to his face, but he liked watching the boy. He had no reign over his emotions and it was entertaining to watch them flash by his face. He was easy to read – the complete opposite of Levi. Some would say that he had the emotions that Levi lacked.

It wasn't that Levi didn't have emotions. He experienced them just as much as the next person. He just hid his emotions better. He didn't give a reaction to those who felt entitled to one. He denied them that, earning him both adoration and hatred. Levi loved the mixed reactions he got. He knew how to read others better than most people, which allowed him to get better at hiding his emotions. Levi frowned. He hadn't even thought about hiding his emotions around Eren once since the night before. He didn't want to have to hide from Eren. Levi wanted Eren to trust him, as Levi wanted to trust Eren. He wanted to be with Eren and make him happy.

Eren mumbled in his sleep, drawing Levi's attention. Levi couldn't quite make out the words, but he found it to be absolutely endearing. Levi sighed looking at the boy. Every few words or so, he could make out the boy saying is own name. Levi's brows furrowed as he listened to Eren, trying to figure out what he was saying. Levi sat back, ignoring him. It was probably just some mindless dream babble. It was probably something like 'pass the salt, Levi' or 'shush I'm sleeping, Levi.'

"Shush brat. Don't strain yourself." Levi whispered to the younger man. He could've sworn he had seen Eren's eyebrows furrow in frustration. Suddenly, Levi got a hilariously cruel idea. "Hey Eren, why did you eat all the ice cream?" He watched as Eren's face suddenly became very distressed and he started denying it.

"I dinn! Promise!" He called out as earnestly as a sleeping person could. Levi smirked. He should record what Eren was saying, but he figured he could just remember it. He relied on his memory more than many other things that he did anyway.

"Okay Eren, just go back to sleep, okay?" Levi enticed, mildly surprised at the reply he got.

"I dun wanna," The groggy voice whined, as if he were a child. "I wanna stay with Levi. I love Levi." Eren started squirming in his sleep, until Levi spoke up.

"I love you too."


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