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Sasuke wrenched open the door to the time-out cupboard to find Naruto sitting on the floor doing a crossword.

"…What's a six letter word for refusal, starting with d?" Naruto inquired curiously, looking up briefly.

"…Denial," Sasuke snorted, "…We need to talk." He roughly grabbed the blonde by the arm.

" –But I still have half an hour in here…" he complained, " –And I'm almost finished the crossword; what –" He squawked ungainly as Sasuke began hauling him down the hallway towards the sleep lab so that they could talk privately –away from the wandering eyes of their co-workers.

As Sasuke walked, his thoughts were flooded with Itachi's words, and memories of some of the times he'd shared with Naruto. Damn Itachi for being so clever sometimes and having him all figured out. He wanted to think that he would've been fine to leave things with Naruto right now; as they were –only ever having been in a fake relationship…but that was a lie. He'd grown used to the blonde; maybe even grown a little…dare he say it…attached to him. It maybe wasn't even too outrageous to say that he had developed…feelings for him. Real ones.

Looking back through the moments they had shared, he knew that Naruto felt the same –but, being the moron he was, just hadn't put the pieces together.

"…Sasuke…what's this about?" Naruto complained after a few minutes of walking, and when Sasuke had slammed the door shut behind him.

"…This," he replied, gesturing between the two of them, "I think we need to talk about this."

"…There is no this…" Naruto frowned in confusion, mimicking the gesture, "…It was fake, remember?"

"…Explain to me then why everyone in this building seems to think that we want to fuck each other," Sasuke remarked flatly.

" –No one says that," Naruto snorted.

"According to Itachi, everyone says it," Sasuke informed him, folding his arms crossly, "…And what was Deidara saying about a boner –"

"Deidara talks a lot of shit," Naruto snorted, rolling his eyes and licking his lips a little nervously, "…Sasuke, what's going on?"

"…Look me in the eye," the raven ordered. Naruto raised an eyebrow, but hesitantly obeyed, lifting cerulean orbs to gaze into Sasuke's onyx eyes. Sasuke stared right back, looking deep into those blue eyes and seeing the joyful light in them.

"Now try and tell me that you felt nothing when I kissed you."

"What?" Naruto exclaimed suddenly, "Why would you ask that –"

"Itachi seems convinced that our fake relationship wasn't fake," Sasuke informed him flatly, "He seems to think that there is genuinely something between us –and I want to know if he's right."

"Why are you listening to Itachi?" Naruto snorted.

"…Why are you avoiding the question?" the raven shot back with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm not avoiding the –" Naruto immediately averted his eyes guiltily as Sasuke took a step closer to him, "…We're friends, right? We're friends now? Friends?"

"…You seemed to enjoy being my 'boyfriend' too much for just 'friends'," Sasuke remarked conversationally, but his voice taking on a slightly predatory tone.

"I'm just a fantastic actor," Naruto sniffed, taking a pace backwards, " –You're the one who gave me a bloody hickey!"

"…You're the one that almost had an orgasm while I did it," Sasuke smirked back, and Naruto felt a low blush rising in his cheeks.

" –T-That's not true…" he defended himself weakly.

"You got awfully comfortable in my lap…" the raven continued with a chuckle, "…Held my hand; greeted me with a kiss –chose to sleep in my bed with me…and now you can't tell me that you felt nothing when we kissed."

" –That…you're twisting things…" Naruto complained crossly, blushing furiously. "That's not true…"

"…Then tell me the truth." Sasuke stopped his advance and folded his arms with a sceptical look crossing his features. The blonde frowned to himself, looking up at Sasuke in confusion. If he was being honest with himself, he couldn't say he hadn't felt something when Sasuke had kissed him; he had felt something. He'd wanted Sasuke to grab him and take him up against the door.

In such a small amount of time, he'd grown used to the raven's stoic attitude and his mannerisms. Before Neji started working with them, he never would've thought of Sasuke in any kind of romantic light –he'd been too focused on how much the raven's confidence and condescension bugged him. But these past months… He liked the way that Sasuke would grudgingly hold his hand; or kiss him a little (or a lot); or brought him coffee. Even their stupid fights and arguments had become fun; and for some reason, whenever the raven smiled…it made his heart leap.

He had decided that being Sasuke's boyfriend wasn't so bad.

Not that he would've ever admitted it out loud! He so badly wanted to shout that maybe yes, maybe he'd actually started sort of liking Sasuke –but here he was, stuck in denial.

…He hadn't wanted to ever say anything, because Sasuke always acted like he was too good for him; because he was just kind of an asshole who couldn't possibly…

His eyes widened in shock and understanding as the raven brushed his bangs back from his handsome, pale face.

He'd thought that Sasuke would've mocked him and hated him for saying anything; but it was only now, as the two of them stood in that room; only a few metres from each other, with Sasuke asking these questions…that Naruto realised that Sasuke felt the exact same as him.

Slowly, Naruto took a step forward now, reaching to a pale hand and lacing their fingers together tentatively, keeping his eyes looking up at the taller raven.

"Fine," he growled, "…The truth? I liked holding your hand and when you brought me coffee. I liked how you took me out and let me sit in your lap. I liked waking up to see you making me breakfast after enjoying sleeping in your bed, and yes, I fucking liked kissing you! It was fucking real for me and I want it to stay real! Is that what you wanted to hear?" He glared up at Sasuke defiantly; daring him to now shove that confession back in his face. But he didn't.

"Exactly what I wanted to hear," Sasuke smirked, gripping Naruto's hand tightly and tugging him forwards slightly; looking down his nose at him, "…Maybe you aren't such an idiot after all…"

" –You bastard –" The insult-turned-pet-name was cut off as Sasuke dipped his head and pressed a searing kiss to Naruto's lips. Almost instantly, Naruto's hands looped around the raven's neck; gripping tightly at his silky hair as he kissed back forcefully; lips parting to slip his tongue into Sasuke's mouth. Pale arms wrapped themselves around the blonde's body, pushing him back against the nearest wall and forcing their bodies together; igniting a heat between them.

"...Is this...for real..." Naruto managed to breath as he pulled back slightly.

"...It is if you want it to be..." Sasuke murmured lustily in his ear. Naruto looked at him sideways; his eyes slowly misting over with lust.

"Sasuke?" he whispered.


"...Will you be my boyfriend? For real this time?" Naruto inquired in a low


"Bastard! And i refuse to be a woman! -"

"...We'll see about that," Sasuke murmured slyly. Naruto immediately gasped as his hands ran down his back to settle at his ass; grinding their hips together lustily. Sasuke smirked, latching his lips onto the patch of skin that was still bruised from his last work. Naruto moaned as he felt Sasuke's tongue slither seductively against his throat and ground down hard against the raven's knee that was pressed between his legs.

"…S-Sasuke…" Naruto managed to breathe out, his hands sliding down the raven's chest and slowly beginning to undo the buttons of his shirt. Apparently Sasuke liked hearing his name said so breathlessly, because he ground his hips particularly harshly against Naruto's eliciting another low moan.

Finally finished with the buttons, Naruto threw back Sasuke's shirt to expose his pale; finely sculpted chest and busied himself with his own shirt as the raven's lips once again returned to his.

Shirtless, Naruto was pushed roughly to one of the beds, moaning as he felt Sasuke's hips settle between his legs. Their kisses became for passionate; more fervent; more needy as Sasuke began rolling his hips. Naruto's tanned hands skimmed down the pale, lithe figure, feeling every defined muscle and urging Sasuke to thrust harder. He could feel his own cock hardening, and could definitely feel that Sasuke was in a similar situation.

Sasuke pulled back slightly as Naruto's hands slipped around and started undoing his pants. The raven raised an eyebrow as if inquiring as though Naruto was sure. In response, the blonde simply slid into his pants and began stroking his thick cock to full hardness.

In moments their remaining clothes had been shed, and Sasuke had two fingers pressed up inside Naruto's entrance, having conveniently found some lube in the bedside table (he'd always known that the sleeping lab was a favourite place for sex for some of the other lab workers).

Naruto moaned loudly, hands gripping at the sheets and his back arching as Sasuke's fingers brushed up against something deep inside him. With a smirk, Sasuke aimed for that same spot again and began thrusting his digits into the blonde a bit more forcefully; stretching him a bit more. Deeming him prepared enough, Sasuke repositioned himself over Naruto, kissing him deeply as a tanned hand wrapped itself around his neglected, leaking cock.

"…Fuck…" Naruto breathed heavily, guiding Sasuke to his entrance and letting a low moan escape his throat as he felt the blunt head of his cock nudge against his tight ring of muscles.

"Relax…" Sasuke murmured, kissing his neck to distract him as he began pushing his cock into him. Naruto exhaled through his nose, clutching tightly at pale shoulders as he felt something hot and hard entering him. He'd never considered himself exclusively gay or straight (there'd been some experimenting at college) but it had been a while since he'd been with another man; and Sasuke was by no means underendowed.

He felt skin against his as Sasuke was finally completely sheathed within him. Naruto let out a few short breaths as Sasuke pushed his legs back slightly; a bead of sweat running down his forehead. He decided he quite liked this sight; Sasuke poised over him; eyes glazed with lust and a trace of affection; sweating with laboured breathing.

"Move…" Naruto gasped out, and immediately, Sasuke drew right back, and then slammed back into him, hard; resulting in Naruto clutching tightly at his hair with a moan. Slowly, to allow Naruto time to accommodate and to make sure he didn't cum too soon, Sasuke began to pick up his pace; searching for Naruto's prostate again.

He knew he'd found it once more when Naruto let out an incredibly loud moan and had jerked up against him –and this was the signal for him to begin thrusting wildly into the blonde. Flesh slapped against flesh as Sasuke impaled Naruto repetitively; feeling the blonde's muscles tighten and clench around him. Their lips met for a sloppy; lust-driven kiss as Sasuke's thrusts increased in force.

As the raven's cock slid in and out of him; reaching deep inside him, Naruto couldn't help but let loose a string of moans and strangled pieces of the raven's name. He wanted him harder; deeper; faster –over and over again. He widened his legs, allowing Sasuke to angle deeper; driving even further into him and causing his back to arch in pleasure. Naruto didn't know whether to clamp his eyes shut or widen them in ecstasy; he hadn't had sex that felt this good in far too long.

"…Nnnhhh….Sasuke… Fuck…S-Sasuke…" Naruto moaned, his body writhing as he tried to match pace with the raven, "…Oh god; fuck yes; harder!" He immediately let out a cry as his wish was answered by his prostate being viciously abused by the blunt head of Sasuke's cock. He felt the raven smirk against his lips in the knowledge that he was making the blonde lose control so badly.

Sasuke's lips trailed across Naruto's throat; hips slamming deep into the blonde beneath him. He could feel the vibrations of Naruto's moans and the feeling of nails raking down his shoulders and this spurred him on; wanting to drive Naruto to release.

"…Naruto…" Sasuke moaned low in the blonde's ear and it was hearing his name said with such unrestrained want that forced Naruto over the edge into sudden orgasm. Feeling Sasuke pounding into him hard with abandon, he suddenly saw white and pleasure flooded through his entire body as he came all over their chests with a loud cry of Sasuke's name. Mere moments later, he watched; his body still weak from his orgasm as Sasuke's features glazed over in ecstasy, and felt something thick and warm fill him as the raven came inside him.

Sasuke leaned down and captured Naruto in a heated kiss, a hand running down the blonde's flushed, sweating face affectionately as they panted in unison; drifting down from their high. He slowly drew back and hovered over him for a long moment; their gazes locked as Naruto fidgeted with a little discomfort.

"…We should be getting back…" Sasuke finally murmured, planting a final kiss against Naruto's neck and noting with approval how many hickeys he had added. Naruto nodded sheepishly, allowing his hands to briefly link with the raven's as they began to gather up their things.

A few minutes later (and after Naruto had complained very loudly about the throbbing pain in his ass), they headed back to the lab; the blonde complaining about his hickeys and Sasuke trying to not look too pleased with himself; not bothering to tuck his shirt back in.

"…You reckon they know we um…just had sex…?" Naruto inquired awkwardly as they rounded the corner. Sasuke just chuckled to himself, pushing open the door.

Almost as soon as they both entered the lab, there was a triumphant yelp, and water rained down from the roof on top of them as a gleefully cackling Deidara unleashed the emergency shower upon the two of them. Cold water completely drenched the pair and spilled out over the floor.

"…Thought you guys could maybe use some cooling off, yeah," Deidara chortled, sticking out his tongue in delight.

"…Yeah, they know we had sex…" Sasuke grumbled, spitting out a mouthful of water and glaring through his saturated bangs at the blonde.

" –Naruto, I hope you're cleaning that up," Itachi remarked lightly from over at his bench, where he was trying to not look overly amused.

"What?" Naruto complained, wringing out his shirt, "Why do I always end up cleaning? It was Deidara –" He suddenly slipped violently in some of the water and promptly plummeted to the ground; landing on his ass and cringing in pain.

"Now you know how I feel!" Deidara cackled cheerfully, dancing away as Naruto struggled to stand again, "Have fun cleaning, yeah?"

"…This is all your fault…" Naruto growled darkly at Sasuke, who just scoffed and rolled his eyes, squelching over to his locker to see if he had any spare clothes. As he passed, he pressed a small, slightly mocking and slightly apologetic kiss against the blonde's cheek, and Naruto instantly found that he didn't have the heart to stay angry.

"Hey!" he exploded again instantly, "You can't just kiss me when I'm being angry at you!"

"Watch me," Sasuke smirked superiorly.

"Oh my god we can totally like, triple date now, yeah," Deidara chuckled with a grin, "Coz you guys are like a couple for real now, right?" He suddenly let out a very unmanly squeal as Hidan passed by and groped his crotch, "What the fuck, Hidan?"

"Just checking you were still a dude," the bigger man chuckled, palming Deidara's cock crudely and kissing his neck, "…Could've fooled me; you just sounded like a little bitch –"

"You're an asshole, yeah," Deidara snapped aggressively.

"…You love me…" Hidan smirked, kissing his cheek and heading over to his bench, "I'll cook you dinner tonight."

"You, cooking dinner?" his now-boyfriend exclaimed, limping over to his own bench and discovering that Hidan had returned to capture him in another embrace and a kiss, "No! Go away! We've already had work sex today!" His protests were quickly drowned out by Hidan kissing him deeply, and then drawing away with a cheeky grope of his ass, "Itachi! Stop him! Just because we're dating now doesn't mean you can molest me!"

"...I beg to differ..." Hidan growled predatorily, cheekily biting his ear.


He is your problem," Itachi remarked flatly as Neji appeared from the staffroom with a fresh coffee.

"Love you, Dei..." Hidan grinned, flicking the blonde's nose teasingly.

"Can we please be more professional than them?" Neji requested of Itachi with a stony expression.

"Definitely," Itachi agreed, gratefully accepting the coffee, "…Unless we're in my office…" he added slyly under his breath. Neji blushed a little, but managed to maintain his relatively neutral expression; a smile sneaking to his eyes.

"...I am so very glad i got this job..." Neji remarked with a small smirk as Itachi flicked him a cheeky, uncharacteristic wink before turning back to his work.

"I'm not complaining myself," his boss chuckled, eyeing Neji's ass a little as he headed over to the respiratory bench. He was surprised at himself; he'd never really thought that work relationships could work; but he knew that Sasuke and Naruto especially, were going to be an example of how they could -even if they appeared in most outward appearances to barely tolerate one another.

And...Neji was different.

"…We probably violated twenty health and safety regulations…" Sasuke remarked flatly as Naruto dejectedly headed over to the staff room to locate a towel.

"…You're no fun, you know that?" Naruto sniffed, shaking his head to spray the raven with water droplets. Sasuke rolled his eyes but sighed with a small smile.

"I'll go get us coffee," he muttered flatly.

"No!" Naruto immediately snapped, snatching up the nearest reagent bottle and brandishing it like some sort of weapon, "It is my turn! I am not a woman! I demand equality if we are dating! You are not paying for everything!"

"…Naruto…put down the nitric acid!" Itachi warned darkly, "Hidan, please escort Naruto back to time out…" Instantly, the bottle of acid was snatched from Naruto's hand as Neji caught onto routine procedure; Deidara laughing at the blonde's misfortune. Instantly, Naruto was hauled up over Hidan's shoulder. "And when he gets back, he's working at the gastrointestinal bench."

"You ungrateful assholes!" Naruto hollered; beating against Hidan's back as he was unceremoniously transported from the lab, swearing, "I planned this all! Deidara! Save me! I got Hidan to ask you out! Itachi, I got you laid! SASUKE I HAD SEX WITH YOU, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! I got you all together and this is how you treat me?"

"Serves you right for getting involved," Sasuke chuckled with a smirk.

"YOU'RE THE WORST BOYFRIEND EVER!" Naruto shouted angrily.

"I'll bring you a coffee," Sasuke rolled his eyes.


Everyone, including Hidan, just laughed at Naruto's angry flailing as he was dragged off to have a time-out for wielding a chemical as a weapon. Itachi sighed heavily, rolling his eyes as they all remained standing around rather comically. He checked the clock.

"Ok, I know that everyone's love lives are fascinating and all," he coughed, taking a sip of his coffee whilst looking directly at the 'no eating or drinking in the laboratory' sign, "But we are a semi-professional laboratory! Can you please all actually do some work for once?"

And there we end it! Happy endings for all! This turned out so much longer than I initially planned, but thanks for seeing it through; it's a pleasure to write for you :)

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