The One Death that Affected Many

By Zero Flower 333

Summary: AU Fifth year after Lake incident. After Lily dumped Severus, Severus decides his life was no longer worth living and plans the ultimate revenge by killing himself because of his hopelessness and Lily's refusal to forgive him for his actions, even though she treated him the same way, and never asked for his forgiveness, despite her callous behavior. With Snape's untimely death, lives are changed, and with it, the world of magic and Fate herself. Unforgiving/Suicidal Severus, Major Character Bashing

Prologue: The Suicide

Severus Snape was not having a good day. James Potter and his merry gang made him hang upside down and swallowed some soap bubbles. He saw Lily Evans flirting with Potter and even smiled at his torment, implying that he deserved the suffering Potter heaped upon him. Afterward, Severus did not know what happened and called Lily a mudblood. Severus knew what he did was wrong, but Lily was even worse and his image of her as his guardian angel began to tarnish when Lily left him to Potter's so-called tender mercies. He decided that Lily was angry at him and everything would be patched up later.

However, when Severus tried to apologise for his actions, Lily had enough of him and decided to dump him like an unwanted piece of garbage. He did not even say anything, and Lily, in her cruelty, even had the guts to show no mercy to the one who introduced her to the Wizarding World and even denounced him in front of her Gryffindor buddies and Potter himself, who was smirking in the background.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Severus saw clarity after Lily, no Evans slammed the door of the Fat Lady for the first time in his life. Lily Evans was not his guardian angel, nor his best friend of seven years. His former best friend is gone, leaving a hypocritical, self-righteous, and a fair-weathered friend who only used him to her advantage and dumped him like yesterday's trash when he said the wrong thing, yet she did it twice, once by calling him Snivellus and the other to tell him to wash his underpants. Well, he would not be putting the likes of her any longer, she was no longer worthy of being protected and cherished, even though she did nothing to stop her house-mates bullying him.

Severus also saw that he was being used by everyone around him. Evans as a useful confidante only to be tossed like trash, Potter and his gang as an unwilling punching bag, Dumbledore as a target to keep his pets in line because he was a poor half-blood, and the Slytherins for his genius and brains. Currently Severus was in the Slytherin Common Room, deciding his current plan of action without any interference at midnight, when everyone was asleep. Severus decided that he would not go back to Spinner's End, since if he goes back, he would endure the abuse of his father and unwanted memories of the friend who betrayed his trust to flirt with Potter and to increase her social standing at his expense. Nor would he want to continue attending Hogwarts any longer, since he would be bullied at every turn by the betrayer Evans, who actually condoned the petty behavior of her housemates by her refusal to help and defend him, along with her Gryffindor friends who were always prejudiced and influenced her so much that he saw her as one of his chief bullies along with the Marauders instead of his best friend.

Severus also got his rose tinted lens removed when Lily is involved. For the first time, he saw that Evans was only using him for comfort and never even listened to him when he tried to tell her of Black and Potter's "prank" with the werewolf Lupin. Severus now saw Evans as a backstabber who was unconcerned for his welfare, even though he always cared about her, despite his problems at home. However, after Evans' betrayal, love and care was no longer in Severus' vocabulary, leaving only feelings of revenge, hatred against the world in general, and for the first time, thoughts of suicide because his life was no longer worth living.

Severus himself was planning his departure before the semester ends, which would be two days later. Since he decided that he would not return anymore, why not plan the ultimate Slytherin revenge against those that should had protected him and betrayed him at the same time?

In less than thirty minutes, Severus devised his ultimate revenge that would cause the guilty to suffer, but at the price of his life. Severus would gladly give his life because if he dies, he would no longer suffer the injustices of the world and he would not see the corruption of the institution that was Hogwarts and the people that inhabit it that should had cared about his welfare. As for the Slytherins, he would miss the days when he saw the Gryffindors being victims of Slytherins, but he would not miss the days of doing homework for them when they had the brains to hurt someone that was innocent as a first-year because of his poverty.

Severus devised a plan of his cunning that even Slytherin himself would admire, if the plan was not costly. In Spinner's End a year before the betrayal, he accidently saw a ritual next to his mother in the living room that would affect everyone around him. This ritual is called Betrayal Justice, and it has two conditions, which fits him fine. The first condition was that the person must suffer betrayal and hatred from the person he/she trusted the most and the people that should had protected him, but did not because of their selfish desires. The second condition was to cut one's non-wand arm and to kill himself with the Killing Curse to determine if his soul was worthy or not of justice, righteousness, and protection from the cruelty. The Killing Curse is the sole factor to determine if the person is worthy of protection or not, since it judges the intent and it is part of Magic, making her judgments just. Unlike other Killing Curses, where the body decays after death, this ritual would allow the body to be as fresh until justice is completely done, in which by then the soul was greeted by his creator to an unknown destination.

Severus knew that he needed to set this plan immediately or it would be too late. This ritual, unlike other rituals, would make Magic do your work for you even if the caster was not there because Magic is a fair being that does not like betrayers, abusers, racism, and death, but this is an exception because the person was betrayed by the entire world and revenge must be done or the magical community would decline because of petty grudges and prejudice. Severus knew this would work, and fifty minutes later, alone in the Slytherin Common Room in one of the sofas, he got a Pensive (which he saved all his money for) and stored all of his memories of it, from the abuse of his father to Evans' betrayal and the despair he felt, since Severus knew that an investigation of his death must occur before any revenge could take place. He also placed a few charms on the Pensive and wrote several letters about notes and to pinpoint the reasons of his suicide and then he cut out his left arm with his reliable Potions knife, wincing in pain in the process. By then, Severus welcomed death, with the blood dripping in his left arm, he remained firm, thinking all of the betrayals for a few minutes before he pointed his wand at himself and said, "Aveda Kedarva!" and died in the Slytherin Common Room, in peace and smiling, despite the pain his lost arm caused because he knew that Hogwarts and the entire Wizarding World would be judged for their actions against him.

Unfortunately, no one was alerted the death of Severus Snape until morning in Hogwarts because no devices or Hogwarts magic tell when a Slytherin died because the Headmaster himself was prejudiced against Slytherins and that Dumbledore does not think any Slytherin was worth protecting because they were evil just because of the House they were sorted in.

The moment after Severus' death, Magic herself intervenes and decides to do her first course of action, to tweak the Pensive and to send someone to be know of her wizard's death, since she considered the abused child her own son…and gave him powers to create his own spells…despite the dark and cruel world he suffered…he was loved but he never knew about it…because Magic cannot show herself because of restriction from above…


How did Severus get disillusioned about his so-called best friend?

Because he saw her smile at his torment and never even helped him once in their so-called friendship together for seven years. At first he did not want to think about it, but as her behavior appears more uncaring and more supportive to his tormentors, he had some serious thinking to do, and did not like the revelations he found…that and flirting with Potter was damaging his image of Lily. However, when Severus realizes that Lily would never forgive him, no matter how many times he said sorry while she did nothing, he finally realized his ex-best friend was a phony hypocrite who only cared about her shallow self and being in love with Potter, which was the final straw for him.

What letters did Severus wrote? You did not list them!

Letters of statement of his death, why his death occurred, his will, and letters to the so-called Hogwarts population in general happy about his torment while they did nothing and a letter to the five big Gryffindors, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and his so-called friend Lily Evans. Oh yeah, a letter for Dumbledore for failing his duty, prepared in advance because of his quick thinking skills and the other letters he had written before his suicide, which included the letters to Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins

Next chapter: Magic plans to send outsiders of those responsible of the deaths to Hogwarts with help and planning revenge in the most Slytherin way possible

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