Chapter 1:


October 31st 1992. The twin brothers Helios (tan skin and brown eyes - from his father) and Aysel (dark skin and brown eyes - from his mother) were born on that night; the night that would change their lives forever.

The darkness was taking over the land of Coventry; soon there would be nothing left. The darkness then surrounded the castle, and was closing in fast.

In order to save his beloved sons, the great wizard Alcaeus gave almost all of his power to them, which was concealed in their sun and moon pendants.

But, as the light was getting weaker, the darkness was getting stronger, and there wasn't much time left. And just then, the darkness had claimed Alcaeus's life. The newborn twins were left to defend the castle alone.

But, before the darkness could even touched them, their pendants gleamed with light, and the darkness was banished forever.

But, the darkness vowed to return, so in order to save the twins, the two loyal servants, Ileana and Karsh, each took one of the twins, and crossed over to the other dimension.

Now the twins live very different lives;

Mason (Helios) lives with a wealthy adoptive family in a mansion in an upper-class neighbourhood, and is the most popular boy in school.

Carson (Aysel) lives in an apartment with his adoptive mother in the middle of the city, and is the smartest boy in school (and the most picked on).

But soon, on the night of the year they both turn 21, little did they know that their paths would cross and their very different lives would be changed forever...