2025 – Driftech is founded. The U.S. based company specializes in what is considered 'Theoretical technologies,' such as powered armor, lasers, and electron computers. Four years later, they invent the first infantry scale laser weapon. It is then quickly replaced by the M16A8.

2038 – Cold Fusion becomes a usable form of energy, and nuclear fusion is now a reliable source of energy in the face of rising oil costs.

2045 – The Purge. A computer virus named $k3let0n_ wipes out or corrupts the data of eighty-five percent of all computers on Earth. It is discovered to have been embedded in a software patch, and the creator of the virus is quickly put behind bars. All computer systems following the Purge are given military grade firewalls to prevent another Purge.

2055 – Driftech Industries creates the X-2 Powered Exoskeleton. The three ton bipedal walker is quickly found in several roles in society, namely heavy construction, search and rescue, and underwater repair.

2057-2061 – World War III breaks out, involving the United States and NATO, and the Asiatic Confederation, which consisted of China and North Korea, with elements in Vietnam and Japan. North Korea fires several nuclear warheads towards the U.S.; nearly the entire Western seaboard of North America is wiped out, with the exception of Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle, thus proving that the laws of physics rarely apply to the filthy rich. The U.S. and the UN respond by launching a full-scale invasion of North Korea and China. After heavy losses, the U.S. and France develop and field the M14 Powered Assault Walker. Powered by a small nuclear fusion engine, the M14 all but ends the war. During this time, the M18 General Purpose Walker is also introduced.

2061-2085 – Reconstruction begins. The U.S. and France jointly create the first ever FTL-capable vehicle, the Osiris. The Osiris travels to Alpha Centauri in less than three weeks. Humanity rejoices. During this time, development of powered exosuits escalates, resulting in the Japanese Type 20 Heavy Mecha, German Wanderpanzer 12, and the U.S. M35. Colonies spring up on Mars, Europa, Io, Luna, the Asteroid Belt, and several other star systems, including Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Indi, Sirius, and Epsilon Eridani.

2086 – Mars colonists discover an ancient alien ruin. They extract as much data as they can from it, but much of the data is corrupted. Humanity discovers kinetic barriers and element zero, but concerns on the materials viability stop it from being used as fuel. Scientists discover that Charon, a moon of Pluto's, is not actually a moon; it is instead a massive FTL relay that can send ships to distant parts of the galaxy in less than a second. This leads to the discovery of several more relays in already colonized systems. Wary, the U.N. agrees to continue using conventional FTL, but uses the 'Charon' Relays as an asset to colonization.

2099 – The Jovian Wars begin and end. Space combat is developed as terrorists and U.N. Naval forces fight around Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

2115 – Riots start on the colony world of Terra Nova, due to unfair business practices. The British Parliament sends in several infantry regiments to bring peace to the planet. When fighting escalates, Parliament sends their fleet in and initiates a blockade. After two months of starvation and disease, the rioters agree to peace talks.

2117 – The Democratic Republic of China begins talks with the U.N. about colonizing several worlds in order to start over after a massive nuclear accident. The U.N. agrees, on condition that the DRC not use this as an opportunity to build up a massive army.

2120 – The United North American Confederate, composed of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, undergoes a recession. The situation isn't helped much by the fact that off-world colonies are having more success than domestic workers. The four year recession is ended only when President West of the U.S., Prime Minister Smith of Canada, and President Hernandez of Mexico jointly create the PEGASIS Project, putting 5.8 million people to work on building a massive space station to house the UNAC Colonial Administration and Mobile Infantry Command.

2150 – Humanity now has several dozen colonies. Now under the banner of the 'Systems Alliance,' the United Nations led organization hopes to keep on exploring the reaches of space. Use of the Charon Relays is infrequent at best, used primarily as a way to ship supplies to the more far-flung colonies. UNAC, the EU, and Russia maintain primary military power, with the DRC and Japan providing technical support.



MECHA: A unique feature of several human militaries, mecha are often described as "tanks with legs," and it is a description well deserved. One mech is fully capable of taking on multiple opponents, both armored and non-armored. Most mecha have one pilot, and a small squad of servicemen and women who maintain and equip it. Mecha can also be fitted with extra ordinance for infantry support, such as artillery, and anti-armor rockets.

U.N.S.V. Osiris: The Osiris is humanities first FTL capable ship. A marvel of (then) modern engineering, the Osiris is capable of traveling from Earth to Alpha Centari in a little under three weeks. Now a museum piece, the Osiris stands as a symbol of humanities reach to the stars.

DEEP SPACE APETURE DRIVE: The Deep Space Aperture Drive is the reason that humanity was able to claim the stars. Developed by Driftech (hence its nickname, the 'Drift Drive,'), the deep space aperture drive has allowed humanity to bypass most of the laws of physics in order to achieve FTL. It does so by generating a wormhole large enough for the ship to pass through, and it squeezes the vessel through to the other side. The latest version, the Drift Drive Mk. VIII, is able to send a destroyer nearly six light years a day.


Yes, this will be an AU First Contact War story. At first. But don't you worry, I have something in mind for this story, and I hope that you all will enjoy it. If you have any questions, please PM me or leave it in a review. Thanks, and hope you have a good day.