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Castiel has many charges along the Winchesters. The only one who he could say was in competition with the brothers was a young hunter called Delilah, of course she died a long time ago in the 1800s, 1896 to be more precise, it had be her destiny to stop a portal that would of destroy the world. The portal lead to Hell itself, Delilah had sacrificed herself to stop the portal and had fulfilled her destiny at the age of 25. But Castiel had grown too attached to this charge, he had fallen in love with her, he did everything in his power to try and advert the events but nothing changed, he watched her be engulfed by the fiery flames of Hell and the portal closed. He had promised himself to have never built a strong relationship with his charges again but the Winchesters were pushing the limits of that promise.

Delilah had a dark past that was what leads her to hunting. She became famous for hunting demons and witches and became a bounty hunter for hire whenever people had supernatural problems. Castiel had been assigned to her when she was 15, she much like Dean, wasn't convinced and attacked him when he appeared before her, another reason he just didn't appear in front of Dean but that didn't seem to matter because Dean still attacked him. When she was convinced, she became more and more focused on her hunting. This lead to more and more time with Castiel, she enjoyed the hours they had together, most of the time they had spent hours on the hunts and the strange events that were happening all over the world. Rituals were taking place, which made Delilah more cautious of what was going on, her years of hunting had taught her many things and this said something big was going down. The Angels knew of her fate but Castiel didn't, so he helped her in every way possible and that lead them to being more than friends and that lead to one night that changed everything, Delilah had given birth to a baby girl at the age of 25, Castiel afraid of what the other Angel's would think of this, had made sure no other Angel would find out about the child and hide the child from them. The baby girl hadn't gotten to know her mother and Castiel had given her the name Delilah after the death of Delilah. He gave the baby girl to a trustworthy family and made sure that she was always protected.

The baby girl, Delilah, had grown up with a normal life but wasn't normal herself, she had abilities that not many knew about, healing, transporting in the blink of an eye were some of the few that had been passed down into her. Her family had not told anyone of this, afraid of what they may assume they kept it a secret and she had lived, loved and given birth to five children who had also inherited the gifts.

Castiel was sitting on the bench near a playground, watching a certain child play amongst the others. Dean had come across Castiel one of the times he had been here and had asked why, Castiel simply answered that he enjoyed watching God's innocence in the young children but there was another reason he watched, he watched a certain young girl called Anna. She had Dark wavy brown hair just like Delilah had and the same piercing light blue eyes with a special flower pattern in them that made them so beautiful. Anna's mother had come here every Saturday with her daughter. Anna's Dad was on the police force and died in on the field when she was two, she was now five. Anna's mother, Beth, talked to Castiel most of the time she was there, normal conversation as it was.

Dean had happened to sneak up on Castiel, which surprised Dean as much because he had never been able to do that. Cass tried to conceal the surprise but was failing, he felt off balance today and depressed, tomorrow was the date Delilah had died and he had always felt dread and despair on that day, being in heaven had helped put those emotions aside but being on Earth was making him even more human and he was beginning to feel more and more and that almost scared him.

"Hey Cas," Dean started up a conversation, Dean knew that there was another reason Cas came out here every Saturday and he was determined to know why, "You know if you keep staring people are gonna start to talk." Dean smiled at Cas's confused face.

"Talk of what?" Cas questioned, not understanding what Dean was talking about and he couldn't actual care what Dean had meant by it, he was too far gone in his thoughts to care what Dean was talking about.

"Doesn't matter, hey I think that girl's checking you out," Dean pointed over to Beth, who was looking at Castiel, Cas didn't want Dean to talk about this, talking about Beth and Anna was a touchy subject today and would be tomorrow and knowing Dean he wouldn't hear the end of it.

"No she is not, now leave it be," Cass hadn't meant for it to come out so harshly but he wasn't in the mood for this conversation. Seeing the hurt on Dean's face Cass sighed, "I am sorry Dean I did not mean for it to come out so harshly."

"Hey it's alright, you want to tell me what's the matter?" Cass knew that was coming, the most annoying thing about the Winchesters was their ability to sense discomfort or problems and of course Dean persisted with situations that were none of his concern.

"Nothing is the matter Dean," Cass answers before getting up and turning to walk off. Dean scrunched his face before stopping Cass.

"Bullshit, truth now!" Dean was getting angry at Cass now; he wasn't having any of this secret shit anymore.

Cass turned and glared at Dean, "It is none of your business, stay out of it," Cass looked around to make sure no one was watching before disappearing.

Dean was left standing there with anger boiling inside of him, "Damn it!" He shouted, eyes glared at him and a pair gave him a strange feeling, a small pair with an amazing flower pattern, as apphire blue piercing, to be honest, he would say they were a spitting image of Cass's but something else was in them that made his head displace the idea. He smiled and then walked off.

Cass didn't care what the brothers would think of him, he arrived at a liquor store not far from the park, he remembered that Dean had used it to clear away bad memories and of course he knew from experience that it does work but only for a short period of time but that was all he needed, He just needed it to last for a while and then he could go back to just being himself and not having these overwhelming emotions.

Dean had arrived at Bobby's still in anger but now he was worried, that wasn't like Cass, something was clearly wrong and he had to find out.

"Hey what's the matter with you?" Bobby asked as Dean was stomping into the house, this caught the attention of Sam as well, who got up from where he was sitting and walked over to Dean.

"Something's wrong with Cass," Dean said unable to calm himself.

"Is he hurt?" Sam asked as he glanced over to Bobby as if he knew the answer.

"No, he just basically gave me the middle finger," Dean looked at Sam, who had a confused look on his face and Bobby who had pretty much the same look, "Which he still doesn't understand."

"What do you mean?" Bobby asked, walking in closer to Dean.

"I mean, you know how he goes down to the park every Saturday and he gave me that excuse," Dean explained as both, Sam and Bobby, nodded, "Well I wanted to find out really what was going on and I mentioned that a girl was checking him out and he went off his head at me saying it was none of my business."

"Who was the woman?" Bobby asked, needing more information on the subject.

"I don't know, sorta dark brown short hair, green eyes," Dean answered and Sam looked up at the response, "You know her?"

"Yeah, Cas told me about her once, he wouldn't go into much detail but said that she was an old friend that he liked to check on," Sam explained as Dean looked even more confused.

"Cass has other friends?" Dean gave an almost offended look to that thought before quickly shaking it off and turning to Sam, "So what? He has a go at me for talking about her, that doesn't add up."

Before either Sam or Bobby could answer, they heard a flutter of wings, all turning around, expecting Cass to be there giving them the answer to all their troubling questions but behind them stood two figures, one of which they hadn't thought they would ever see again.

"I believe this belongs to you," A smug smile appears on the person's face. Nearly all of them let a gasp slip from their lips, as they looked wide eyed, stunned at the figures.

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