chapter 1:

how they got together part


"i need to use the bathroom" i said as i stumbled out of bed. i was wearing a big t-shirt that was dark purple. i walked to my room door and opened it. i walked down the hallway to the bathroom. ever since that last fight with the brotherhood of evil, instead of everyone going home, we decided that we all stay here and live together. that may have been the worst mistake that Robin ever made. there was no privacy, and almost every day, someone would walk in on someone doing something. rarely, people had fights but, it was sometimes over something stupid. eventually, the tower turned into the bad girls club. where we had to avoid fight's and there was fights but it usually left the house a wreck. i kissed my teeth. eventually some people moved out, because they couldn't take it, like Pantha, Kole, and Gnarkk. but some of us got along fine. i felt the wall. i remembered that Starfire's room was just a hallway away from the bathroom. i walked down the hallway, that the bathroom was in. i rushed to the bathroom. she opened the door and went in as quickly as she could. her eyes were closed, she didn't feel like opening them, even though the light in the bathroom was already on. she stepped in and the closed the door.

~Jerichos perspective~

i heard the bathroom door open. I turned my head to look and then i saw, Raven. she was wearing no shorts, or pants, just an extra large dark purple T-shirt. she had her eyes closed and she seemed like she didn't know i was in here. Thank god, she didn't have her eyes open. or else she would of seen my penis. i put my penis back into my boxers and flushed the toilet. she opened her eyes. i did a wide smile at her and waved, trying to make this situation less awkward. she looked at me wide eyed. then i realized that she was staring at my abs. i remembered that i came here only in my boxers. "oh, um i'm i'm sorry" she said as she backed away. i reached forward so i was able to say something. i accidentally grabbed her boob.

"It's okay, Raven. you don't have to apologize"

she looked at me. she ran out the bathroom. i faced palmed myself. was i too weird for her? i walked out the bathroom down the hall to my room. i opened the door and sat on my bed. now that i think about it, Raven looked pretty, in regular clothes. not that she didn't look pretty already. i imagined her in one of my t-shirts, and nothing else. she looked, SEXY. and i felt a sensation. i then shook my head. no i can't imagine her like that! then an image of her in lingerie flickered into my head. then i felt another sensation heat my torso. i felt my penis tingle. i shook my head. no Jericho! don't think that. then an image of raven NAKED somehow put itself in my head. i felt my penis bulge. i shook my head again. stop imagining these things! then another image flickered into my head. it was of Raven sucking my dick. she looked so SEXY. i shook my head again. i should go to sleep. i began to lay in my bed and closed my eyes.


i tried to close my eyes and sleep, but every time i closed my eyes, i seen an image of Jericho the things a couple would do. i closed my eyes again. i seen an image of Jericho, his head was in the middle of my legs. i felt tingling in my torso. i squeezed my eyes even tighter. the image then changed into an image of me sucking Jericho's dick. i opened my eyes. now that i think of it, how long is Jericho's... thing? i shook my head. i got out of bed and sat on the floor crossing my legs. i obviously wasn't going to fall asleep, so i may as well meditate. i began to levitate off the ground. "hey! Raven's here!" happy said. "ravens here?" all the other emotions said in different tones. "hey hey, raven" joy said. "hi" i replied. "so why am i getting these thoughts?" i asked my emotions. "well, um, lust caused them" sadness said. "lust? who's lust?" i asked my emotions. "oh, well lust is the new emotion you have!" joy said. "she's a bit nasty, but, she is still good!" adventurous said. "how long has lust been there?" i asked. "oh, well, um, lust has been there since you had feelings for beast boy. you just never met her" sadness said. "lust is a little annoying like that! always hiding!" Rage said. "well, where is she now!" i asked. "right here!" lust said. "so lust, why are you giving me these images of Jericho?" i asked. "well, you weren't complaining when it was Beast boy. now were you?" lust replied. "well, that's different! i'm over him now that he got back with Terra! so please give me a straight answer!" i asked lust. "i believe it would be best to give her the correct answer, a straight answer" polite said. "fine! well since that little encounter with that hot Blondie! i decided that you deserve to have lust for him. plus, he touched you sexually" lust replied. "that was accidental!" i replied. "well, whatever! your going to get with him, and you can't do nothing about it!" lust replied. i then stopped meditating and then went to bed.



i woke up. i hopped out of bed and put on my usual outfit. i sighed. i have to get ready for another episode of 'teen titans club'. i opened my door and headed down the hallway to get to the living room. when i got to the living room i saw Raven drinking Herbal tea. i also saw Robin,