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He was close.

Too close.

Coming closer.

Steam making me hot.

Or was it the steam?

When he said it wasn't his fault for what he was about to do, I thought very dirty.

Turns out...

"Sasuke! S-Sasuke! Please! No more! N-no more! B-be...I'm begging you! Ah!"



I laughed so hard it hurt as I attempted to get away from the monstrosity called Uchiha Sasuke, but no; he had to attach himself to me like a leech and tickle me to death.

I totally wasn't ticklish, by the way. It was just very uncomfortable being in just a towel and having a twelve-year-old feel up your armpits was...strange.

Okay, so I was ticklish!

My bad for having human traits!

But really, we're in the bathtub acting like five-year-olds.

I made a dramatic turn to get away and well...

We slipped.

We gasped and sort of shrieked in horror as we splashed down into the water.

I slowly opened my eyes once I knew I was fine.

Both of us had a sharp intake of breath and held it once we realised what sort of position we were in.

I was straddling a twelve-year-old with my boobs almost shoved in his face.


I swear...

Okay, so I'm developing a crush.

Shut up.

Is that my towel on the floor?

"I think you should back the fuck up, my lady friend; because that fine ass is mine."


"You listening?"

"I...uhm, I mean..."

"I know you were checking out my ass." I scoffed, getting into the face of this particularly pretty citizen who I just happened to catch staring at thine ass.

She blushed prettily and stared at the ground as she fidgeted.

"I'm...I'm sorry." She apologised softly.

"Yeah, you better be, you little shit." We both jumped a little at the deep voice from behind me.

I turned to see a taller-than-me Uchiha whose onyx eyes were dark with jealousy.

The pretty lady paled considerably upon seeing him.

"I think you better back the fuck up, friend; because this fine ass is mine." He growled, causing the pretty lady to drop her appearance in a puff of smoke and letting us see a small child running away like the reaper was after him.

I chuckled as Sasuke sighed, placing his face in his palm. "You're jealous of a child. I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or flattered."

"Shut up. Why are you wearing such tight pants anyways?" He questioned, a light blush on his cheeks as I saw him check out my ass.

"Because I'm meant to be attracting a certain middle-aged man who likes to ogle closely at asses." I deadpanned. "My ass is the definition of perfect."

"I can't argue with you there." He smirked, before glancing around shiftily. "But that doesn't mean I like other people knowing that."

"Why don't you be the seductive girl and let your ass attract a middle-aged male? You do have a fine man-butt, but if you were to make it a female butt-" I laughed when he hastily placed a hand over my mouth when he realised my speech was attracting unwanted attention.

"I think we're kind of bad at stealth." I commented idly when he realised me.

"When we're talking about your ass and then mine, yeah."

"My ass is just too good to ignore." I mused with a smug smile, both of us glancing at the certain man who was creeping his way towards thine fabulous posterior.

"We want him alive, my darling, stop looking so dangerous." I laughed, patting his cheek softly.

I paused when he grabbed my hand and turned to face me with such...dare I say...dangerous eyes.

"I am dangerous whenever it's concerning you."

"Excuse me while I go rearrange my hormones." I coughed awkwardly and looked elsewhere whilst I fought off the useless blush I felt forming.

"Dear lord, I've missed you baggy pants! Oh, I'll never wear tight pants again because they're so fucking uncomfortable even though my ass is perfect and you don't pronounce that as much but that's fine!" I twirled around in my comfortable baggy clothes and panted because of the breaks I did not make in my sentence.

"Pscht. They'll just come off the next time we tickle." I gasped in horror at the innuendo my beloved duck threw at me.

"No! I love my clothes more than you." I hugged myself dramatically.

"Oh?" I stiffened slightly at the growling he seemed to make. "That just makes me more inclined to rip them off."

"Now, now children." Kakashi appeared, his one eyes closed with a sort of strained edge. "We caught the man, but do you really need to talk about..."

"I will not allow her to say she loves her clothes more than me." Sasuke pouted, making me grin. Aw, he even folded his arms.

"You're adorable. Like, you're stupendously sexy; but your personality is adorable. My little genin." I cooed as I glomped the Uchiha with a snicker.

"I'm a chuunin now."

"Hush, darling. You're not becoming a jounin before me."


"You want to fight me, bro?"

"I'd like to do something else."

"You're too much like your mother." Kuroi sighed as he randomly appeared out of nowhere. "All sweet and lovely one minute, the next she's a demon who talks like a gangster."

I scoffed. "I am not a gangster. I'm fabulous."

"Well, your tits are in my face so I can't really see all the rainbows and unicorns." The raven-haired Uchiha pointed out none too subtly. "Have they gotten bigger?"

I gasped, pulling back and protectively wrapping my arms around my torso whilst my legs were leeched onto his waist. "Well, they've been hurting like a bitch recently. Puberty is so hard."

Kuroi and Kakashi coughed awkwardly.

"Oh, my darling father and sensei. Stop acting like you're innocent little angels when we so know you read your porn like it's the newspaper!"

"'Tis good porn."

Kakashi nodded sagely.

"Mum would cut you if she heard that."

"Uhm, excuse me." I glanced down to the Uchiha who glared at me, his arms around my waist to hold me up. "I don't appreciate you talking about porn whilst you're attached to me like you're about to do things with me."

"I've turned Uchiha Sasuke into a pervert." I sighed, crushing his face into my growing bosom and resting my head on his. "He's going to be very unhappy with that knowledge."

"I'd be scared if you managed to make him perverted," Sasuke managed to choke out. Death by Taidana Kuroki's breasts is a good way to go.

I realised Kuroi and Kakashi had already appeared to leave.

"Forget what I said when you were twelve, these are abs."

"You're going to say that when I'm fifteen, aren't you?"

"Oh, definitely. In case you haven't noticed, my love, I'm a hormonal female teenager with an incredibly attractive male who's also my boyfriend; excuse me, but I want to ogle."

"That's unfair."

"How, you've seen me naked before whilst I haven't seen you naked be-what are you doing?!"

"Stripping. I'll make it even."



"Don't get smug, you ass!"

"But...it's amusing."

"Oh? Oh? Well, excuse me whilst I go find Neji who-ah!"


"Say it."


"Saaay it."


"You know you want to."


"You adorable little-ah! Again?! Again?!"

"Neji can't see you like that. No one can."

"What are you?"

"Your boyfriend, bitch."

"Touche. But you know, it's just Nej-"

"You dense woman! Dense! I'll tie you down if you continue to think he doesn't...he doesn't..."

"Sasuke! Kuroki! You don't shut the fuck up whilst I'm reading I'll tie you both down in that place again!"


"Is it my birthday?" I blinked, staring at the little tiny balls of fluff at my feet.

Sasuke looked anxious, with the way they jumped at his feet so utterly...adorably.


"Shiruba, my baaaaby~~." I was about to jump into my loving dog's embrace when a small bark elicited from my feet.

I stared long and hard at the moving balls of fluff at my feet.

"Do it, Kuroki." He whispered into my ear, making me flinch. "You know you want to."

"I...must...hold out." I spoke up, almost at my limit.

"Come on..."


"Just give in."

"Mmm...mmmm...mmmm...ARGH, I can't!" I dropped to the floor and proceeded to grab all the little fluff balls and let them love me as I loved them. "Hello, my darlings! My utterly, gorgeous little babies!"

I giggled as they licked at my toes and my face and surrounded me.

"When did we get puppies?" I questioned, glancing at Sasuke who was currently leaning on the kitchen counter; his onyx eyes staring at me in amusement.

"We've been gone for a few months now, you'd think Shiruba would get a mate by now."

"Kiss me?"

He smirked but pushed off the counter anyway and walked towards me.

"Why, all of a sudden?" He questioned as he leaned down as I leaned back.

"I felt like being a fluffy ball and being fluffy." I grinned.


"Cut my hair I cut you." I growled as I backed a girl against the wall and braced myself with my hand just by her head.

"Would you really?" The fuck? Why does she sound hopeful of that?

"You a masochist?" I asked, tilting my head.


"Eh." I pushed off the wall and ran a hand through my hair as I began to walk away.


"I smell burnt human." I commented, just the woman was impaled by the chidori.

"You know sometimes I wonder if you like women." Sasuke sighed as he cut off the woman's head and placed it in a scroll.

"I like women." He glanced at me. "I also like men." He scowled at me. "But I love you, you insecure dork." He poked his tongue at me.

"How many does this make it?"



"Is your dad's technique getting any easier to do?"

"Sort of. It's kind of a bitch but I'm getting there. By next year I'll get it down and we can be the 'Lightning Duo' that Kakashi and Kuroi were."

"Except sexier." The Uchiha smirked.

"You got that right."

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