~Authors note:

So yeah, i know the chapter didn't come out early, but i have been busy. Plus i've really been into LOK and Avatar the last airbender. In my last chapter, i put that Dos Equis was a wine or something like that, well, when i put it in I already knew that it was a Lager, but i made Terra say wine to show the fact that she's drunk and is mindlessly doing and saying absurd things. Plus, you may not like where this story goes, especially if you don't like reading about pregnancy and the ups and down in love... OOPS! I said too much*wink, wink* Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this. Oh! Also if you love this story please read my other story. It's about Raven and beast boy, at first.


I woke up. My eyes were crusty and surprisingly, the room wasn't as light as it should be. I opened my eyes and saw Raven. Then suddenly the warmth of our bodies together filled me. We were connected, which means we had sex. Which means that I'm naked! I pulled out of her, putting us into separation. She opened her eyes. We stared at each other. Everything from last night, is a blur.


I woke up to starring into Jericho's big green eyes. He was staring dumbfoundedly. He looked as if he couldn't remember a thing.

what happened?

He asked me.

"you mean, you don't remember?" I asked. He shook his head at me. I sighed. "Well, if you didn't get the assumption, we had sex... If you can't remember... does that mean that...you were drunk?" I asked in my Monotone.

no, that doesn't mean i was... well i did come from a club but...

I felt the emotions that were swimming around his head. He was puzzled on what to do and speechless on what to say. "Hmph. You don't remember at all do you?I thought it was for real. i should've known when i tasted the liquor in your mouth. I should've known you were drunk. I can't believe I let you use me for pleasure, when you were in a horrible state of mindlessness. I should've known" I said, while getting up.

Wait, Raven, i can explain, I-

"Don't even try that! Don't try that with me!" I screamed before my jewelry box flew across the room, and hit the wall. "What were you going to say? Hmm? What were you going to tell me? What were you going to say? Were you going to 'explain' what happened, hmm? Were you going to 'explain' how you got drunk? Were you going to 'explain' what YOU feel happened!?" I yelled before the drawers in my dresser flew across the room, the papers flung around, the candles tipped over, the mirrors shattered, and the drapes opened and shut wildly.

Raven, calm down. Look, i'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I was drunk! I lost control, it's not my fault! If it makes you feel better, i don't have, negative feelings for you... I Love you.

He said quickly before getting off the bed and pulling me into a kiss. He pressed his tongue against the opening of my lips, begging for entrance. I rejected him and pulled away. "You say you love me. Well, why did you have to be drunk to fuck me?" I asked.


She's isn't understanding anything i'm saying.

I love you Raven. I wouldn't have gotten drunk just so we could have sex. I actually wish i wasn't mindless when that happened.I'm sorry, but the truth is that i love you and hope that we can be together.

The Havoc going on in the background came to a halt. "do you really?" She asked. I nodded.

Let's go

I put on my clothes and then Raven and I walked to the living room. As soon as we stepped in there together we got stared at until i waved. The room was dark, and several of them were wearing sunglasses.I attempted to turn on the light.

"STOP! Don't turn it on, come on? Can't you see that we all have hangovers? You might not but most of us do" Argent said gasping after every word. I shrugged.

"Ay! You Raven, you kept me up last night! Wit' your sex screams! You were like 'ah ah ah jericho'. Like fur rail yo codent even shut up for like a second? ! Like I was tryna' sleep! " terra said in broken english as she pointed at Raven.

"Wait wait wait, hold up, hold up, hold up, jericho and Raven? ? Wow I never thought that you would throw that old v-card away! " beast boy said looking up from his tofu eggs at Raven

"congratulatins on engaging in the activities of the human mating process. Did he shoot the sperm inside you? Or did he use the protection?" Starfire said as she looked up from some weird concotion of green glop she was eating.

"Did you enjoy it raven? Jericho?" cyborg asked

" oh ill tell you! I know that raven enjoyed it! She was screaming like there was no tomorrow! It was all, ' oh jericho! Fuck me boo, fuck me!' I swear that definetly kept me awake even after I got robin to help me beat up dora!" Terra said.

~To be continued~