Chapter 7

It had been a week since Hermione had returned from the past. She had spent everyday either resting in her private room or in Severus' room reading pregnancy and baby books.

Hermione and Severus had spent mostly every evening together other than two when she spent with her friends. As of yet her friends had not suspecting anything.

Hermione was due back in lessons on Monday but first had to be seen by Madam Pomfrey to get the all clear. Madam Pomfrey had scheduled in a medical appointment on Sunday afternoon to see how Hermione was getting on. Hermione attended the appointment alone knowing she could not bring Severus with her.

Hermione entered the Hospital Wing to find Madam Pomfrey waiting for her.

'Ah Miss Granger. This way please.' She said as she showed Hermione into a private room.

'How are you?' She asked as she patted the bed for Hermione to sit on.

'Good.' She replied. 'I've rested all week and feel ready to return to classes.' Hermione said eagerly.

'Headmaster Dumbledore has advised me you will be completing your seventh year again and if needs be early due to the…. pregnancy.' she stated as she charmed her clipboard to take notes.

'Yes that's correct.' Hermione stated as she swung her legs.

'Now, how are you feeling?' she asked as he looked at Hermione.

'Fine.' Hermione replied. 'I've had some morning sickness but I'm managing okay.'

'I can get you some anti-sickness potions if you need them?' Madam Pomfrey stated.

'That would be helpful.' Hermione stated not wanting to give away that Severus had brewed her some.

'I will get the brewed by Professor Snape tomorrow morning and sent to your room by Wednesday.' She stated as she walked to the other side of the bed. 'Right Miss Granger, lay back and lift your top up for me.'

Hermione laid down and pulled her white schools shirt out of her skirt. She lifted it below her bra and laid back.

'I'm going to feel your stomach now Miss Granger.' The nurse told her as she began to press on Hermione's stomach. 'Everything feels normal.' She told Hermione with a small smile.

Hermione smiled and watched as the nurse assessed her.

'I'm going to perform a spell now to get your exact dates and then we can work out your due date Miss Granger.' Madam Pomfrey said.

Hermione nodded and watched as the nurse performed the spell and her stomach glow yellow.

'Your baby is due October 20th Miss Granger.' Madam Pomfrey stated as she looked at Hermione. 'You're nearly eight weeks pregnant. 7 weeks and 3 days currently.'

'Can you hear the heartbeat yet?' Hermione asked.

'Not yet, I will check that at your next appointment. I will next see you at 12 weeks Miss Granger.'

'Okay.' Hermione said as she sat up pulling her top down. 'Can I go back to classes now?'

'Yes but you need to be careful around certain potions in the seventh year. Would you like me to discuss your condition with Professor Snape? Madam Pomfrey asked.

'No it's okay. I will have the discussion with Professor Snape.' Hermione replied. 'I will need to let some of my teachers know anyway.

'Okay Miss Granger.' The nurse said as she straightened the bed Hermione had lain on.

Hermione returned to her room in the Gryffindor tower after her appointment and wrote a short note to Severus. She knew he had team meeting this evening and would not be able to speak to him or see him.

All went well, I will tell you tomorrow evening.

Madam Pomfrey advised me to speak to you about certain potions that I'm not allowed to be around? Do you know what these are?

See you in the morning

HG xxx

Monday morning Hermione made her way to breakfast with Ginny. Hermione had had no reply from Servers the previous night, which made Hermione think about whether he'd been called.

Hermione went to breakfast with her friends, she struggled to eat any food as she felt sick and had run out of her morning sickness potions.

'You not hungry Hermione?' Ron said as she looked at the food on Hermione's plate.

'No, you can have mine if you want.' Hermione said as she pushed her plate towards her friend.

'You sure you're alright to come back to classes today Hermione? You look tired.' Harry asked Hermione.

'I'm fine.' She replied. 'I'm eager to get back to classes.'

'Really?' Ron stated with a mouth full of food. 'We have potions first, I would do anything to get out of that.'

'Well that's where were different.' Hermione said as she stood up to leave. 'I'll see you at Potions, I need to go back to my room and get my books.' She lied.

Hermione made her way down to the potions classroom and knocked on the door.

'Enter.' Said a deep voice.

Hermione opened the door and walked into the room.

'Hi.' She said as she looked at Severus at his desk.

'Good morning Miss Granger.' He replied. 'Class does not start for another 20 minutes.'

'Miss Granger?' she said as she looked at Severus.

'That's your name Granger or have you forgotten it' Draco Malfoy said as he walked into the classroom for the storeroom.

Hermione suddenly realised why Severus was calling her by her formal title.

'Do you want something Miss Granger?' Severus asked as he stood up to full height.

'Ummm…Madam Pomfrey asked to let you know that she needs you to brew some more sickness potions for the hospital wing.' Hermione said hoping Severus would cotton on to the fact she needed more.

'Ok Miss Granger.' He said as he stared at her.

Hermione nodded and left the classroom. Why was Malfoy in his Severus' classroom before lessons started?

Hermione waited outside the classroom until 9am. Harry and Ron soon joined her at 8:58pm.

'Take a seat and open your books to page 534.' Severus stated as he sat at his desk. 'Today is theory only as some of you are incapable of brewing safely.'

Hermione looked up at Severus knowing he was avoiding brewing around Hermione until he had changed the lesson plan to be safe for her. Hermione heard Ron groan beside her and smiled.

Hermione's day went without a hitch and by the end of the day Hermione was exhausted. Being pregnant was hard work.

Hermione was lying on her bed nearly asleep as it was nearing 10pm when she heard someone step out of the floo into her bedroom.

'Hi.' Came a deep dark voice.

'Hi' Hermione said as she turned on her side smiling at the tall dark man.

'How are you feeling?' Severus asked Hermione as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

'Tired.' Hermione replied. 'Pregnancy is hard work. Where were you last night?'

'I was called.' Severus replied.

'Everything okay?' She asked him as she sat up and leant against the headboard.

'At the moment.' He replied. 'How was your check up?'

'Good. Baby is due on October 20th.' She replied. 'Madam Pomfrey doesn't want to see me for another couple of weeks. My next check up will be 12 weeks.'

Severus nodded. He thought about how he wished he could have joined Hermione at her check up like any normal couple.

'You okay?' She asked when he didn't reply.

'I wish I could be there to support you.' He replied.

'Maybe we could go to a muggle hospital? No one would know us, we could have a muggle scan of the baby.' She said.

Severus smiled hopeful. 'Maybe.' He replied. 'Only if it's safe.'

Hermione smiled and leant forward pressing a kiss on Severus' lips. He pulled away after a few seconds.

'I have to go. I'm on duty this evening. I need to do my rounds.' He stated as he stood up.

'Oh.' Hermione replied. 'Will you see me tomorrow?'

'Hopefully.' He replied and with that he was gone.