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"Mommy? Daddy? Where are you-Ah!"

Two bodies. One male, one female. A small boy stands in the doorway.

"Daddy! Mommy! Wake up! Why? Why won't you wake up! Mommy, Daddy…"

The male's body twitches. Five words.

"If…if only you never existed…"

More red, then nothing. A place frozen by death.


A scream. Lights flash. Sirens go off.

"Another victim…Why is it that these deaths only happen when this boy is with them?"

People watching from a distance. Eyes filled with disgust, hate, fear. Crying.

"We should burn him!" "Kill him!" "That child brings nothing but misfortune to us!" Throw him away!" "He's cursed! We should get him exorcised!"

More and more outbursts of complaints and hate. More crying.

"I'll take him."

A voice.

"What?" "Is she crazy?" "Just let her take him. Not our fault she's going to end up dead."

Murmurs of alarm spread through the crowd.

"I said, I will take him. Now, come here, child. What's your name?"

The small boy walks slowly towards the stranger. She welcomes him into her arms.

"Now…What's your name?"

People's eyes widen.

"No! The name must not be spoken or heard! If you do, you'll be cursed!"

More whispers of fear. The crowd moves away, covering their ears.

"So child. Tell me your name."


It has been a 5 years since Ms. Jean took me in. She was able to keep my story as vague as possible, so as to not alarm the other children. However, even without that little untold part of my past, I was still alone. But I was used to it. No one would ever want to associate with someone like me. A child who brings misfortune wherever he went. And if they did, I would be sure to give them a reason to stay away. It might be a bit mean, but what else was I supposed to do? Sometimes, I think that it would've been better if I was dead. There have been over several incidences where I tried to commit suicide, but every time, one of the children sees me and tries to stop me, causing Ms. Jean to rush over to see what the commotion was all about. A few children come to me asking questions about myself, but they leave after a few minutes of silence, and some don't come back. The number of people dwindled, soon leaving me alone. But this was perfectly fine with me. I would rather be alone than face all those torture and abuse they put me through.

Today, we had a new addition to the orphanage. Siblings from somewhere that I don't even bother to remember. I caught the sister looking at me curiously, but when she noticed I caught her, she just smiled at me, and looked back at the crowd of children surrounding the two. I left soon after we broke eye contact, retreating to my room. Little did I know that she would change my life forever.

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