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My name is Taidana Kuroki.

I wasn't always called by this name.

I lived in another world, but I was dead to the residents of that world. I can't say my old name, because I forgot what it was.

Before I died, I was running. My body ached, being bruised and battered all over, but I refused to stop. I had to keep running, and push them out of the way.

Their eyes were of shock when they turned to me in mid-air, seeing as I pushed them out of the way. They stretched out a hand toward me, but I refused to take it. I smiled at them, before something smashed into my side, and everything had went black. I knew I had died.

I knew.

So when a blinding light burnt into my eyes, I thought it was heaven or something. I tried to adjust my vision by blinking a few times, but they remained like glasses not meant for a person who had perfect vision. I squirmed in annoyance. Where was I? What happened?

I squeaked in automatic protest when something grabbed me and held me up. Whatever they were brought me closer to the damned light, and it burned. Badly. I tried to speak, to tell them to fuck off and put me down, but all that came out was a few horrible screams and soon little gurgles. I blinked in confusion. Why had I sounded just like a new born?

The answer was fairly simple.

It was because I was one.

I tried moving my hands, but they felt so much shorter than I was used to. I tried rolling out of what I was assuming was a pair of hands, but they held me securely to their chest. I could see their outline, they were looking down at me, but I couldn't put details in. I only knew they were dark.

"-tiful." I inwardly cringed in confusion. What did they say? It sounded...japanese.

"She'll...fine...child..." I could tell they were using full sentences, but I couldn't hear them, my annoyingly undeveloped ears unable to comprehend but even if I could hear them properly, I wouldn't be able to understand them. Even though I had learnt a few sentences from watching my lovely anime, I'm pretty sure they would say other sentences than just 'good morning' and all that. The one holding my form cradled me with...love and care? The sensation was foreign to me, but it made me feel safe, even if I was terrified of why I was reborn with my conscious still in tact.

Let's skip a few months ahead, where I was able to see clearly and hear properly. My physical body was only a few months old, and it was difficult to train my new limbs how to move and feel strong enough to hold me up. Though I had never seen my new and childish face, I knew my skin was a tan colour, and my hair was coal black. That's all I really knew about my new self, other than the fact that I was a fucking baby.

I had learnt that japanese was the natural language wherever I was, and I had to take the obvious guess we were in Japan. In what time setting and where in Japan is another mystery. In the months it had taken me to be able to walk, I had been able to understand simple sentences my 'parents' used to speak to me.

They were shocked that I had been teaching myself to crawl and walk in less than a year of my rebirth. I was an ant compared to them, and I wanted to be able to move on my own instead of have them carry me around. I was initially annoyed with the two people who were obviously this body's parents. My 'father' was named Kuroi. He was young, probably only in his early twenties. His hair was naturally spiked and messy, soft too. I only knew because I decided to see if his hair was spikey, like it looked, but it was really soft. He had dark eyes that were almost black, but any who looked close enough could see the tinge of brown. He had light bags under his eyes, and when I lightly poked them, he chuckled.

"You're wondering why they never go away, my little Kuro-chan?" He asked me as I sat on his lap, one of his large hands securing my back so I wouldn't fall back. Kuroi's voice was deep, but soft and laid-back. I nodded to his question, curiously staring at them. I was proud to be able to understand what he's saying with a good understanding. Japanese wasn't that hard to learn when my 'parents' were helping me, but yet again they were surprised of the growth of their few-month-old baby. Sure, I'd like to play along and let them look after me, but it simply annoyed me at times.

"Because it's a family trait on my side." I blinked at him. How is it a family trait?

Kuroi chuckled, ruffling my hair. "Strange, isn't it?" I nodded slightly.

"You're incredibly smart for a baby who's only a few months old." He commented, the look in his eyes was unreadable. "Whenever I look into your eyes, I feel like I'm looking at someone much older."

I tilted my head.

"I'm not sure either, little Kuro-chan." He commented, ruffling my hair softly as if he knew what I was thinking. Perhaps he did, but I wouldn't know for a long while.

My mother, Aonami, was a beautiful woman. She had shining emerald eyes that held so much happiness in them, flawless lightly tanned skin and silky black hair. She smiled lovingly at me, then turned her gaze to the archway. I turned seeing my father in clothes that looked extremely familiar.

He wore blue ninja clothes. I snickered at the unusual sight, and he scooped me up. He was wearing a forehead protector, and I moved his bangs out of the way to see something rather shocking.

There was the Konoha symbol.

Which was out of Naruto.


At first I totally thought he was cosplaying, earning him a deranged giggle from yours truly, but when he walked to the window, I was mentally fucked over. There was Konoha Mountain.

Mind fucked.

Well, I slowly got used to the fact that I was in an anime, I wondered how I came to be in this world. It was fictional, wasn't it? From the moment I was born into this world, I always felt a strange sensation within me. Seeing as I was in the Naruto-verse, I guessed it was my chakra system. It was such a strange feeling, and I when I wasn't reading or sleeping, I was playing with my chakra.

I always had to concentrate to locate it, I normally loved sticking leaves and other things onto me, and I would always giggle. I noticed my giggle fits were slightly deranged, like I was some mad scientist who just successfully completed an experiment. Maybe being reborn messed my mentality up.

I was too young to be able to do anything other than that it seemed. And I decided that reading would occupy most of my time. It helped a lot. Aonami had a library that was huge, full of scrolls and books that helped me learn more about this world.

Everything was peaceful, my skills in Japanese improved, my relationship with my mother and father was something that nearly made me cry. They were unlike my old family, which was broken. My old mother was barely there, my grandparents looking after me. My old father, well, I didn't know who the fuck he was until I was seven. Dick.

But I should've known...I should've known that nothing was meant to be forever peaceful.

I was two, when it seemed that the Kyuubi attack happened. I never saw it, some part of me wanted to see its magnificence, but a more powerful part told me that the Nine-Tails was dangerous.

Its chakra was demonic. Terrifying. I stayed in a corner of my room, where my bed huddled against the wall. I was silent, the feeling of fear was dull, but it was there. For some reason, though I could feel its power, its anger and how monstrous it was, I wasn't scared to the point where I was frozen with fear. No. I was tired, actually. The atmosphere keeping me awake. My mother and father seemed to have gone somewhere, probably to fight the Kyuubi, but I know they wouldn't leave me here without telling me.

I figured I was too zoned out to notice if they came into the room to check on me. While my mother was a retired ninja, she still went to fight with my father. Then something knocked into my head.

They could die out there.

Then I was scared. I was mortified by the sheer fact that I could lose my new family. I had abruptly gotten up, ran out of my home as fast as my two-year-old body could take me. There were ninjas everywhere, too preoccupied by the sight of the Nine-Tails to notice my little form running past them.

At the edge of the village, I could sense the familiar chakra of my mother and father. They seemed to have noticed me to. They turned and were simply shocked to see me out and about. "Kuroki!" My father exclaimed, quickly coming towards me. He squatted on a 45 degree angle of me, giving me a perfect view of the giant creature. I was entranced by its sight. Fear was far from my thoughts, the only thing in my view, was the Kyuubi. Magnificent and feral at the same time. Such a thing should have made me feel like it should die for the lives it took, but nothing but respect and awe was what I had for the damned thing.

My mother seemed to be conversing with another ninja before swooping me up in her arms. Her emerald eyes hardened as she looked to her husband. "Let's get Kuroki back home, I will not have her here!" She announced, my father nodding as her turned and disappeared in the direction of home. My mother followed after him.

I was amazed by the fact that she was so quick.

When I was four, it had been two years since the Kyuubi attack. I was glad my mother and father had been able to live through it. I don't know what I would've done without them. It seemed that they were determined to make me stronger, and so, when I was three, my father began to teach me in taijutsu while my mum helped me with chakra control and all that. Personally, I loved taijutsu the most. While it was exhausting and my muscles ached for days on end, it made me feel alive.

I fought a lot in my old world, but none of the muscles I had gained where transferred here. At least I could remember the stances and all.

We went through many exercises, many were laps around training grounds, which I initially hated, but my new body was adept for learning. Others included sparring with my father. It was awesome how he was a Jounin. He once told me that he used to be an ANBU captain, which made me want to become so goddamn awesome to the point of being at least a Jounin.

With my mother, she made me channel my chakra into certain parts of my body, and even use chakra strings. Chakra strings were a bitch. Seriously. They were to develop control over chakra outside the body. Chakra strings were confusing in concept, but there wasn't really much difference between creating one and twenty, except in moving them after. I got so confused with connecting the strings to three objects, so I wasn't able to move them. With two, it wasn't as hard, but still mind fucked me.

Things were slow, but I kind of liked it. Training was a bitch sometimes, but it was fun. Learning new things. Kuroi and Aonami were amazing parents, and I loved them. I wondered if they were in a clan, but I hadn't seen anyone who resembled either of my parents. Maybe they were originally from a different village.

I think, it was when I went to the park with my mum that I met one of the Rookie Nine. I was so involved with training and all that bullshit that I hadn't even registered the fact that I was bound to meet the main characters, along with the main supporting characters. The one I saw was Inuzuka Kiba. He was around two, I think. Clinging to what seemed to be his sister. My first thought was how animalistic he looked. A hostile expression on his face when the other kids came by.

My mother seemed to notice my staring at the Inuzuka, and decided to call on them. I groaned, that wasn't part of my plan-in-process. The two came over, Kiba still clinging to his sister as he eyed me warily. My mother smiled. ''Hana! Kiba! You both have grown since I last saw you." She commented with a great grin, causing Hana to smile softly up at her as Kiba simply looked away.

"Aonami-san." She nodded at my mother. "How have you been?"

My mother smiled. "Good, have you met my daughter, Kuroki?"

Hana and Kiba both turned to look at me. I glanced up at my mum before returning to look at Hana. She smiled.

"Hello. I'm Hana." She greeted. Mature for her age. Her arms snaked around Kiba and pushed him forward, a gasp escaping his lips as he neared me. He frowned back at his sister. "This is my little brother Kiba."

Kiba huffed as his eyes locked with mine. I wonder what he was thinking, because I don't even know what I look like. Heh.

He frowned even more before looking down. "Hi." Was all he said.

I half-grinned, half-smirked. I had a feeling that'd be my smile for a long time. "I'm Kuroki. Nice to meet you."

Hana had led my mother to her own, engaging in conversation as Kiba and I were left alone. He looked uncomfortable while I looked at the clouds. "Do you like dogs?" He asked suddenly, my eyes shifting to him, I almost let a smirk slip at his attempt to look serious.

"I do." I replied. My voice, though high-pitched, it was deeper than many of the other children of my body's age group.

A grin emerged onto Kiba's face. I couldn't help but grin slightly too.

Kiba had opened up to me, and when we had to leave, he seemed reluctant to saying goodbye. I smiled my strange smile. "I'll see you around. We can train together." I said, which caused him to brighten up. He wasn't that much different from Naruto in a sense.

I had gained my first scars a few days before my fifth birthday, which was on the second of May. I was surprised to know that my birthday was the same here, as it was in my past life. Lucky. Or maybe because it was my birthday the day I died.

"Kuroi-kun, how could you let our beautiful Kuroki have scars?!" My mother exclaimed to my father. He scratched the back of his head.

"Nami-chan~." He said my mum's nickname in a laid-back tone, waving a dismissive hand in the process. It pissed mum off even more. "Kuroki is going to be a ninja, scars are inevitably going to happen."

"She's going to be five in four days! Five!" She even waved her hand in his face, emphasising my age. A scowl was on her face. "She shouldn't get scars until she's much older!"

In all honesty, I didn't mind. Scars were scars, and I used to have a lot of them. On my wrist. But on this body, I had gained fresh new scars on the right front side of my neck, and on the left side of my forehead, above my eyebrow. Concealed by my clothes, there were more scars in the making, but it was apart of training, and it showed that dad took me seriously. To some degree. I decided now should be the time to intervene their little argument.

"Kaa-san." I called softly, my mum's fiery emerald orbs shifting to face me, my father following her actions. I looked up at her. "It's okay. I don't mind, besides, it shows I'm getting better." I half-grinned. What am I going to name this fucked up smile of mine?

Aonami's eyes softened as she knelt down to my level. God, it pissed me off that I was a fucking midget.

"Kuroki-chan," My mum started, "You're a beautiful young girl, you shouldn't have scars at your age."

My eyes probably showed how annoyed I was at the fact that I was a 'young girl'. But seeing as I have yet to know what I look like, (I'm too fucking small to see the damn mirror) I wouldn't know. I sighed, like I was the older one, which seemed to catch my father off-guard.

"Mum, I'm not worried about my looks. You know this. I don't even know what I look like." This caught my mother off-guard this time. So she didn't know that I had no idea what I looked like.


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