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Chapter Three:

"Is she okay?"

"Yo man, shh, I think she's waking up."

"Look at her face. Man I really think we should get her to a hospital."

"Waste of time. They won't be able to do anything. And she's not exactly ER material."

"Fine...but maybe we should at least take her to CareNow or something?"

"Perce, man, she's fine. Come on, chill. Look, she's getting up."

I slowly opened my eyes, the crust in the corner's of my eyes sticking them together. Above me were two concerned faces. I blinked a couple times, trying to make the colorful dots in front of my eyes disappear.

"Annabeth?" Grover was looking down at me, on the opposite side of the bed from Percy Jackson. I shook my head.

"W-what?" I suddenly started to cough ferociously. Percy grabbed a bottle of water from the little sea-green nightstand next to the bed. He uncapped it and held it close to my lips.

"Here," he said softly, and tipped it into my mouth. I gulped it down, the cool clear liquid soothing my throat. He pulled it away and recapped it. I cleared my throat.

"Thank you," I said softly. He nodded, offering me a soft smile. I looked over at Grover. " want to tell me what happened?"

Grover bit his lip, looking over at the raven-haired boy on the other side of the bed. Percy shrugged. "She deserves to know."

Grover sighed. "It was...Luke."

I bolted up at the mention of my ex-boyfriend. Suddenly, a burst of pain went through me, and I clutched my head. "Yesh!" Percy took my head and shoulder in his hands, carefully laying me down on the soft plush comfort of my bed.

"What do you mean, it was Luke?" I asked the two. Grover and Percy exchanged looks, and I fumed. "Grover, you know I hate when you keep things from me," I said crossly.

My redish-brown-headed friend gulped, looking away from me. "He maybesortakindahityouagain."

I blinked, leaning closer to Grover. "I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you correctly, would you repeat that Grover?" I didn't want to believe it. I did not want to think of Luke Castellian harming me again. He had promised me never again...about six times ago.

Percy put a hand on my shoulder, making me flinch. He noticed and recoiled, placing his hand in his lap. "I saw it happen, Annabeth. Well...most of it, I believe. See, I heard you scream and ran to you as fast as I could! I was too late though; Luke was beating up on you badly. You were outcold at the time I finally got there. Anyway, I swung the door open and that Luke kid turned around with eyes like the devils, if you would believe. You would've thought he was possessed or something to that effect."

My eyes widened. "R-really? Like, hypnosis or something like that?"

Percy shrugged. "I don't know, Annie, but I do know that Luke Castellian won't be Goode High's Team Captain any longer," the raven haired boy said, smirking. I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Do I even want to know?" I gave my new friend a cross look, which was replied with by a smug expression. "Actually, don't tell me. Well...okay tell me, but spare me the details, please."

Percy chuckled a little. "Let's just say our unbeloved captain is...momentarily occupied in the ER."

I gasped, my gray eyes looking at him with both awe and anger. "You put him in the emergency room?" I asked him, blinking up at the boy.

Grover, who had been quiet for a while, finally spoke. "Oh my gosh Annabeth, it was so cool! Perce here called me and told me to get some perimedics for you and possibly a body bag for Luke. When I finally got there, Percy was helping you out while Luke was knocked out and stuff. There was blood literally everywhere! It was so amazing!"

Percy smiled a bit, then looked back at me. "Yeah...pretty much sums it up." I looked at him a moment, and sighed. "At least he won't be around for a while," I said, getting up on my elbows. "I think I'm fine now, Grover. You can get off my legs now."

Grover jumped. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Annie! I didn't know those were your legs!"

Percy and I looked at each other a moment, then busted up laughing. "It's fine Grove, really, it's fine." I pulled my legs up to my chest, hugging them close to me.

"So guys, how long was I out?"

Percy shrugged. "Like, two hours at the most. I don't know where you live, and Grover said your house was unoccupied anyway, so I brought you here." He gestured to the room, which I just realized was unfamiliar to me.

I looked around the blue-colored room, decorated with sea green and blue decor all around. There were photographs littering the walls, of which contained a little boy with raven hair and a familiar looking lady. They all seemed to be of Percy and his mother, actually.

"I take it this is your room?" I pointedly asked Percy. The boy nodded, his raven hair falling into his eyes. "At that fact you would be correct, Miss Chase. Welcome to Casa de Jackson."

I offered him a smile, which he returned. Grover cleared his throat. "Hey, Perce, where's your mom at? I think she'll want to know her favorite costumer is hanging up in her son's room, don't you think?"

Percy seemed to ponder this a moment, then nodded. "Yeah, I'll get her. She's down in the shop." Noticing my raised eyebrow, Percy stated, "we brought you up the back way."

"Oh," I responded sheepishly, leaning up against the wall, looking at the two. There was a small silence after that, one of the uncomfortable ones. They were the worst, to be totally honest.

I was staring at Percy, who was staring back at me with deep sea green eyes much like the color of his nightstand. Eyes that seemed so familiar, yet so far away. I bit my bottom lip lightly, a blonde strand of curled hair falling in my face.

Shifting on the bed, I crossed my legs and placed my hands in my lap. I realized then I was still in my school clothes, which probably reeked of blood and sweat from fighting with Luke. I looked back up at Percy, who's eyes were still on me. I smiled softly at him. The corner of his mouth turned up, returning my smile with half of one himself.

It was Grover who broke the silence. "Perce, d'you happen to have any soda?" my best friend asked the raven-haired boy. Percy continued to stare at me a moment, then pulled his eyes from mine, glancing at Grover.

"Yeah bud, downstairs in the kitchen I showed you earlier. Bottom shelf."

Grover nodded, getting off the bed, which made the bed springs squeak. I winced at the noise, as did Grover. "I'll be right back," he said as he exited to pursue his soda.

I watched him leave, subconsiously wondering why he shut the door.

Percy sighed, making my eyes go fall upon him. "What?" I asked him curiously.

The boy shook his head. "It's nothing, I've just, well, never had any friends over before. Or, you know, friends really. It's kind of weird, telling people where things are and stuff. I've never had to do it before."

I tried, I really did, but I could not hold back a small chuckle.

Percy looked at me sharply. "What's so funny, Miss Chase?" he asked, a bit offended one might believe, as his tone was a bit bitter and had a dash of hurt mixed into it. I shook my head, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Seriously? You're worried about having new friends? Wow, you're worse off than I had originally thought!" Percy blushed a deep red after that, making me crack up.

"Aw, that's adorable. The boy blushes!" I laughed out, poking his cheek. He glared at me, which of course made me laugh even harder.
"Ow, okay okay, I can't laugh, can't laugh!" I exclaimed, clutching my ribs. Percy suddenly became alert.

"Are you okay Annabeth?" he asked me, putting a soft hand on my ribs. I flinched, unexpecting of his touch. He noticed, pulling the hand away and setting it in his lap.

"I'm, uh, fine. It just hurts a bit when I, you know, breathe." I winced again, putting another hand to the spot of pain.

Percy looked at me with concern written all over his expression. "Is there anything I can do?" he asked me.

Shaking my head, I leaned my head against the wall. "Not much, really. Maybe hand me my water bottle?"

He nodded, passing me the plastic water bottle, which was half filled with the cool liquid. I uncapped the bottle, pulling the mouth of it to my lips. I sipped the water, the clear Ozarkian water. Pulling the bottle away from my mouth, I wiped my mouth.

"Thanks, I needed that," I said as I set the plastic bottle on the nightstand.

He nodded. "Of course. Anything for a friend."

I smiled a bit at that. "See, first day of school, a place totally new to you, and you've already learned how to be a friend to someone. That really shows something about your personality, you know."

He cocked a dark eyebrow. "And what, may I ask, is that?"

Smiling, I replied, "It shows the caring and amazing person inside you."

He smiled back. "Thanks, Annabeth," he said in a soft voice, which flew through the air like the perfume of a rose.

"Oh my gosh I can not believe you actually have cans of Mellow Yellow!" boomed Grover as he busted into the room. I jumped.

"Grover Underwood, do not storm into a room like that without announcing your presence, especially when there are wounded people in said room!" I yelled at Grover, who jumped in return.

"Sorry Annie," he said in a low voice as he sat down in the blue spinny chair that stood between two shelves at Percy's white desk. "Anyway, Perce, how do you actually have real aluminum cans of Mellow Yellow? It's like, the best drink on Earth!" Grover popped open the yellow can, the familar hissing of the afforementioned drink fizzing filling the air.

Percy shrugged. "I might know a person," he said as Grover tossed him one. Grover pointed his attention at me.

"Annabeth, you want one? I can go get it for you if you do." I shook my head at Grover, answering his question with a no.

"Remember Groves? I'm boycotting Coca-Cola," I said, grabbing my water and taking another sip of it.

Percy and Grover both gave me weird looks. "Annabeth, Mellow Yellow isn't Coca-Cola," Grover said, pointing to his can for emphasis.
I rolled my eyes, reaching out for the yellow can. "Let me show you, my dearest but ignorant friend, how Coca-Cola sells more than, well, Coca-Cola."

Grover sighed, getting up and handing me the small can. I trailed my pointer finger along the smooth cool metal, searching for the commonly-known signature that represented and was created by the beloved Coca-Cola Company. Finally, my finger found the familar signature embedded on the label, the curved font white on the yellow backround. "See here, Mr. Underwood?" I asked my friend, shoving the can in his face. "Coca-Cola, right there on the can."

The tall angry boy stomed away, muttering something about how it wasn't fair that I was the smart one. He walked out of the room mumbling something about going downstairs to tell Percy's mom we were in here. I shrugged and Percy nodded in approval.

After Grover had left Percy turned back to me. "It's pretty cool how you know stuff like that," he said as he set his own unopened can down on the nightstand.

My eyebrows rose. "Stuff like what, exactly," I asked him.

Percy gestured to his Mellow Yellow. "You know, random facts about things like Coca-Cola and how you can recite the first two books of Harry Potter."

Shrugging, I took another sip of water. "I just like to know a lot is all. And you happen to be looking at Manhattan's reigning Trivia champion," I said proudly, a smile playing at my lips.

Percy nodded, looking impressed. "Really?" he asked me in an interested voice as he crossed his legs Indian style, his body faced towards me.
I grinned, my head bobbing up in down as I nodded. "Five years running, and I have the annual tournament coming up if you want to come."

Percy looked a little surprised. "Wait, you're asking me to come to your competition? But don't people usually only ask their close friends to those things? Besides, you hardly know me!"

A smirk played at my lips as I crossed my arms. "You done now?" I asked him, and he nodded. "Honestly, I think I know you well enough now that you can be classified as my close friend. You did just save my life and all. Besides, if only Grover goes, it'll look like I have no friends."

It was Percy's turn to smirk. "Wait, you do have friends?" I threw the nearest throw pillow at him, hitting him square in the chest. "Hey!" he exclaimed in a surprised voice, making me giggle a little.

"You know, you make the dopiest face when you're surprised," I said coyly, making Percy glare at me.
"Oh really?" He grabbed another pillow. "Shall we see yours?"

Suddenly, I was coughing feathers out of my mouth. "Oh my gosh Percy! That's it!" Despite my injuries, I lunged at the boy, a blue pillow in my hand. I tackled him to the ground, pounding the pillow into his chest as we fell of the bed. I giggled and continued to hit him, me on top of him, my legs off to the side so it wasn't like I was straddling him.

"S-stop Annabeth!" he laughed out, throwing his hands in the air trying to stop me. I smirked again, leaning in close to his ear.

"Nope!" I said in a giddy voice, resuming my beating of the black-haired boy. He squirmed, trying to move to get the advantage. I wouldn't let him, but somehow he managed to anyway. He grabbed the pillow and flipped us over so he was towering over me, and my laughs died.

"You wouldn't," I said, my eyes narrowing. He played with the ends of the pillow, and sighed, tossing it onto the bed.

"You're right," he said solumnly, looking down at me. I nodded. "I knew it. Now help me up," I held my hand out to him. He shook his head, leaning in close.

"Oh no, I'm not done with you yet." Before I coud ask what he meant by that, he was tickling me. I began to giggle, something that really hurt me due to my injuries, but honestly that was the last thing on my mind.

"Percy sto-o-o-p!" I choked out between my laughter, but the boy shook his head. "Never!" he shouted as he attacked my sides with his long fingers.

"Stop it Jackson!" I screached, trying to kick him away. Ah, but the boy seemed to be a stubborn one. He continued to tickle me, making me laugh uncontrollably.

"Teach you to mess with me Annabeth Chase!" He chuckled, bringing his hands under my armpits and tickling them.
"S-stop that's my ticklish spot!" I exclaimed, which only made him laugh harder.
"Thanks for the tip!"

This went on for about 10 minutes until neither of us could take it anymore. Soon I was back on the bed, Percy lounging next to me, leaning against the wall with his arms behind his head.

We finally both recovered our air, and Percy decided to break the silence.

"Hey, just out of curiousity, why exactly are you boycotting Coca-Cola?" he asked me, his head turned towards me.

I looked up at him. "Huh?"

He chuckled slightly. "Earlier, you mentioned to Grover that you're boycotting Coca-Cola. Why is that?"

I reached for my water bottle again, but realized it was empty. I shook my head. "Percy, can you go get me more water? I'm out," I said as I held the plastic bottle in the air.

Nodding, he said, "Okay. You can tell me why later." I responded with a slight nod as he got up and left the room.

I sighed, leaning my head against the wall behind the bed. I began to look around Percy's room, my eyes soaking in every detail. The waves that were painted on the walls and the drawers of the dresser, the sea green chest that stood at the foot of his bed, a black hood poking out of it, the socks that were thrown on his white desk, the pretty lamp that resembled the one that always got broken in Wizards of Waverly Place, the blue hoodie that was poking out from behind the bed, the guitar that was clamped in place on it's pedistal, the-wait a minute.
I cautiously stood, walking over to the foot of the chest. There was a black hoodie poking out of it, one that seemed too small for Percy. I looked back at the closed door, as if checking to make sure Percy wasn't coming, and silently opened the chest.

My eyes grew wide. The whole chest was filled with black hoodies, all too small for Percy Jackson. They looked

"Girls hoodies," I whispered. I shook my head. "Why would Percy have girl's hoodies?" I asked myself aloud. My eyes drifted over to the blue hoodie peeking out from under the bed.

"No way," I said to myself as I knelt down, picking the hoodie up. It was similar to the one the Boy in Blue had worn, but there was no way it was it, was there? Blue was obviously Percy's favorite color, and it wasn't uncommon for guys to own hoodies.
But what about the black hoodies? The back of my mind screamed at me. I shook my head.

They could be his mom's...

Yeah, but you don't know that for sure, do you Annabeth?

Maybe he has a sister.

Didn't he say he was an only child?

W-well maybe he doesn't know how to wash blacks! Yeah, that's it. He can't wash his own clothes, and he had to keep rebuying the same hoodie to prove a point or something. Yeah, yeah that has to be it. Besides, wouldn't the mask be with the hoodie?

I don't know Annabeth. I think he maybe your Knight in Blue-

No way! Now...go away conscience! I don't need you!

I shook my head. Great, now I was fighting with myself. I carefully replaced the blue hoodie on the floor and, just as silently as I had opened it, I closed the lid of the chest. I sighed, sitting back on the bed. Just in time as well, for in that moment the door flew open, revealing a tall shadowy figure, of which suddenly lurched at me.

So there it is folks, the most recent installment of "Boy in Blue". I again apologize for the agonizing delay of this simple chapter of the tale. To be quite frank, it was a bit of a filler. Well, that stuff at the end wasn't, but it really was wasn't it?
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