The One Death that Affected Many

By Zero Flower 333

Summary: AU Fifth year after Lake incident. After Lily dumped Severus, Severus decides his life was no longer worth living and plans the ultimate revenge by killing himself because of his hopelessness and Lily's refusal to forgive him for his actions, even though she treated him the same way, and never asked for his forgiveness, despite her callous behavior. With Snape's untimely death, lives are changed, and with it, the world of magic and Fate herself. Unforgiving/Suicidal Severus, Major Character Bashing, Creature Gathering to see Judgment, Never Before Seen Secrets Viewed, Major Lily/James/Sirius/Remus/Dumbledore Bashing

Chapter Five: Telling the Potters

So far the Evanses had been gathered, except for the unreasonable Harold Evans, who seemed to think his youngest daughter was the brightest thing and his only true daughter that could do whatever she please, not caring the suffering others may endure because of them. Magic now set her sights to the Potter family...

After making sure the female Evanses were safely with her trusted lieutenants and creatures, Magic herself teleported to Potter Manor. She really did not like James; he was too arrogant, hypocritical, selfish, filled with hatred for one who did nothing much but hanging out with the horrible Evans girl, and does not deserve being the title of Wizard with all the "pranks" he did to her Severus. Even though it was around three in the morning, Magic appeared to the entrance to Potter Manor, where the wards were altered, causing Charles and Dorea Potter to wake up from their sleep.

Charlus came to the entrance and said, "Who are you that came so late in the night?! Did you know that we humans needed some sleep, even late as in past midnight!" and glared at the unwelcome visitor.

Dorea said and glared, "This better be important; or I will make you pay for losing my sleep!", even though Dorea feared the power of the woman before her. Dorea knew this woman, whoever she is, had incredible power and affected her magic core. She also knew that this woman would always tell the truth, even if the truth was unpleasant to hear. Charlus was the same and his surprise to the woman's power was evident.

Magic said, "Yes, this is very important. It relates to your son, James and you, Charlus Potter."

Charlus had his full attention. Surely his son did nothing to warrant trouble. However, he was curious. So he said, "Yes, what is James about? What did he do that caused problems for me? Anyway, how was he in trouble? Surely he has done nothing to deserve-"

Magic gave him a fierce glare and said, "He murdered one of his classmates, Severus Snape, and made you broke a contract. The contract that was the first one your family signed over five hundred years ago!"

Dorea said angrily, "What are you talking about? There is no contract made by us by the Snapes, a family our Jamie aloways boasted as evil. Surely-"

Magic said, "When Severus died, your entire family broke the contract of the Potters of five hundred years ago. The Potters were a new pureblood family back then and they wanted Gringotts to themselves. So they teamed up with-"

Charlus said, "We know the history. So us the Potters had teamed up with other purebloods to get Gringotts so we could be rich. There is a full scale war-"

Magic said, "Yes, in which you and the goblins fought in equal terms. Both sides had heavy deaths on their hands. Do you remember it was Severus Prince I who gave fifty percent of his money in order to remove the bloodbath of Gringotts? He had to pay every pure blood family or goblins would had been killed in the battle. The goblins do not want Severus Prince to give up his money (who was an important cilent of theirs) but they got no choice because of the abuse they faced. Now the last Prince, Severus Snape is dead, and your forefather Artemis Potter had signed with blood, along with every single pure blood family that accepted his gold, that if any one of his family members harmed a Prince, regardless of disownment or not, every member of the pure blood families will suffer for their actions. The suffering varies based on how the member of the Prince family is harmed."

Charlus and Dorea paled. They did not expect that their Jamesie would harm and even indirectly kill the last heir of the family that made them the rich family they were today. Everything the Potters had built over the last five hundred years were gone in smoke. Realizing the consequences of their son's folly, Charlus said, "How had this happened? I thought that Snape was an evil boy, but it seems I was wrong! Now my family has to pay for my son's mistakes! Now that my inheritance is non existent, I might as well ask the Princes and their final heir, Severus Snape, for forgiveness right now...let me go to the Prince graves right now..."

Dorea said, "I know Elieen was disowned, but I never expected her son to be the Prince heir. I did not believe the rumors of Severus Snape being evil. but my son convinced me otherwise with his dark magic and his suffering "because he exists." Now I know that I am doomed to suffer. However, surely someone disowned does not mean they are a Prince-"

Magic glared and said, "Disowned or not, Severus Snape and Elieen Prince were considered Princes on the contract Artemis Potter signed five hundred years ago. I was there when it all happened. Now that the last heir is dead, you had three choices. First choice, come to Hogwarts and see the punishment of your only son. Second choice, stay at home and let your son suffer the punishment of his sins. Third and final choice, sacrifice yourselves so your son would be freed of his punishment of becoming a squib. Which choice would you pick?"

Charles said, "This is a hard one to decide, Lady..."

Magic said, "There is a time limit. Talent is gone because of your son's folly. If you do not decide, I will decide for you. Did you also know that Lily Evans, the girl your James always talked about, was Severus' cousin? She was the one who abandoned the Prince heir to the dogs, thus causing his death and the consequences you face today!"

Charlus and Dorea were seeing red right now. At first, they both thought that the Snape boy was evil and would face the consequences of his actions. Now that the truth was fully revealed, they were more angry than upset, realizing for the first time that the girl James always talked about was the root cause of the problem why they would lose their lifestyle and their wealth all in one day...

Suddenly, Dorea knew her decision. She cannot live in a world where she would see her son suffer. She wanted him sheltered and safe. Part of her knew she was selfish for giving up her and Charlus' lives to not see any suffering, but they were old and wanted to live in a world that does not involve any suffering for their son.

So Dorea said, "Stop delaying, Charlus! I will decide; I want us both to sacrifice ourselves so James could be freed. We loved him, hence why we never taught him how to behave and spoiled him too much. If we are gone, James will probably become a better person..."

Charles was stunned. He did not expect his beloved Dorea to say such things, but was in too much shock about his inhertiance being gone and the Lily Evans talk and could only shaken his head "yes" to Dorea's final plea.

Magic said, "Deal. Your son will not be harmed in magic; he will retain his magic, but both of your magic cores would be drained for your son. You will not feel anything at first, but as time goes on, you will feel pain. You will feel sick after a certain period of time or you will also die sooner than expected. Do you still agree?"

Dorea said, "Yes. Drain our magic; but let our son be free! I would rather die than to see him suffer."

Magic looked at them sadly and nodded, They spoiled their son rotten and now they had to pay the price. With a final sad glance, Magic waved her hands and the cores of Charles and Dorea Potter were drained and their magic were given to various squibs around the world. Then they fainted, knowing that they would in time, eventually die or driven insane to give their lives for their only son...

With a final look at the Potters, Magic used her powers to summon an elf to take care of the Potters. Not a house elf, but an elf that could take care of sicknesses and obeyed her every command to take care of the Potters until they expired or go insane, whichever goes first, in order for James Potter to see his actions toward Severus had cost him. Afterwards, Magic left and decided to go to the Blacks next to notify them of the situation at hand...

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James Potter's magic taken away was too good for him, so he has to pay by losing his parents and inheritance instead. His parents spoiled him, so if they die, he would had to think for himself. His inheritance would be gone and he had to find a way to support himself and Lily. But he would not know this until he goes home and see his parents for the last time after the he and Lily had to earn the money the bread and butter way. Which they would not like in the first place, given the good conditions they lived before the Snape incident...

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