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Jessie Reeves sat at the desk with 7 different books open at once on the desk top, with a pen in her hand she wrote down some stuff on a note pad and then trailed her clear coated finger nail down one of the pages. She sighed outwards and pushed a strain of her auburn hair behind her ear. She herd a soft laugh from behind her "still reading, I thought you would give that up" a voice said from the shadows. She turned around "well Lestat sorry to disappoint you but I love to read and I will always read dead or alive" she said then she turned back around and tried to read again. She felt his warm breath against her neck "what are you reading?" he asked her looking at the book but keeping his lips an inch away from her neck. Jessie shuddered "well depends what book you mean" she said he laughed again "good point" he said "ok different question why are you reading these books" he asked gently letting his lips brush her neck, Jessie found it hard to talk, move or even breath "um.I was.well looking up vampire history" she replied trying to look like she didn't notice his contact. He looked at her note pad and sighed, "you are studying queen Akasha" he replied "it caught my interest when I saw her and every since my vixen aunt talked about her" she replied now she was sounding a little scared. It was just that every time she feared she mad Lestat mad she got scared because of his power but she knew that he would never hurt her at all. He sighed and then kissed her neck a little more harder, "you are not mad at me are you?" she asked and he smiled and held back his laugh "no of course not" he said and this time he scraped him fangs against her neck, "stop that I'm trying to concentrate" she said shrugging her shoulders. "What happens if I'm hungry" he said in a whinny voice "then go bite a duck or go bite Marius" she said "awe but I want to bite you" he said "too bad" she said getting up "I have work to do" she said leaving the room, Lestat smiled "well I guess its time to play mouse and cat" he said to himself and slowly crept after her.

Jessie walked down the long white hallway, she thought she herd some behind her so she turned around and saw no one, she sighed and kept walking reading a book in her hand out loud "Akasha was known as the mother of all vampires she." she stop again and spun around quicker this time no one there, she sighed and shut the book "lestat?" she asked "your not very funny" she said she held the book with one hand and the other on her hip and her one leg was straight out wards, she wore black pants that stuck to her upper legs like a second skin and the loosened at the bottom, she had on polished black high heels that made a small click sound with every step she took, her shirt was tight as well it had a neat design hole to show some of her cleavage it showed some of her back and tied around the neck and had sleeves that attached at the armpits and flared out at the bottom as well, her nails were painted with strengthener, and her lips had brown lipstick on them and her eye shadow was also brow and she wore black eyeliner as well as on top of her eyes but the eyeliner on top went out in the Egyptian way. Her auburn shoulder blade length hair was down now but she had now black streaks in her hair. He step out of the shadow, he wore only his skintight leather pants and his black boots. Jessie sighed "what do you want now?" she asked "the same thing I wanted 2 minutes ago" he said with a smirk 'well then go get it from some one else" she said about to walk away "you better run I'll give you a 1 minute head start" he said she groaned "lestat I don't." he started to walk toward her "you wouldn't" she said her eyes widening "you look so cute scared" he said "like a lost little puppy" he said now standing still with his arms crossed around his chest "lestat I'm not going to." "You have already wasted 10 seconds" he said his mile getting bigger "shit" she murmured under her breath and drop the book with a thud and took off down the hallway, he smiled he still herd the sound of her shoes now they made a louder clicking noise. He started to walk just so it would last longer. She still never mastered the speed trick of a vampire but he wasn't going to teach her. He listened to her thoughts, she kept thinking of ways to hide and kept wondering how far behind he was. She then stop and ran into the bedroom and locked the door then she placed the stand in front and then she moved chairs and then she went to the window and looked down it was a far drop, she still couldn't fly and she knew she would break some bones "who cares it will heal in 2 minutes or less" she said softly and stood on the window seal staring at the door. Lestat stop at the bedroom door and smiled he herd her think about flying and he then jumped out the hallway window and flew up top of the bedroom one. He smiled as he saw her staring at the door with stuff piled in front of it and she sat in a ready position to jump he flew down silently in front of her "going some where" he said and she screamed at ran to the door he sat on the spot she was sitting and smiled 'how did you" she shook her head "never mind stupid question" when he started to walk over toward her she looked at the door then at him and began grabbing the stuff out of the way and throw it at him "someone's is in of anger management" he said knocking everything out of his way and some times dodging it too. When the got to the stand she was about to move it when he grabbed her waist and throw her on the bed, she squeaked when she hit it. He held her down with his body weight and held her arms above her head with his hands. He kissed her neck and she whimpered then he licked it slowly and then slid his fangs in she gasped and then acutely moaned in pleasure. He then licked where he bit her and then kissed her, her tongue brushed his lip and licked off her blood from his lips and chin. He started to get up when she pouce on him and with out warning bit into his chest, he first hissed then moaned deeply. After she licked his wound and sat up and went to the door "serves you right" she said moving the stand with effort, he sat up and then started laughing so hard that his chest hurt 'and what is so funny?' she asked turning around in a flash he was in front of her and pinning her against the wall "owe" she said "are you hurt little baby" he said in a mocking voice "no but you will if you don't let me go" she said trying to be forceful "whoa" he said making a hissing sound like a cat, she groaned but in a pissed off way all he did was laugh at her "you know your so hot when your pissed too" he said "I am hot any way now move" she said he laughed "you know the only way you make me moan is in frustration" she said trying to get out of his hold he then leaned forward and whispered in her ear seductively "and in pleasure" she shivered and then pushed him and ran out the door, he was caught of guard and took a minute to regain himself, but when he went to the door he found out that she locked it, he looked at the window quickly but herd her running with out thinking he kicked the door down and ran after her, she was just at the end of the hallway when he caught up to her, he pinned her against the wall again but then he herd a yell 'OMG LESTAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE REPAIR!" Marius's voice could be heard from the hallway, he turned and saw him looking at the door "haha" he heard Jessie say, he then looked at her and she was laughing or trying to hold it back. "You think that's funny?" he asked she stop and then her eyes went wide when she saw him lick his lips and staring at her neck "oh no MARIUS HELP!" she yelled kicking at lestat "oh no his not going to safe you" he said and went to her neck before he got there he saw Marius stood beside him "I want that door fixed Lestat" he said and left 'yeah yeah" he replied "how fast do you heal?" Jessie asked "fast why?" he asked and then she kneed him in the stomach he bended over "sorry!" Jessie yelled as she ran downstairs and to the door, he heard it slam and then herd her shoes out side on the sidewalk. He herd Marius laughing "never answer that kind of question especially to Jessie" he said he was leaning against the top of the stairs rail "I have found out that she isn't as afraid of you as she use to be" he said "and she is quite smart" he said after a couple of minuets the pain stop and he couldn't feel anything "god is she going to get it" Lestat said "good night Marius" Lestat said grabbing his jacket and leaving for home, Jessie had to be there she had no where else to go or did she?

David walked in his study room and sat in his chair when he felt a breeze he looked up and saw Jessie sitting on the windowsill "how did you get up there?" he asked "I climbed up the pipe I still haven't master my flying technique yet" she said smiling "ah yes that would make two of us" (at the end I assumed that Marius bit him when he was in the room and he shut the door, so in my story so do you have to) Jessie smiled "can I stay here for a day" she asked sitting in the opposite chair "I thought you lived with lestat" he asked raising his eyebrows "I do its just that I just kneed him in the gut and I think he will have his revenge tonight" she said smiling "him and his silly games I hope you kneed him hard' he said "David" she said "fine but I only have one coff.." before he could finished she stood up and looked at his shelf "no I don't sleep in a coffin" she said "what?" why not aren't you suppose to?" he asked "yes but I am afraid to sleep in one" she said laughing lightly "stupid really" she said David sat back of his chair "what are you afraid of?" he asked 'afraid that I wont get out and I will starve and slowly die away and never see the ones I love again, I just cant get use to being in small areas" she said 'oh yes that's right you always were afraid of small spaces" he said laughing "yep" she said 'so do you have a room with no windows and a bed?" she asked "no I'm afraid not" he said looking sad "would you mind if I slept with you in your coffin?" she asked "well that would work why not" he said smiling "thanks" Jessie always took David as the father she never had, her farther died when she was so young she barley knew him. David looked at his watch "shall we go get ready for day time" he asked opening the door; she smiled and walked beside David.

Lestat arrived at home but she wasn't there, he searched everywhere and she wasn't there. He sat on his couch and tried to think then it came into his mind 'David's' he thought he looked at his watch it was to late in the night to go get her so he went to his coffin and went to sleep.

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