Jesse woke up and yawned, she looked around, she was still lying in Lestat's bed the black blanket was wrapped around her, she grabbed it and stood up. She walked out the door and down the hallway, she heard someone whimpering and opens the door, she saw Marius painting and a girl in the corner looking scared, "Marius have you seen Lestat anywhere?" "No darling I did not" "he didn't tell you anything?", Marius stop painting and shook his head "no but before you go could you go right to that cabinet and crap me the maroon paint bottle please?" He asked. Jesse walked to it "sure" she replied and opened it skimming through the many bottles in the cabinet. She then found it and walked over to Marius "here you go" "thank you" he said taking it from her, Jesse looked at his painting "wow, that's impressive sometime your going to have to paint me" she said with a smile, Marius laughed "anytime". Jesse wrapped one arm around Marius and gave him a hug, he squeezed her arm in return and she then left. She always did love Marius not as a lover figure but as someone she could go to other than Lestat if she was in trouble or in doubt, he even helped her get out of Lestat's little games. She then figured to give it up and went to her room and got on some clothes, she put on a pair of black pants and a black long sleeve shirt, she Put her hair up of her neck and put on her normal make up, she put on her black heels and walked out. She walked into the library and grabbed three books, she heard the front door being shut and walked out to see who was here. When she got to the huge front hall, she saw Lestat and the books dropped from her hands as did her jaw, her eyes went wide but her hands stayed like they were still holding the books. Lestat grinned at her reaction, "you cut your hair" she said, it was true his hair was now short (if ya have ever seen the music video for Forsaken that's how he looks, if ya haven't seen it email me and I will send it to you for you to watch, and trust me he looks WAY better). She finally regain her posture and picked up the books. He walked to her, he wore black pants and a black shirt that had a hole on each side for his thumbs to show his shoes also were black, "what do you think?", she tried to speak but found it hard to, truth was he look right damn sexy, "your to die for" she said with a smile, He laughed and took the books from her "lets go, I got to go eat I'm starving" he said and placed the books on the stand. She nodded "who is it Jesse?" Marius asked coming into the room, he saw Lestat and smiled "well aren't we really getting into this age" he mocked, "ha ha" Lestat said "I think it looks WAY better" Jesse said, Marius laughed and nodded "yes I must admit it does look more like you" "your painting is it finished already?" Jesse asked, Marius shook his head "no, my model died on me" he said, Jesse laughed "yes well they do indent on doing that, want to come with me and Lestat to get another one" "yes I think that would be a good idea" he said and grabbed his long black jacket. They then walked down the street, when they got to a club, that was full of mortals and a few vampires. Jesse took Lestats hand when they walked in, Marius walked off in a different direction, Jesse let go off his hand and walked to the counter. A tall man with jet black hair and green eyes looked at Jesse, "hey" he said, Jesse looked at him and smiled "hi" "you come here often?" "no, first time here" she replied "well there's a first time for everything now isn't there?" he grinned, she nodded and smiled, she then got up and motioned for him to follow with her finger. He got up and followed her out into the alley, he went to kiss her but she moved back, she then moved behind him and smiled "I take control in these situations" she said and then rammed him against the wall and sunk her teeth into his neck, the man yelled, and tried to struggle but she drank fast and he was getting weaker and weaker by the minute. He then drop to the ground lifeless, she licked her lips, when she felt someone's hand touch her arm "AHHHHH!" She screamed and spun around, Marius stood there "don't do that Marius" she said "you really need to sharpen your skills, sometime I should teach you how to use your vampire skills" she nodded and then walked back in to find Lestat. She couldn't find him anywhere "Marius" "here I'll teach you how to connect with your maker, OK" she nodded. Marius closed his eyes and took a breath "okay, now close your eyes and try to communicate with him through your mind" he instructed. She nodded and did what she was told, when she open them she smiled "ha, I did it!" she said In a happy voice, Marius laughed "yes well its not that hard, but when I get through with you, you'll be able to fly, to move in a blink, to sense fear, to smell anything around you and to sense when people are near you" he said, Jesse nodded, Lestat just then came right beside Marius "hey Lestat want to dance?" she asked. Marius had on a straight face as he looked at the dancers and the sound of the fast and loud music, he looked back at her "like that?" he asked nodding towards the dance floor "like that" she nodded Lestat laughed "yeah sure Jesse," she took his hand. Lestat followed her, they change the song to Before I'm Dead by Kidney Thieves, she let him go and stood so close that their bodies were always touching, she then began moving close to him.

(Moon hangs around A blade over my head Reminds me what to do before I'm dead Night consumes light And all I dread Reminds me what to do before I'm dead)

He moved along with Jesse who didn't seem like she was even aware of the world around them. Jesse wrapped one arm around Lestat's neck, her back against him, he placed his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

(The sun reclines Eats my mind Reminds me what to leave behind Light eats night And all I never said Reminds me what to do before I'm.)

He then bit into her neck as Jesse moaned and pushed into him, she let her other arm go from his leg and skim up to his hip and back down again.

(To see you To touch you To see you To touch you. Epochs fly, reminds me What I hide, reminds me The desert skies Cracks the spies)

He finally took his fangs out form her neck, and she turned to face him and wrapped both arms around his neck and moved against him, she then licked her blood off his chin and the side of his lips. She then kissed his neck and then licked from his neck to his ear and felt Lestat shiver, she then sunk her fangs into his neck and drank, he let out a little groan.

(Reminds me what I never tried The ocean wide salted red Reminds me what to do before I'm. To see you To touch you To feel you To tell you)

She then pulled away and grinned, he then kissed her slipping his tongue into her mouth as she moved against him, she then finally figured to let go of being her innocent self tonight and wrapped one of her legs around his hip, and grinned into him. He let out a loud moan as she whimpered in desire.

(The sun reclines - remind me The desert skies - remind me The ocean wide salted red Reminds me what to do before I'm. Echo: See you Touch you Feel you Tell you)

The song finsihed and Jesse then moved back to where Marius was, she gave him a quick hug and whispered a goodbye in his ear since the music was so loud. Lestat walked with Jesse out..

Lestat took Jesse's hand, "you know you now got me craving something very badly" he said an evil flicker in his eyes, as a yellow flash went in them and she saw his fangs grow out. She slowly step back and smiled "Lestat no, we're in the street and.and" she started stuttering, "and what?" he asked now his voice full of seduction. Her eyes went wide and she gave a soft ha ha "no", he smiled and she ram into the wall and he stood right in front of her, he took her hand much like the first time they met and slowly raised it. She looked behind his shoulder "Lestat come on stop it" his nail dig into her palm, causing it to bleed alittle, he then licked it and felt Jesse shudder "Le..um Lestat I . don't .. Think that um" Lestat grinned, he then let go of her hand and moved forward kissing her cheek, then down to her neck, "Lestat" she tried to plead, he moved into the alley and then bit her, she moaned and her arms went around his neck, urging for him to bite harder, he did as he was ask and bit into her harder, she let out a loud moan "Lestat", he drank sucking harder making her moan louder "give me your wallet" a gruff voice said from behind Jesse, Lestat didn't stop biting her, his eyes went up behind her to see a dirty man holding a gun to Jesse's head. Lestat eyes glowed yellow and he growled, still drinking from Jesse who seemed not to notice. The man looked at Lestat, he finally pulled away from Jesse, who went to the wall when she finally notice the man. The man hold up the gun but his eyes went wide with terror as he saw the blood dripping down his chin and his teeth. The man began stumbling back "I'm sorry man" he stumbled "no one holds any weapon against my Jesse's head or any other part" he growled and then swiped the gun out of his hands and then drank from his neck, he only drank alittle. He then turned to Jesse "are you all right?" he asked, she nodded "yeah" "hungry?" he asked holding out the man, she looked at him and shook her head "dont know what's been in his blood" she said disgusted, he nodded "understandable" he said and snap the guys neck. He held out his hand and she took it, "I will get Roger to get something for you" he said and the went home just in time to get to their beds before the sun came up.