Okay...I figured out what AU meant..I think. It's like a story with the same characters but totally not how the writer wrote it right? That's my guess anyway.

So I decided to write an AU.

A Percabeth AU.

Note: Percabeth is my #1 ship. So, yah, who doesn't mess up their ship a little?

Haha, I mean come on. I always do it...

So Percabeth is gonna be a little...messed up in this story.

So enjoy!

PS: There aren't any demigod/gods in this story

Just so ya know!

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson. Only Uncle Rick the Sassy Troll does.

Chapter One: Battling For My Life and Other Extreme Sports


That's all I could tell myself. Just keep running, don't look back. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and sprinted past the vacant stores. The only noise to be heard was my pounding feet...and of course the sound of the men charging after me.

I took a quick left, and sprinted into an alley. I heard the men getting close, so I dived into the nearest hiding place.

Sadly, that place was into the dumpster.

As soon as I had crawled in and pulled the lid down, I realized how much it reaked. I gagged silently. At least there was hardly anything in it, seeing as today was trash day in this area.

Thank God.

I pulled out my phone and unlocked it. I had to call someone, anyone. Tell them where I was. Tell them not to worry.

As I was about to press the call button on my friend Grover's number, I heard a crash right outside the dumpster. I bit my lip and stayed very still and very quiet.

"Hey, Roger, you find her in there?" called a voice from right outside the hiding spot.

"I'm looking I'm looking!" said another voice. I breathed slowly, and pressed the call button on my phone.

I put the phone to my ear. It rang three times, then I heard his voice say, "Yo, Grover's phone!"

I did a tiny dance in my head. "Grover," I whispered, so the men outside wouldn't hear me.


"Yes. I'm in trouble. These guys ran after me on my way home and-"

"Say no more. Where are you?" I smiled. Yes, salvation.

"I'm on West Mai-" Suddenly, the dumpster lid was ripped off and one of the men was grinning evilly down at me. "Lookie Lookie what we have here. Yo Roger, I found her!"

I yelped and tried to squirm out of the trash, but the man grabbed my ankle and I fell face first into the ground.

"ACK!" I yelled, caressing my cheek with my hand. I tried to wriggle my foot from his grasp, but it was no use. He was too strong. I tried to pull the phone to my ear, but the man jerked it from my hands. "Now now, Missy. None of that." The man held the phone to his ear as the other man, Roger, came to us.

"Who is this?" The man asked Grover. I could hear Grover's gulp from here.

"Uh...a person. Who wants you to let Annabeth go!"
The man sneered. "Oh yeah? And who's going to make me?" And with that, my phone was in the trash can, and the man was bending down to me.

"You see, Annabeth, we don't like the ones who run. It's not very nice, and we hate to run."

"Maybe you should go on a diet. Might make you like running better," I said, glaring. The man chuckled. "Oh, we got a firecracker here, don't we Roger!"

"She ain't on fire though, George."

George smacked his buddy upside the head. "Idiot," he said under his breath.

"So, miss Annabeth, you're really a pretty thing. Isn't that right Roger?"

Roger laughed. "She sure is boss. Wonder what she'd look like without them clothes on." George nodded solemnly, like he was sad I had clothes on.


"Well we'll have to do something about that, don't we?" Roger rubbed his hands together like a greedy fat 7 year old. "Yes boss yes!"

George smirked at me and began to unbutton my sheer top. "N-no!" I screamed, and began thrashing. "Don't struggled, sweetheart. It only makes it harder on all of us."

Both men laughed and George continued to do the buttons, one by one. I began to cry, and thrashed more. I tried to kick Roger in the shins, but he was hard to kick.

Soon, my top was off and I was only in my undershirt, bra, and pants. "Ugh, layers. It's always hard to do the layers, ain't it Roger?"

Suddenly, there was a crash. "Get off of her!" yelled someone from the back of the alley.

Roger and George looked at the person, frightened.

"Crap, not him again!" Roger said, and he scrambled off the ground. "Sorry boss...I'm running!" With that, he ran away, leaving me and George to the stranger.

"So, you've come back, have you?" the man asked the shadowy figure. The person stepped forward, and I saw that he was in a plain blue hoodie and some jeans. On his face was a black mask.

"Come on, man. Why do you keep stopping us from having our fun?" George asked. The guy laughed. He actually laughed!

"Fun? Dude, newsflash, but raping girls who don't want any of your oldman stuff in them? Not fun."

"For them maybe." George put up his hands. "You wanna fight? I'll fight!" The boy in the blue hoodie just laughed.

"Fight? No man, I'm hear to rescue. Besides, you couldn't win if you tried." George sighed, agreeing.

"Fine, you win this round. But I'll get you!" With that, George turned and ran after his cowering partner.

I stared off at them, watching both disappear down the street, when suddenly a hand was on my arm. I jumped, but then I realized it was only the stranger in the mask.

"Are you okay?" he asked me. I nodded, getting off the ground. "Y-yeah." I said. I looked up at him and saw a pair of piercing sea-green eyes staring back at me. I ran a hand through my blonde hair.

"T-thanks. For saving me. I, uh, I really appreciate it." He smiled. "It's just what I do. Just next time, don't walk around New York alone. Especially at night. You think you can do that for me?" I bit my lip and nodded. "Yeah...by the way, I could've taken them. Ya know, before you came I had it totally under control."

He chuckled a bit. "So almost being raped is what you call 'under control'?" He asked me, pulling a piece of trash from my hair. I blushed. "No...I guess not. But thanks...again." He nodded.

"Might I get the name of my night in blue armor?" I asked, gesturing to his clothes. He shrugged. "Not really, blondie. Not really." I blushed and felt back at my blonde hair.

"Oh, and here." He handed me a black hoodie. I looked down at it. "How did you-"

"Like George said. I do this a lot."

"Oh. Well, thanks. I guess you should be on your way then...probably more girls than me about to get raped. Or hurt." The guy nodded.

"See ya around, blondie," he said, and with that, he was gone, scaling up the ladder on the side of the building.

"Goodbye..." I said to his retreating figure.

Once he was gone, I looked down at the black hoodie in my hands. I smiled at it, and slipped it on. I grabbed my sheer top from the ground, and grabbed my phone from the trash can.

Turns out, Grover was still on the phone.

"Grover?" I asked. "Annabeth? Are you okay?" I nodded, then realized he couldn't see me.


"I heard what happened. Who was that guy?"

"I don't know...but he saved me. And for that, I owe him much."

"Okay. Well, do you want me to come pick you up?"

"Yes. I'm at West Main and Marigold." {Note: I don't know if these are actual streets in New York.}

"Okay, stay put. I'll be there soon."

"Okay, bye Grover."

I hung up, and sat on the curb, waiting for my best friend to pick me up. I began to think of questions. Why do people like to rape people? Why didn't I fight back better? Why did I have to go inside a dumpster? Why does trash have to reek? Why is no one around? Why did I have to walk home alone? Why didn't I just text Grover?

And, the most important question of all...

"Who was that boy in blue?"