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This is short and filled with fluff. It won't drag out and there will be daily updates. It has 21 chapters. I wrote this in one month-it poured out of me. I'm really glad that after years of having this idea, I managed to put it on paper (digital paper).

I still don't own Twilight. It all belongs to Stephenie.

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"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!" Jimmy shouts in my ear.

Groaning loudly, I zip up my boots. "I am!" I yell, turning to grab my coat and drop the phone in the process. When I put it back to my ear, I can hear him yapping away about being late. "Seriously, dude!" I shout at him. "Shouldn't you be here…picking me up from my room and protecting me of the evil wolves ready to attack?"

He laughs and I want to punch him. "I'm right in front of the hotel…waiting. Freezing my ass."

"See? If you were up here waiting in front of my room…" I tease him, closing the hotel's room after me. "I'll be right there," I add and hang up.

Sometimes, I truly hate being famous. Besides doing what I wanted since I was six, it's difficult. When someone asked what I wanted to become when I grew up, I told them rock star…and the fuckers laughed.

Now, they can see I never wavered from my dream.

Even though I had to leave everything behind, but maybe it's for the best. I miss my first ever band, but I'd have ended up hurt on so many levels if I stayed back more than needed.

Being back in Seattle for shooting my latest video makes me melancholic, but I push away the memories and step out of the hotel.

Ah. Jimmy is right. It's freezing here.

And the bastard is not even outside the car! He's inside the car, probably blasting warm air to get his ass hot. Fucker.

I stride to the car, but my idea of going there, snatching the door open and killing him doesn't work when my ridiculously high heeled boots catch some ice.

Oh, I can't say I missed meeting the asphalt.

But my ass never hits the ground. Strong arms are around me and my heart is beating a mile per minute.

"Sheesh. Super speed is one of your powers, Jimmy?" I ask, turning to him.

My eyes widen and I choke on saliva when I'm met with a pair of green eyes I've not seen in too many years.

As I'm trying to regain my balance and arrange my thoughts, Jimmy appears next to me, pushing my savior away, glaring at him.

I'm still staring at him and he's kinda gaping at me.

I swallow hard and take a step to him. "Ed-dward?" I stutter, refusing to allow the tears to break through my tough shell.

"It's you!" He exclaims, wrapping his arms around me. "Bella! It's been ages!"

I wave Jimmy off when I see him with the corner of my eye approaching then I focus on hugging my long lost friend, my best friend in the world, the reason I left not wanting to have my heart broken.

He still smells good and he's so warm…like always. My warm blanket.

"We're going to be late and it will be my ass getting spanked!" Jimmy snaps me out of my daze.

"Oh." I pull back a little. I don't want to lose him again. He looks just as reluctant to let go. "Are you busy?" I ask.

"I can always cancel my date." He winks.


"Oh, don't cancel on my account…"

"Bella, we're really late!" Jimmy reminds me, opening the back door of the black Caddy.

"Don't worry. I'd rather catch up with you," Edward tells me.

"Then come on," I say with a smile and crawl in the car. When we're settled in the back seat with Jimmy driving like a lunatic, I turn to Edward. "You really shouldn't cancel your date…because of me," I whisper, seeing him thumbing on his phone.

"I see Jazz every day. You, on the other hand…"

"Jasper?" I squeak.

Thank God, he isn't talking about a real date.

And why's that? My subconscious scowls at me.

Fuck off, bitch. I scowl back.

"We're still going strong even if we lost the heart of the band," Edward jokes. "Or to make it more dramatic, Light in the Dark lost its light."

I giggle and elbow him in the ribs. "I missed you," I confess.

He wraps an arm around me, hugging me close, dropping a kiss on my forehead. "We missed you too. Lots."


I decide to make light of it. "We?" I mock him, tilting my head to stare at him.


Wrong move.

We're so close I can feel his breath on my face.

"I did more than Jasper, I think." He cocks his head to the side. "But it doesn't matter. You're here!"

I grin, and nod. "We need to get together tonight." I can't stop staring at his lips.

Edward realizes where my eyes are, which makes him swallow and lick his lips. Fuck. Just as his head is leaning toward me, Jimmy breaks the bubble.

"You're busy tonight. Remember? You have to meet with Benjamin."

I want to wring his neck. "You just love to eavesdrop on my private conversations!" I grumble, kicking his seat. He always listens in, which is annoying.

The moment is gone—thankfully. Not really. Ungh.

I've missed Edward.

"So I really have to meet with him?" I ask Jimmy. He's my bodyguard and driver, also the only person keeping me sane.

"Call Alice."

I shudder, giving Edward an apologetic look as I extract my phone from my bag.

Alice is my PR and she can be scary when she doesn't get her way.

"Bella, tell me you are on your way!" she answers promptly, sounding frustrated.

"Hello to you too. I'm on my way, yes. I just have a question."

"Can't we talk once you get here? It's crazy around here!"

"It's about Benjamin…" I bite my lip, waiting for the shouting.

Alice doesn't disappoint—testing her soprano voice right into my poor ear. I can't even make out the words, but I get the gist of it. I've got to meet with Benjamin.

I don't know any more why I've been so adamant to have a private meeting with him. Sure, we'll have a duet together, he's good looking and everything, but everyone pales in comparison to Edward.

Once I hang up with Alice, I have a plan in my head.

"Do you still go to Black Mustang?" I ask Edward.

He turns to stare at me surprised. "Uh, yeah. Why?"

"Well, let's hope everything works in my favor and I can convince Alice when we get to the studio to change the location to the pub."

"You can always say word got around that you were headed to Garden Paradise," Jimmy quips up.

"I knew there was a reason I kept you around!" I exclaim, patting his shoulder.

"Garden Paradise?" Edward chokes out. "You'd rather spend your night in Black Mustang—our pub—than…there?"

"Yup. Bring Jasper too. Hmm, say seven?"

He nods, looking dazed.

"So, our pub?" I grin, glad he still goes there.

"Our, yes." He straightens his back. "I own it with Jazz. We'll be honored to have you there, Miss. Swan."

"You bought the bar? Oh, God!"

He shrugs modestly. "We still played there every other weekend. Then Jane told us that Marcus was dying… Jazz blurted out that we were buying the bar. And I was, 'We are?' He nodded and that was it. She is still there, helping us."

"Jane," I sigh, melancholia hitting me. "How is she? How's Jazz?"

"We're here, Bella. You can chit-chat later," Jimmy interrupts again. "Oh, shit! This is bad!" he mutters.

I turn my head to the side to look out the window.

Well, fuck.

There are cameras everywhere.

"Did they see Edward coming in the car?" I ask, feeling sick.

"Probably. We weren't hiding," Edward mumbles. "This is crazy, Bella."

"No shit?" I palm my face. "Couldn't you go through the back, Jimmy?"

"I'm not sure. Let's just get you out then I'll come back and drive away, drop him off somewhere…" he offers.

I exchange phone numbers with Edward, promising to call him as soon as I have something settled for tonight.

"See you later," I whisper, patting his knee, before I open my door and step out. Jimmy is right there. He closes the door, wraps an arm around me and we're off to the entrance of the building.

Apparently someone saw Edward getting in the car with me, but they didn't have a clear view. Thank God. I don't want him involved in the madness.

I refuse to answer to their stupid questions as I walk as fast as I can to the door. Once inside, Jimmy passes me to another bodyguard and he leaves to drop Edward somewhere safe.

The second I arrive in the allotted room, Alice attacks me—questions about the mysterious guy in my car, questions about changing the location of my meeting…and more questions. Thankfully, the photographer interrupts her and it's time for me to just pose and space out.

I think back on those wonderful years…


At the fragile age of six I'm not scared of going into this class, my nerves are because on the list I saw earlier are only boy names. I'll be the only girl.

Dad has told me that if they mock me or anything, just to tell him. He's a police officer. He has a gun and I like it when he scares everyone with his uniform.

I knock on the door then push the handle. The teacher looks surprised at me then smiles and gestures for me to step inside.

"Hello," I whisper, hating my horrid blush more than ever.

"Hello, honey! Bella, right?" the man asks.

I nod, stealing a timid glance around the class.

There are only six other boys. Awesome. I'm left out. Perfect start.

"Please, go and take a seat there next to Jasper." He points to a blond boy.

I stumble over my feet on the way to the specified chair. The boy smiles at me. I can see a pair of clear blue eyes behind his glasses. He even has dimples. I smile back, taking my seat.

"I'm Jasper, and this is my best buddy, Edward," he says, pointing to the boy next to him.

The first thing I notice about Edward is his crazy, rust colored hair, then his green eyes. But all dims in comparison to the scowl on his face.

"Did you get lost? The ballet classes are in the other wing of the building," he says snidely.

"Eddie!" Jasper mutters, shooting me an apologetic look, before turning to his friend and talking on hushed voices.

The teacher, Mr. Stevens, gets our attention by asking if anyone has ever tried playing the guitar, or how we decided to sign up for his class. Everyone takes turns answering.

Some were forced by their parents, others like the sound of it, but no one has picked a guitar and played…so far. Until it's Edward's turn—he got one for his sixth birthday and has plucked at the strings only, trying some song he found on a music magazine. Jasper says he just strummed a little on Edward's guitar.

And that leaves me—the last one.

They'll think I'm lying, but Mama told me to always go with the truth even though I might upset people.

"I know one song," I whisper.

The teacher is delighted. "Which one?"

"My Dad plays it for me, and he taught me. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison."

Mr. Stevens is impressed. "Do you think you can play for us? There's a guitar behind you."

I pluck it and check if it's tuned correctly then try my best. G C G D—I chant in my head, hoping not to mess it up. It's an easy song.

At some point, before the chorus, my finger slips and I frown, but keep my concentration. Daddy will be so proud!

Once I'm done, I look up from the guitar to see not only the teacher but the other boys staring at me in shock.

"What?" I squeak, my skin burning from embarrassment.

"You've got talent, young lady!" the teacher praises me, grinning.

When class lets out, I have plans to meet with Jasper and Edward; the latter being dragged into our plans. He seems to hate me even more ever since I played that song.

I don't understand what's wrong with him.


"We're done!"

I jerk out of my daydream. Smiling, I remember how some years later, when things started getting kinda awkward between us, Edward sang me a Van Morrison song. A song that told me how he felt about me. A song that put in motion my plan to escape.

Even now, every time I hear Beside You, I think of him, of his voice, of his eyes—Edward.

And he's back in my life.

I still can't believe it.

Every chapter will have a part of present and one of past. (blame this on Black Hole - the ones who read that too know what I'm talking about)

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